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Walking from one end of Ponyville to the other? Why, it's the simplest thing in the world! Ponies do it all the time without causing spontaneous geysers of cabbage soup to erupt from the streets! How difficult can it be?

Discord's about to find out.

Written for the Writeoff Association's 52nd contest, "In Over Your Head," this story finished in 27th place.

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Thanks to the chapter title, I finally understand the story's title. Spoonerisms are fun.

As for the story, I loved it, but I loved the Writeoff version. I don't know, it just works well in my headmeats. Right, guys?

(Numerous sounds of assent.)

In any case, thank you for it.

I liked it a lot it was funny and just like good old Discord it was chaotic as well. Good job. Oh and the ending that was nice as well.

Huh, I liked this. I can't really pick out why though. Stupid brain.

...Well, that went somewhere unexpected. As a token of my appreciation for this fine fanwork, have a Wobbajack! NOW RUN! RUN BEFORE THEY FIND US ALL! FLEE FOR YOUR PANTRIES FULL OF SWEET DELICIOUS PICKLED BEETS!

I'm minded of the suicide squad trailer: "Just kidding... that's not what they said." Even though that doesn't quite apply here.

Amusing, regardless.


There's this old:

British radio show from the 1950s called The Goon Show that I often turn to in moments such as these. In one episode entitled "The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler," for instance, a character keeps stopping in the middle of scenes to say, "It's all rather confusing, really," and in another called "The Yehti," the narrator assures the listeners several times, "It's all in the mind, you know."

I find it to be of great comfort.


P.S.: Oh, and glad you folks enjoyed the story!

7308782 The Goons are quite good. There's a site out there that still streams them.

Much improved with this reading. I understand (as much as anything Discordian is understandable) what is going on now. Kind-of. Sorta.

Aah. Discord's internal monologues have been taking an increasingly Mane Six-flavored tone, I see.

All talking dogs should have top hats.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Interesting. Not my favorite pairing but this isn't really about that at this point anyway. The internal monologue is impressive and wildly confusing, both in what they are actually saying and keeping the voices and their associations straight.

But I guess that is fitting for Discord. Well done, have a like.


Thanks, folks!

I was seriously considering trying to do some stuff with line indentation to help visually differentiate the main throughline from all the digressions, but I decided against it. Sure, it made the thing look like a piece of free verse poetry--always a plus--but everything I did just made it harder to read. And that's just what a story like this needs! :twilightoops:


IMO, this is much clearer than the original Writeoff version. It's cute and fun. Props to you!

In this story, Discord has internal conversations with Mane Six-based spirits and has feelings for Twilight. This story is interesting :pinkiecrazy:



Discord has a lot of interesting possibilities. :scootangel:


Well, that was chaotic. Fun, though. Good pun on parapets.

'eleemosynary' and give it a different definition each time.)

that is, "don't change the given definition, though".


a perfect applied crimson gash


none of you is being


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