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Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle (EQG Edition) try to make the portal safer. This does not end well and sends both catapulting in the body of ponies into a world of danger, magic, and unending adventure. Will they survive their trip to Everglow?

This is a Ponyfinder crossover. Do you need to know Ponyfinder to continue? Certainly not! Learn with our clueless protagonists the way it was meant to be.

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If Sunset is carying her diary with her, then things are going to get intresting. If she isnt, then theres going to be a lot of confusion when EQTwilight either writes through or comes through the portal once she has the thing stabilised once more. Thats assuming the linking with the Dungeon Dimentions means there was an Eldritch entity in the Crystal Palace that Pinkie Pie had to Tea Party with. :pinkiecrazy:

Oops, just realised, SciTwi in Everfree with Magic.

Its a wonder Discord didnt Feel that. :twilightoops:

Hm, I'm assuming this is an parallel world to Equestria,, maybe?

Was actually thinking of doing a fic along these lines myself.

7290560 They are in Everglow, Ponyfinder's world.

So begins another adventure! So I wonder what classes the girls are going to be?

Everglow! This is goin' on my favorites.

Although... they wanted to destroy the portal to Equestria because people might accidentally go there? :unsuresweetie:

And, of course, they thought "we'll just.. mess with magic we barely understand because it'll be safer for everyone."

Sure it will.

Uh, slight issue with disassociating the portal with Equestria: Unless they could reverse it, Sunset would never be able to go back home.

Of course, there are much larger issues for these two to worry about right now. This should be fun, though the title's kind of awkward. Is it in continuity with the other Equestria/Everglow stories?

The principals trust her - The principals trusted her
darkened to a impenetrable - darkened to an impenetrable
as the vanished - as she vanished
They fell between the space - They fell through(?) the space
and it fit well enough - and they fit well enough
despite becoming - despite her having become
As if she just - As if she had just
he lead the way - he led the way


Hmmm... I'd never considered what might happen differently if 'human' twilight crossed over to Everglow.

This is going to be awesome!

7291082 Do you have a better idea for a title?

7291197 Typos fixed just before bed! Let the adventure continue!

Switch the last two words and it'll flow a lot better.

Did those other stories happen in this continuity? If so equestria has experience and contact with everglow, making retrieving then not that hard. Considering Sunbutt & Moonbutt have clerics now it's only a matter of time for them to go gone... once someone finds them, that is! :rainbowlaugh:

While they wait for that, though... adventure awaits! :rainbowdetermined2:

Another Everglow crossover fanfic! We were about due for one of these!

In this case, it's taking Sunset and "SciTwi" and throwing them into Everglow. That'll be an interesting matchup, since the latter is essentially a normal human (albeit with a dash of super-science) and Sunset has a bit of experience with cross-dimensional travel. So they're going to be approaching things from a different perspective than the usual "Equestria to Everglow" learning curve.

I am a bit confused at the initial problem that got this fic started, however. The implication seems to be that "thirty moons" have passed, and that the portal is now open of its own accord for a few days, as per the original Equestria Girls movie. The issue is that Sunset and Twilight are worried that someone might pass through it, which is a reasonable fear...but it goes off the rails when they try to tamper with the portal to artificially close it. Why bother doing that to begin with? Suppose that someone does wander through the portal; so what? Sunset already knows that Twilight can jury-rig it open whenever she wants, and so can send anyone right back even after the portal closes of its own accord. This is a problem that wasn't really in need of a radical solution.

While I don't mean to harp on this, I can't help but feel that there were much better ways that this could have been done, especially since "Midnight Sparkle," at the end of the Friendship Games, was using out-of-control cross-dimensional magic. Why not reference that as a factor in the transdimensional shenanigans that were necessary to start this fic, rather than having Twilight and Sunset suddenly being idiots?

Looking beyond that, I started to roll my eyes at the sapphic tension between Sunset and Twilight (e.g. the blushing and asking if they looked cute)...but in this case I made myself stop. That's largely because I don't think that possibility can be written off completely, though I do think it requires more finesse than this chapter has shown so far. While the "midnight snack" scene in Rainbow Rocks probably wasn't meant to be shipping, I suppose that there's room for taking it that way. Throw in that teenagers are expected to "experiment" some, and the tension that comes from being in a dangerous new world (and the sense of unreality that Twilight is probably going to have about everything), and it's not impossible to consider.

(That said, I'm a bit baffled by why this fic chose to leave their clothes on when they went to Everglow; having them both arrive naked - and how Sunset and Twilight would have each reacted to that very differently - would have been a great way to drive up the sort of situation this chapter seemed to want to push.)

Of course, I'm also curious as to how this connects to the other Everglow fics written so far, since there's undoubtedly going to be some kind of connection. It's a shame that we'll probably be made to wait for a while to find out what it is.

7292212 You took a lot more out of a compliment than I tried to insert. Sunset isn't coming onto Twilight, just saying she looks good as a pony, and not ugly at all. There's shipping going on, but it's going on by the readers, not the author. The only pony with romance in his head is the new pony, and he's polite enough to ask bluntly, but we'll get to that when we get to that.

I'm entirely baffled as to why SciTwi's super science is less of a valid reason to mess everything up than deciding she relapses magically? They don't want people wandering through, even if they could be potentially sent back anymore than Twilight wanted anypony messing with her summoning circle to Everglow even after she learned how to dimensionally jump.

The means of their jump was also very important, for the whens and the hows. Using the crown is why they arrived clothed, and they're in the past of Everglow, before the other ones, but you'd need to be a real Ponyfinder lore fanatic to have an idea what village they've arrived in.

7292292 I might very well be taking more with regards to Sunset's comment than was intended, but given that the previous interactions between the two (in the original source material) were entirely devoid of them commenting on each other's looks or blushing at their statements, those actions felt more laden with innuendo than you were intending. That is, they came across as being more than just idle comments and reactions with no deeper meaning.

I'm entirely baffled as to why SciTwi's super science is less of a valid reason to mess everything up than deciding she relapses magically?

I think you misunderstood me here. I wasn't advocating for a "relapse" on Twilight's part, nor is this a question of "validity" per se. Rather, it's a question of plausibility in terms of character motivations. Suggesting that Twilight's previous rampage had left lasting damage that unexpectedly interference (or something like that) strikes me as more plausible than having Twilight and Sunset decide to foul up the portal itself over a relatively minor concern about someone wandering through it (particularly since Friendship Games seems to imply that Equestrian-Twilight just left the portal open all the time, and that Sunset knew that and didn't particularly care).

and they're in the past of Everglow, before the other ones, but you'd need to be a real Ponyfinder lore fanatic to have an idea what village they've arrived in.

Well, from Rose's statement, they're probably not that far away from Turves. That said, I'm a bit surprised...so they're in Everglow's past, prior to the other fics?

Twilight realizes how boned they likely are and she handled it with great poise and dignity.

Well, at least she handled it better than her counterpart.

The worrying thing is if Twilight next rolls up her own character sheet, and Lashtada passes it.

Including those ability rolls you wish you never had.

Like plus 10 Courtesan.

First though, we wait to find out what level, classes, feats and abilities Twilight and Sunset are set up with.

Igor. My Universal D120 please. :pinkiecrazy:

I think that Sunset will be either a Wizard or a Warlock. Twilight is probably going to end up being a Sorcerer. Mage party for the win!

Sci Twi gotta freak, as is due for a Twi. Nice to know she's at least a little genre savvy, though :rainbowlaugh:

Ooooohh crap...they're in the early Empire Era, before the Short-Legs were almost completely wiped out...and knowing the laws of Narrative Drama, probably RIGHT before the attack that does so. ...Have fun girls.

Also, Twilight got screwed on the transition, didn't she? Especially since Everglow's world does include humans. Ah well, consequences of fiddling with a magic portal without having the manual on hand.

As for possible classes, Sunset will be something magical of course. Maybe Arcanist like Princess Twilight, but, given her obvious charisma (she was able to practically rule a high school through social manipulation) she would make a good sorcerer, but she's got the INT to go wizard to.

As for Twilight, I think she'd go for alchemist or some other scientific style class.

Twilight gave a slow blink. "We're in a living game of Ogres and Obiloutes."
He tilted his head. "I don't recognize that last word."

Me neither.

Because you misspelled Oubliette. :raritywink:

And holy crap, Lashtoodles? That's a long time ago...

They're talking about a lot of sex, right? Those are all double entendres, right?

Silly Twilight. You're not in an O&O game, you're in a variant of Wayseeker. :raritywink:

But yeah, having someone wise in the ways of tabletop RPGs could prove an incredible asset, especially if some irreplaceable components of the transport device are burnt out. Let's face it, with an entrance like that, these two would be locked into an adventuring role even if the story didn't star them.

Also, Lashtada clearly blessed the typos, for they have been fruitful:

There little friend hadn't stayed around it seemed.


It was clearly young to have one,


partners that are more your sized


Twilight gave a slow blink. "We're in a living game of Ogres and Obiloutes."

Oubliettes and Ogres.

7292606 Lashtada is a kind goddess. She would see all creatures be fruitful, even typos.

To put it bluntly, yes. They are being invited eagerly to what often degrades into a wild party. One could call it debauched, but ponies form permanent marriages as often as not from the mess and families are formed without hesitation. The little ponies love... loving, in all its forms.

Dance with us!

Yeah. Sex positive and sex negative is pretty contextual...

Can't say that sleeping around is always simply good. Lots of bad decisions and pain and resentment lie that way.

Can't say that sleeping only in a strictly regimented way is the only acceptable behavior.

Is Lashtada neutral good?

7292726 She is neutral. Love is all the matters. Life begets life, and two halves of a soul finding completion is the end goal.

Sometimes this can be extremely selfish, or altruistic. This can follow the rules set out by society or spurn them and find its own path.

She claims no place in the war between law and chaos or good and evil. Let them fight. Life will live.

I was under the impression that Lashtada was good to contrast the other God's evil alignment of love.

Or was that just the Oracle whose name escapes me who was good, following a neutral god?

7292790 She was a goody good oracle, yes. Lashtada is not so selfless. If love blossoms from violence and tragedy, it's still love.

Kara wields love like a weapon. They are far from the same.

I can't wait until Twilight and Sunset run into a bugbear...of either variety. If they run into the Goblin variety, Sunset is going to be so relieved what with her version being able to fight an alicorn with backup by itself.

7292965 I'm not sure 'relief' is the first sensation to be had.

7292999 I'm not saying that it would be right then and there, more after the fact.

Sure.... "dance".... That's one way to learn about your body...
Keep going! ;)

accuity - acuity

I have nothing clever to say, other than I'm really enjoying this new foray into Everglow. I'm curious to see when in the timeline this is happening. It could be long before Lashtada was all but wiped from the histories, or it could be long after she was rediscovered.

Sunset narrowed her eyes a little. "Who is this 'Lashtada'?"

Several gasps came from small mouths as ponies stopped what they were doing to look over at them.

I can't explain why, but this made me laugh. It still makes me smile as I read over it again. :twilightsmile:

I think it would be hilarious for Sci!Twi to be a Pathfinder Psychic from the "Occult Adventures" splat book instead: Still magic, but she can have bonus abilities related to Friendship in the class as written! Alternately, and still tied to Twilight's Ur!Example: she gan get psychic powers from binge-reading.

And the ability to sling with magic day in and day out... (A Psychic cantrip lets a caster fling stones, loose detritus, w/e as a 1d6 bludgeoning ranged attack; basically a sling)

Pretty sure before. One of the natives referred to Viljatown in a way that sounded like it being a major city was a new thing, which would indicate that they're in the early days of the Empire.

7293805 Oops, another typo contained. Surely they'll all enjoy the party, right?

I smell a Megaman reference.

May the Sun Queen have mercy on Sunset and Twilight, they are going to need it. Or since it soon will be night the Moon Princess would be appropriate.

Yep, definitely not long before the massacre if bone tribe zebra is to be believed.

And yay, clockwork pony! Clockworks are cool.

I wonder why Sunset doesn't think of asking the goddess to send them home?

Ooh, sapient clockwork. Didn't realize that was a thing in Everglow. Very neat.

Poor Twilight. Trapped in another world without electronics or thumbs. Still, at least she knows what to expect... though that's not a guarantee that all of her knowledge will be accurate. Still, with Sunset by her side, I like her odds of survival.

Two rather novel typos:

It's just that one no only sends one way,

It took me a bit to parse this. You should probably wrap the no in single quotes to indicate it's a hypothetical bit of dialogue and not a misspelling of some kind.

I may consent a few brave ponies that approach me,

Consent to. It's how the verb works.

The goddess is probably too busy gettin' busy anyway.

Besides, she just learned this goddess really wants people to have lots of sex. What kind of a task would a goddess ask for in return for a boon?

My only problem with is with this sentence:

. It's just that one no only sends one way,

It took me a couple times to read it before I got it. It also has a slight typo since it should be "away"

I havent read the books or resources in detail or for a while, but I seem to remember theres a conflict between Lashtada and Callistra, and its due to Lashtada behaving as her name. That which occurs in the basement and dungeons, not in the bedroom. I could have it the wrong way round etc.

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions. But only one day a year? That must really Brassie them off. Ive only spotted Automata etc in generation, and again, each race is pretty much seperated from every other race, even Hybrids and Halfs can only be pre definied races etc, as the whole character basis is still set on a bartering style system, instead of centralised standard translational monetary basis.

After all, when you have Gods involved, you can meet any possible combination of traits and abilities its possible to get.

I mean, how much trouble would the party be in if in the forest they came accross a Nymph, Grey Goo hybrid? Or if she joined the party and they entered an Orthodox Village etc?

Would SciTwi and Sunset be there to bring Magitech to The Clockwork Equines, so they can advance out of their curse? I mean, for each curse, by the rules there has to be a get out clause somewhere? Mainly because Gods ahve been hit by them enough and need a way to break them?

Who is the Zebra following? Mwangi shamanism is a major possibility, but I seem to remember there might be a brutal version?

7295169 .....you're saying the story tags would need to change?

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