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Sunset Shimmer, while still Celestia's personal student, learns that there's some places you don't want to go, but love will make you do strange things. That and time paradoxes and magic storms.
(Sequel short story about Brandywine: Prance

This story is written to be standalone. Minor tag [SciFi] for Time Travel. This novel appeared as an Equestria Daily fan fiction Sunset Day - Fanfic Submissions! post for Sunset Shimmer Day Sept 22rd, 2016.

For those who are interested, the story explains what took place between the events in Celestia and the Battle for Sunset and The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers. If you read those two stories first, your fun will be doubled!

2/3 Added Starlight Glimmer tag for a supporting role. 2/25 Added Princess Celestia tag for a supporting role. 3/3 Added Timberwolf tag for obvious reasons. 3/26 Added Lord Tirek for S2 episode tie-in. 4/1 Switched out the Celestia and Timberwolves tag for Twilight and Fluttershy in the final chapters, because... read the story.

A big shoutout to Docintra my prereader. Thank you!
Thank you Novel-Idea for editing the anonymously posted image (click source mouse-over on image) I used as a cover into a real SF pulp fiction style cover!

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a Sunset Shimmer story with just Sunset Shimmer in the character tag? count me in! <3


Maybe... maybe more? I think you will especially love the chapter after the next chapter named The Lesson I Forgot.. You will find I remembered your comments about Enforcer; it gave me ideas. Anymore would be spoilery.


Patience. It's worth waiting for.

7925382 I am sorry; no disrespect intended. I was not laughing at your implying something is wrong with you, or your baring your soul as such. I was being super-pleased :pinkiehappy:that you cared so much about the story to appeal to me so emotionally.

This thread really made me feel good and the chortle is my expectation that the chapter I cited would cause your head to explode (in a good way). I value you as a fan and a reader, enough that I took your very well reasoned criticism about Enforcers to heart writing this story.

I get nothing for writing these stories except the practice of my art craft and the occasional affirmation that I am making an impact, preferably positive, on a reader through comments. (Okay, likes and page views that get me a wider audience are good, too, but comments are a magnitude better!)

I am congenitally unable to intentionally reveal real spoilers. You can't wait to read the cited chapter? Please volunteer to pre-read. The next two chapters are already posted to the site.

Is this story based off of this one?

If you mean one particular episode, it definitely dovetails with it.

Well, that's a big oops. I did not see the link on my phone. Nope. Not based on that, but I did add it to read later, so thanks. If you read at the long description for this novel, you'll see it is rooted in two other previous stories of mine, a novel and a novella. The concept for the visit to Tartarus is based on some MLP episodes to provide some backstory. In "Nopony Hurts My Friends!" one character names the episode in passing.

This is confusing as hell.

That was cute as hell.

wtf is going on
I agree with that statement

Hmmm.... That seems to be the consensus. It's a cliffhanger. You will find out what(tf) Sunset experienced in the next next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

"Tartarus! It's Tartarus." Cute as Tartarus. :pinkiehappy:

... and we finally went full circle. Love this story so far. Not just because I'm a sucker for this timey-whimey stuff but also because it's a really fun read. I'll recommend it to people.

Wait, I thought it was Tartarus. :trollestia:

Great story.
I especially love your characterization and worldbuilding.
Why it doesn't have more likes is beyond me :twilightsmile:


Why it doesn't have more likes is beyond me :twilightsmile:

You’re helping with that, I think...:yay:

Hee hee...Sunset is falling for a colt. It's adorable to witness! Oh, um...don't let her know I said it like that, or my insides might become my outsides. :twilightoops:

Well Sunset, when you fall for someone, you FALL for them...setting yourself on magical fire at your age just for a colt! How shameless! And...kinda hot. :trollestia:

So Sombre was real...or at least as 'real' as such an illusion could be...and was forgotten as Sunset grew up. Like an imaginary friend. How sad...

I rather like the light banter back and forth they have. Learning off of one another, of each other, and that they are kinda sorta stuck together for awhile. A fun dynamic!

At this point she has to be doing it intentionally...Tarlight Sprinkles is another one that she could use in the near future. :facehoof:

The talent of being able to travel great distances, similar to teleporting, yet different in that time also is displaced with the jump. What a fascinating and yet troublesome ability if you can't determine what sets it off nor how to control it. You're just walking down a path to your house in the morning. Fade out, fade in, and you're on top of somepony's roof and it's mid-afternoon. Sounds positively chaotic, just about!

I gasped when I heard somepony galloping behind. We turned to see a cyan pegasus with and absurdly long pink mane slide from under the branches of kibble trees, trip, and spin across the grass. She scrambled and flared her wings, until she got enough traction to get her hooves under her and gallop toward us.

Remove the d and it's good as can be!

Love the world building going on, displaying the varied and likely viscous depths of this otherworldly place of captivity. Along with the little moment the two just had.

Chills ran up my spine. They allowed me to hear Brandywine 's pleas. His voice intruded into my sudden mania. He said, "Please, Sunset! You'll kill us all!"

Got an extra space between e and ' here.

I looked at Brandywine who breathed in pained pants as he got his right shoulder to push his body half-upright so she wasn't flat, his front legs in before him, his rear to the side, his jagged broken leg shockingly visible on top.

Think Brandywine changes genders here? Take out the s and should be good!

An explosive outburst from Sunset! And to fall into a trap! Oh what will come of things now!??!

Nor can they self-levitate. The rubble would likely crush me worse than the force of falling three stories would.

starlight begged for differ

:pinkiehappy: The inside joke in my stories. You get a gold star. 🌟 Read the Enforcer and Her Blackmailers to read Starlight’s revelations on the subject. :scootangel:

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