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This story is a sequel to Antumbra

Twilight Sparkle has an dream about the desert. Or at least she thinks it's a dream... until she starts to hear a voice that claims to be her.

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Comments ( 12 )

Mutual sequels?

7335344 Yes, the order is optional.

7335349 Reminds me of that one sphinx riddle. Two sisters give birth to each other or something like that

7335427 Sounds horrifying. :rainbowderp:

I am completely lost.

7365883 That's why I made the sequel thing. (To be fair I wrote this after Antumbra)

7365890 Alright, I'll have to read that soon then.

Damn, this is kinda sad
Was kinda hoping for more but looking at it I don’t think you could add more to this one
Still very good

I understand I was supposed to read other things first, but I still rather enjoyed this, despite being confused. I'm a sucker for the abstract, and I can usually tell when there's something deeper under the surface, and appreciate what I don't know. This is one of those times. I felt like you may have been describing a little too much near the end there, but it didn't hurt the experience.

It's weird, wanting more and less info at the same time. But there you go.

Thanks for writing!

Thank you for reading! If you like the abstract I’d suggest Autophobia! It’s very abstract! 👌

Wow Stella became Twilight? Interesting. Their anxiety are the same.

Hopefully Stella becomes whole again... She seems like a character that was abused a lot. Thankfully she has a better brother at the moment.

Only a fragment of Stella is present in Twilight, but that’s right. They do share similarities but they’re not the same creature, or even entirely aware of their connection.

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