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REBORN BY FATE - My life is based on a true story; became a writer when I was bitten by a radioactive author.


The story takes place in a dystopian earth, where magic and technology coexist with each other. Ten years before the events of the story, a young woman named Sunset Shimmer unleashed magic from her former world and changed the whole course of the world forever. Humans began to exhibit unique magical abilities dubbed “Meta”.

Fast forward to the present, Sunset Shimmer, now known as the Lord of Calamity, has vanished. Magic is now used as an energy source for technology. With the combination of the two, weapons were made to fight against these creatures and the impending return of the Lord of Calamity.

Vinyl Scratch, a rebellious and carefree freerunner on the roofs of Neo Canterlot, finds herself in a dilemma when a newly spawned evil known as Nightmare Moon suddenly announces a tournament that awakens her true destiny. With a team of unlikely individuals, she embarks on a quest to rid of the evil that Sunset Shimmer brought to the world.

Cover Art done by yours truly. (Click here for Full Image)
Proofread and edited by Jarvy Jared
This story is an alternate take of the PomE universe. The OC's belong to authors of PomE, please read their stories. (Click here for more info.)

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 41 )

1 year later, it’s been a whole year if not more, and it’s finally here. This is the start of something great, I can tell that for sure. It was totally worth the wait and I look forward to future updates! Keep up the good work man!

This....this is great. I can't wait to read the next part.

Oh man, I have waited for this story for a long, long time. To see it finally released and read not only one but three chapters?!

Well done so far Ragga, Can't wait for more!


I almost get the feeling Zero is gonna be like Kenpachi from Bleach.

But my interest is never the less peaked for this story.

Did not read the story yet but the title caught my interest - "RPG Metanoia?"

Nope. Completely original story.

"Neo Canterlot had become one of the central hubs of the world along with a few other cities, Tokyo Dome and Manehattan included."

Meltzer is moist.

ive been taken as hostage my ragga.

this is a good fic.

Couldn't think of any other names for a Japan city, might as well call it Tokyo Dome aka Meltzer's heaven.

The scene with Vinyl at the start really reminds me of Mirros Edge. Don't know why.

That really escalated. Sunset may return like Voldemort and is just getting power back I presume. Well i hope atleast of the characters made it out alive.


Well i hope atleast of the characters made it out alive.


Treble can predict the future. I guess that's why he was there

Pillars of the old. Hah! Guess who they are....
Who are those two girls....

Aaaah who am I kidding?! I want more!!!

Here's a hint: one of the girls is from one of the Equesteia Girls movies.

Let's see. So we've romance stories, friendship stories, dark twists and turns, sappy moments, and absolutely heart-wrenching times in PoME. This story, I assume, is going to be a combination of all that, plus more, with the added bonus of being a delightful adventure.

As your editor, I am subjected to a certain degree of bias towards liking this story, but honestly, I love it. It's always fun to see a niche get flipped on its head (in this case, the PoME niche) and turned into something new and exciting!

Not really predict the future, it's kinda similar to Peter Parker's "Spidey Sense"

Ah and there are Warhawk and Daemon! I like the logs you make at the end of each chapter Ragga it's refreshing! :p
Wait, those two brothers are here?! That was also unexpected. :pinkiehappy:

I had a serious deja vu when Human nightmare moon returned. Someone's gonna have to fight against her?.... :rainbowkiss:

Lol DW's name pretty much is a dead giveaway when it comes to what his ability would be, still great chapter

But nothing's more interesting than the upcoming death of BLEEP.

The twins were just there to introduce the main characters. Plus I had no idea how to introduce Warhawk and Daemon, but then the con artist nature of the twins gave me an idea; having them sell a fraud item to Vinyl then Daemon going full on techie towards them. And yes, Daemon's a techie in this story.

Originally he was supposed to have Treble's meta, which is forecast, but thinking about it, the shadow manipulation was better.

Is da good chapter more plez?

“We can still prevent Ragnarok and save the mighty sun god known as Celestia!”

Punk! We're not in the MCU! :rainbowlaugh:

Or you've watch too much Thor: Ragnarok

So what year did this all started?

Approximately 8-10 years after the first Equestria Girls movie. More details in chapter 3.

this is the farthest i'm going to go here. I'm not a big fan of Equestria girls... But, I manage it this far... So it is good and great for other people...

Alright, thanks for reading :D

You know, when Nightmare Moon began her announcement I thought of this: CITIZENS OF CANTERLOT!:

Oh boy! The tournament is coming!!!! Can't wait!!! So Excited!!! Damn, I'm turning into Pinkie Pie! :pinkiecrazy:

Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.

Is anyone else getting a "Cell Games" vibe from nightmare moon.

Also ragga mise'sbar.

Only things I saw good chapter all in all

Hmm, I'd say her meta is about to unleash... But it's clearly pointed out that she doesn't have one... :trixieshiftright:

what appears to be large wolves that are made out of wolves

As awsome as wolves made out of wolves sounds, I think you meant wolves made out of wood since you later talk about Timberwolves.

Besides that, very entertaining story.

Probably an editing mistake. I remember writing "wood" instead of wolves. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out!

No problem; got a good chuckle out of me.

And something like this can simply happen, I don't even want to know what mistakes might lurk in my story.

“These two bozos decided to sneak attack me with their gigantic robot!”

How do you even do that :rainbowhuh:


Are we talking about you or RB here? I think this applies way more to you.

Vinyl extended her middle finger to her while still not facing Dash.


I have to say, Vinyl is quite unbearable until now. Spoiled, bratty and just an asshole to everyone, hope she grows out of it.

Well, that is good. That means a character ark and not an annoying protagonist :pinkiehappy:

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