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Hello there. I am JesseBrony. I am here to tell stories. Find me on Youtube as Jesse [the unimportant gamer].


This story is a sequel to How I Met Your Mothershy

Jesse and Fluttershy got married and found out they are going to have a foal. Follow the trials of having a pregnant mare to tend to. From mood swings to morning sickness, it will be interesting.

Art by Whova on fimfiction.
This is a prequel sequel.

Chapters (10)
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It was one of the most important days of my life. Today I was going to mary Fluttershy.

Oh good lord.:facehoof:

7292358 How is it normally spelled?

"Fluttershy." I opened it to reveal a gold ring with a pink dimond that was carved into a butterfly to match her cutie-mark. "Will you merry me?" She didn't say anything.

You may want to get an editor, or at least spell check your story before you post.

To be honest...

( I have nor read anything yet but the description caught my eye,) :moustache:


7292392 I'll be sure to reread it, but my spell check did some of the mistakes.

7292531 Cannon/OC's life stories when becoming parents/relationships that enter the point of them settling. It pictures for me the uttermost amount of "D'aawws" +It is nice to read some slice of life.:moustache:

Good job so far :pinkiehappy: , but I agree with UnscrewedUnicorns about the editing! :duck:

7292624 I have seen people with editers. They still mess up sometimes.

THIS STORY IS APPROVED BY ME WILSON.........sorry i tend to get excited when read good storys my friend I encourage you to please write more. There are some misspelled words but thats why we have google right?

7294280 E'yep. Thanks. I am on my phone so my typing might get messed up more often.

Aside from the spelling errors and such, I like this story. If you want, I could offer my assistance as well as Dark Obsidian's to edit your story for you and in return, if you want to, help us with our projects. :twilightsmile:

Still some spelling errors, but very promising character development.

7302145 character development?:rainbowhuh: I think you have the wrong guy. :rainbowlaugh:

BAM JUST LIKE THAT you sir have created another masterpiece chapter i loved it though it was short......short but sweat plez dont cancel this book im loving it all the way 10/10 all im saying is you know how to make a good love story my friend.

7302266 Thank you. I was afraid no one would like it. I make mistakes in spelling and I don't want to go through the trouble of having an editer.:derpytongue2:

7302555 Thank you. My oc Jesse is getting popular. My friend Whova made a story with him on her page called "Sick Day"
7294280. Is making one with him too.

7317275 It is a sequel that takes place before the first story.

7317304 short but sweet and another brilliant chapter! so for that I give you spoilers
"I love you Jack"
"I love you too......."
"please don't leave."
"I have to......I need to end this..."
"I know."

7319214 No! Not Spoilers! I don't understand where they go! :pinkiegasp:

7319244 whoops sorry you are doing so much hard work I thought I'd give you sneak peak

7319248 it is okay. Thank you for the spoilers. I can't wait for you to put a new chapter and submit your story.

7319252 HAHA yassss the next chapter is coming all I ask of you is to not share with anyone else untill my fimfic is complete ok?

7319264 I won't tell anyone else the details.

7319276 "good let's keep it that way"
"ok fine..."
"sorry about that he like's to mess with me."

7319432 wow you seem to know what your doing sir, also sorry it's been a while since we have talked I joined a basketball training camp and I have been sweating my cuti mark off so I have not had time to get on here.

7326248 it's all good dude. And you don't have to call me sir. I'm only 16. :twilightsmile:

Wow ok I'm impressed. And good chapter

7336743 hey iiiiiimmmmmm baaaackkk and never better Jesse ill get to work right away on my story sir. and yes I have to call you sir cause im only 14 also when next chapter coming out of becoming parents and did you know fluttershy has a BROTHER!!!! you may wanna take a look into that!!!!! IM HIGH ON FIVE HOUR ENERGY!!!!! WEEEEEEE

7355738 That's good dude. Good luck. As for her brother.... Read the first chapter again.

7355752 OH CRAP YOUR RIGHT WHOOPS MUST HAVE MISSED THAT PART!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY ABOUT THAT. *coughs* and still high on five hour energy sooooooooo im basically pinkie pie but high on five hour energy.!!!!!! ill be back to normal in FIVE HOURS!!!!!

7355805 I'm working on my newest story for now. I have a chapter in progress, but it might be a while. I want to see a new chapter for your story though.

7638369 the cover art that what i like about this story

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