• Published 7th Jun 2016
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The Return of The Princess of the Night - Paintbrush235

What if Luna had not been forgotten after her banishment?

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But Not Forgotten

Silence. That dreadful silence was all that surrounded Celestia as she sat in her sister's room in their castle. Silence was all that met her as she stared at the empty moon shaped bed before her, another dreadful reminder of her sister's absence. She had just finished making up the bed with fresh sheets and clean blankets. She had been doing this every week for the past year since her sister's banishment. This was her way of reminding herself to believe that Luna would someday, whenever that day might be, return to her. She had to keep thinking that. She had to.

She would never forget her sister. And as she had stated to her subjects a year before on that dreadful night, they would not forget her either. Tonight she would see to it. For tonight was the one year anniversary of that tragic day and would be the first day of mourning and prayer that Celestia had declared to be observed by all of Equestria. She can still remember the day that she made her dramatic declaration official.



"It shall be known as the Summer Moon Vigil."

Celestia looked out into the chambers of the Equestrian Parliament as they sat and stared at her as she read from her recently written document. All the nobles that sat in their red cushioned seats with tension as they looked up at their Princess sitting on her throne next to one that lay empty. None dared to voice their opinions on why the Lunar Throne was still sitting in the Canterlot Halls for one had already voiced such opinions and had been removed from the room on Celestia's order.

"As I stated before, it shall be a national day of mourning and prayer. Ponies of all ages shall gather in their respective communities and pay just tribute to their lost Princess. Their will be events to celebrate all that their Princess had provided for them; her stars, her guidance, her dreams. There will be mourning for the tragic loss that this nation has suffered when she was lost from us. And above all there shall be prayer. Prayer to the heavens that she is kept safe in her absence. Prayer to the Elements that they return her to us soon. And above all, prayer that when she returns to us, that she forgives us all for our abuse and neglect of her. That she forgives us for driving her away. That she forgives me for not loving her enough. Prayer for forgiveness. This is my word. Your own thoughts my lords and ladies?"

She left this question hanging in the air almost like a fisherpony leaves his line and bait in the water to catch a fish. She was looking in particular for the reactions of a select number of Nobles that she had learned were some of the most active in their verbal abuse of her sister. After a few moments of silence, at last one of the fish took the bait. Lord Gold Bar of Manehatten.

"Your Majesty." He said as he stood from his chair. "While we all certainly grieve for the loss of your sister, do you not think that is a bit extreme? Surely the day would be better suited for celebrating your victory over the demon Nightmare Moo...."

"Do not speak that name!"

All of the ponies in the room gulped as they began to see signs of Celestia's returning anger. It had been made very clear by Celestia that she would not hear her sister referred to in any way other that her true name Luna. Many were wondering why Gold Bar had felt it appropriate to speak that name at all.

"This is ridiculous your highness! Your sister chose to jump into the hooves of that demon like a giddy puppy! She chose to try and bring nighttime eternal on us all! Your preventing her from doing that warrants a celebration! We will grieve for your sister at a proper time!"

As Gold Bar finished his rant, Celestia was restraining herself. She did not want to blow up again like she had the previous day. Besides, she now had an excuse to exact some truly justified revenge on those ponies that had caused her sister's sorrow.

"Tell me something Lord Gold Bar. Do you love your wife?"

Silence reigned over the court as the question hung in the air over the lord. "What?" He said at last.

"Do you love your wife?" Celestia repeated. Gold Bar fidgeted in place for a bit before responding.

"Yes I do love my wife very much ma'am. Why do you ask?"

"Do you look forward to the nights when you can return home to her?"

"Yes." Gold Bar replied nervously.

"Do look forward to the evenings when you and your beloved wife share passion and intimate relations only those with true love in their hearts can experience?"

An awkward silence returned as Gold Bar blushed. "I...I hardly think that is an appropriate question to ask ma'am!" Gold Bar said in shock.

"Answer the question! Do you?" Celestia raised her voice.

Gold Bar looked around the room as if searching for a lifeline from any of his fellow nobles. When none appeared, he turned back towards his princess. "Yes." He said. "Yes I do look forward to those evenings."

Celestia now stood up and walked down the steps onto the floor of the chambers. "Then tell me Lord Gold Bar, why is it that you have branded the night as only the hours that the scum of creation reign?"

Gold Bar gulped as he realized why the Princess was asking this. "I...I...I have never...."

"Is that why you referred to my sister as the 'Dark Whore of The Night' whose only purpose was to 'please the dregs and beasts of the night with her hind legs spread wide'?!" Celestia voice got even louder.

Now Gold Bar was sweating a monsoon as the rest of the nobles looked at him with appalled expressions. While many of them had not thought much of Princess Luna and some had whispered about her behind her back at some point in time, not once among most of them had the term whore been applied. Eccentric, awkward, mysterious, maybe, but never whore. The rest of the nobles that had used such a term and others of equal venom now sat silent. They now wondered whether or not their Sun Princess new of their own conversations against Princess Luna.

Meanwhile after a few moments of standing there looking as if he were about to lose his bowels, Gold Bar threw himself at the hooves of his ruler.

"Your Majesty! I b-beg for your forgiveness! It was nothing! I never meant any harm by it!"

"If that had been true" Celestia said as she looked down at the noble in anger. "You would've apologized for your words long before she was lost from us. Now it is too late for her, and too late for you. GUARDS!"

Suddenly the main doors into the hall burst open and four armored Royal Guards appeared and marched up behind Gold Bar. The rest of the nobles watched in fear.

"Remove Lord Gold Bar's Parliament Sash."

Gold Bar looked up at Celestia in shock. He was so stunned that he didn't even hesitate when the guard on his left ripped from his barrel the maroon sash that signified a member of Parliament. He watched as Celestia grabbed it with her magic and, to his enforced horror, watched go up in flames and burn to ash before his eyes. When it had fully burned, Celestia released the ashes and allowed to pile up at the hooves of the former member of Parliament.

"You, Lord Gold Bar, are charged with Lèse-majesté; treason against the crown. By all rights and traditions of my forebears you should swing from the gallows. But where you showed no compassion, I shall. You are therefore removed from the Parliament and stripped of your National Government Title. You are also banished from the city of Canterlot and shall return to Manehatten immediately, where all shall know of your crimes. Leave my sight now and never return!"

"No" Gold Bar said softly as the guards grabbed him and began to drag him from the room. "You can't do this! Please! Your majesty have mercy! Please! Please! I BEG YOU! YOUR MAJESTY!!! PLEASE!!!

He continued to shout until the doors to the hall were closed with a loud boom. All the nobles left in the hall turned their heads to their ruler nervously as she stood there glaring at the doors.

"I know that Gold Bar was not the only one among you who is guilty of such crimes. He shall be the example of what is to come from besmirching my sister's good name. The Summer Moon Vigil will be held one year from yesterday on the anniversary of my sister's banishment. But you nor I should wait until then to repent. From now on, any history books that do not portray my sister as the true angel that she was shall not be published. Any so called facts that are not screened for legitimacy will be cut from the pages. The stained glass window in the great hall shall portray to loss of a knight, not the defeat of a beast. We will remember my sister. She will not fade from our memory. She will return."


Celestia sat in her office in her office now as she went over the final preparations for tonights vigil. The first Summer Moon Vigil since her sister was lost. She hoped that there would not be too many more. Overall however, she was proud of how far ponies had come since that dreadful day. She had begun to receive letters of condolences from across the nation stating the sorrow at the loss of her sister. What made her truly happy were the thousands of letters of apology that she had received. Apologies to both her and apologies to her sister. This in her mind was truly a sign that her subjects were on their way to being the welcoming hooves that would greet Luna when she returned.

Just then, a knock came from the door of her office, startling Celestia as she had been lost in thought. "Your Majesty?" Came a voice.

"Enter." Celestia replied. In response, the door clicked open an in walked a tall and muscular thestral, his yellow feline eyes glowing and leather bat wings clutched to his side as his perfectly polished Lunar Guard armor shined in the dusk light that shown through the windows. He stopped a few feet inside the door and bowed, which Celestia returned.

"It is time." The Guard said. Celestia nodded and followed the Guard out the door as he turned to leave.

When Celestia looked at the Lunar Guards, she felt a strong pain in her heart. Luna had always stated that she considered the thestrals of her beloved Guard to be her "children". They were her responsibility as she had stated that they were also "the most misunderstood creatures in all of Equestria." When Celestia had to deliver to them the news that their beloved Princess was gone and that she had been responsible for her banishment, she was almost certain they would hate her. She had in effect banished their mother. She had stood before them in their barracks with tears streaming down her face as she awaited their hate. She accepted it and simply waited for it to come.

However, something else happened entirely. As she hung her head in shame, she felt a hoof touch her shoulder. When she looked up, she was staring into the watery eyes of a grey thestral mare with dark brown hair. The mare smiled a sorrowful yet sympathetic smile, one that had a simple message; our loss is you loss. We shall bear it together. One by one the members of the Lunar Guard took two steps forward behind the comrade and began to bow before her. When the last one behind her had bowed, the mare that had come up to Celestia bowed as well. For a moment, Celestia stood there in shock at the gesture. Why were they doing this? At last the mare before her spoke up.

"Our Mother always spoke of you with love. She never truly hated you in any way. We know that this was not your desire. We know what you have pledged to do. We know that you will make sure that our mother is not forgotten. So we pledge this to you." With that, each guard rose up and placed their right hooves to their barrels. Then, all in perfect unison, spoke words that Celestia truly didn't expect.

"We pledge to follow you in your quest to return our Mother to us. We pledge to assist in your journey to keep her glorious memory alive. We swear loyalty to you as her sister to follow you to Tartarus and back to achieve these goals. We pledge our lives to this cause as we pledged our lives to her. Et Lunam, hoc promittunt."

For a moment, Celestia sat there in stunned silence. She had expected hatred, shouting, threats towards her and Equestria. Not this. It was then that she chastised herself for even doubting these ponies for even a fraction of a second. They were true and loyal Equestrians and she never should have doubted that. Standing up, she herself placed her right hoof over her barrel.

"I pledge this to you my sister's children, that I shall return your mother to you. She will return, I swear upon my life. Et Lunam, haec locutus sum."


Ponies filled the square of Canterlot to capacity. Every pony in Canterlot had turned out for the first Summer Moon Vigil in honor and memorial of their lost Lunar Princess. It was an awe inspiring sight as Celestia made her way toward the center of the crowd. All ponies were dressed in black cloaks with a moon shaped pin clasping them to their bodies. Many of the mares wore moon shaped earrings from their ears while others the shape of stars. All present held onto small glowing lanterns, even foals carried miniature versions of the adults. As Celestia made her way to a small stage in the center of the crowd, the ponies fell silent. Their leader was dressed in a similar manner as the rest of them, in a long black cloak, pinned with the moon clasp. Atop her head was not her usual golden crown, but a simple silver circlet with nebula patterns tracing it. When she reached the stage, all ponies bowed down before her.

"Citizens of Equestria." She spoke softly. "We are gathered here today for a truly solemn occasion. To remember the Princess that we tragically lost not a year ago this night. That night we lost much more than a Princess. We lost a guardian. a kind soul, a beloved mother, a beloved sister, and a dear friend." She looked out over the crowd as she began to here what she thought were sniffles before continuing.

"When we lost her, we were forced to reconcile that her loss was for the most part on our shoulders. We did not show the appreciation worthy of her work, we did not show her the proper kindness that friendship warrants, nor the compassion and love to see that she was in pain. We were ignorant to all of these things, myself included. We made a grave mistake, the consequences of that mistake are felt by I and everypony in Equestria today."

She paused as she breathed to keep herself from falling apart. "But let us not wallow in the abyss of despair, but take the first steps out. Today we not only gather to mourn the loss, but to pray and hope for the return. Pray and hope that one day in Equestria's future, ponies will once again lay eyes on their beloved Princess. That she will return to guide us through the night and comfort us in our slumbers. We also pray that when she returns, that she will accept our most sincere apologies. Apologies for not showing her the compassion owed to every creature in Equestria. Apologies for not showing the proper appreciation for her work. And apologies for not being there for her in her time of sorrow. We pray together. We are sorry Luna. Luna nos dimittimus."

The last phrase was repeated by all present in the crowd. Soon ponies began to lift up their lanterns to their faces. They then began to whisper their own silent prayers into the lanterns, even the children. Then Celestia turned to a group of ponies with stringed instruments and nodded and they began to play a sad melancholy hymn that had been composed in honor of their lost Princess.

When the hymn started, Celestia grabbed her own lantern and leaned in to whisper her prayer. Then she released it and it began to float gracefully up towards the stars in the bright sky. Hers was the cue for all the other lanterns to be released as well and thousands of bright lanterns began to float up towards the moon. The sight brought tears to almost all eyes as the bright prayers headed towards the heavens. All that could be heard was the music as it continued to play.


On the surface of the moon, a Lunar Alicorn wept. She had not stopped weeping for a year since that horrible day when she had allowed herself to be tricked by that demon. That horrible choice had cost her company with her beloved sister. The lies that the demon had told to her. And she had believed them. Now she was all alone with not a single soul to ......

"We are sorry Luna."

Luna perked up as she heard what she thought was the voice of a young child. Looking around she suddenly saw a lantern floating nearby. The voice was coming from the lantern. Walking over it, she began to see more floating in her direction. As they did, even more voices began to emit from them.

"Forgive us your majesty."

"Please return to us."

"We beg for your forgiveness."

"How could we?"

"I love your night"

"Your stars are truly beautiful"

"Thank you for all that you have done."

But the one voice that brought tears of sorrowful joy to Luna's eyes came from a specific lantern in the thousands that floated around her.

"I will wait dear sister. I will wait for you Lulu."

Author's Note:

Special thanks to The Common Tater for the punishment idea