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This story is a sequel to In Good Company

Lance Corporal Sure-Shot – a unicorn fresh out of the Sol Guard academy, intended to be one of Princess Celestia’s elite protectors – is transferred to Shield Team of the Twilight Guard. Under Corporal Steel Block and accompanied by privates Mercury and Brute Force, the lance corporal will serve as Princess Twilight Sparkle’s elite close-guard on a diplomatic mission to Saddle Arabia.

And in keeping with the usual 'first mission' tradition, all sorts of dookie hits the fan.

Rated Everyone for the lulz.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 4 )

I wish being a lance corporal were this cool. For as long as I've been a lance the coolest thing I did was stand guard duty in the freezing cold of South Korea during a field op. Fuck that.

Your military jargon is pretty spot on, props for that. A lot of fics tend to use the lingo all gagglefucked, so it's nice to seen something that doesn't sound like a try hard tom Clancy novel.

You in the Marines or Army (I don't even know enough about the Army to know if they even have lance corporals)?

Marines, army ain't got Lances.

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