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Hello! I'll fill this out later, I promise.


Twilight is dying and she knows it. On her final night, she makes her way to the balcony atop her Canterlot suite and shares her final moments with her wife, Luna. The Princess then recounts the events leading up to her and Twilight's eventual marriage and life together.

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Comments ( 68 )

That was... Interesting...


so sad :flutter cry:

I know.

"pours old spice on twilight"
there we go problem solved

I cried... : . ; Thumbs up from me. :applecry:

I read this on devianart a few weeks ago. Glad to see it here, it´s a good story.

Very well written, I have many feels.

That's how I want to die.:fluttercry:

This was really good. It had a very nice blend of sadness and heartwarming. You should feel good about this.

So sad face

Oh man. This is going to be a heavy read...

dang, I seem to have gotten something stuck in my eyes... and it's not coming out:raritydespair:


So good

dangit i was gonna post that...
But its true. Manly tears have, in fact, been shed.

Oh man, this was powerful... I'm sad now... :fluttercry:

very nice, and very sad, i do love that they had children, it always feels in my heart that a life is not lived unless you have children to share it with. It was a simple, but beautiful story, thank you.

i am now crying after reading that story. this is the second storey i have cried at ever:raritycry::fluttercry::applecry:

It was sad....but I still can't cry....I'm a heartless bitch aren't I?

In any case read this on devianart a while back...it was good then and it is still good!

You basterd you made me cry:applecry: it was very well written though good job:pinkiesad2:

But hey, Luna wanted to marry a mortal, right? What could possibly go wrong? :applejackconfused:

It was a cool story.

Heartfelt and enjoyable, especially for a Yuri fan like myself, though there are small matters of detail here and there. For one, you claimed Eve had four grandparents, which would entail the absentee King and Queen who we're pretty sure don't exist.

Waaahh!!!! No, why so sad? :raritycry:

Nice short read, keep it up.

So sad, i wish we know what happen to spike :raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:
im trying to cry

You. You did it. You made me cry manly tears... :fluttercry::raritydespair:

Brilliant moving and in a way heart warming.
Well done, you have earned yourself a scootaloo

Take good care of her

While I didn't cry, there was a tug on my chest. Good story.

Must not cry...Must not...*Bursts into tears*:raritycry:

I shed one tear. One very emotional, well earned tear.
Wonderful story.
Have a Macintosh. :eeyup:

in truth she didnt lose twilight she just moved to a different time. :pinkiehappy:. just before day or night cant remember which

"Every one has to die someday red"

Twilight died?! Oh Celestia, I give zero fucks.

I haven't read it yet but by the description it looks good

Uh,huh. Yeah that was okay.

Really just eh, but if you really want dem feelz, listen to this

i shed a man tear with a smile

All of my tears :fluttercry:


She may have died, but she had a long life surrounded those she loved up until the end.
:applecry: :fluttercry: :raritycry:


This is good. This will be featured.

BronyRanger, oracle of literature, approves.

You make me sad.
You heartless bastard.

just kidding great story made me cry as a kid not as a man.

773886 same here i cryed to bubbles frist i guess my little dashie will be the next one i cry too...

Morality sucks. It really does.

One of the best stories i have ever read including all the books i like, seriously write more man we need another chapter.
:fluttercry: :fluttercry:

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