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Scootaloo watches Applebloom and Sweetie Belle realize their true potentials, wondering when the same will happen to her, or if it ever will.

My tags: Uplifting

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This was a nice story that put a smile on my face. Well done. :twilightsmile:


I'm glad. I wanted to write a story that implied Scootaloo would never learn to fly, but could still be happy. Thanks for reading!

7279649 Well, we've all gotta make the most of our lives whatever our personal circumstances. Perhaps she'll grow up to be the first disabled Wonderbolts instructor! Wouldn't that be something... :raritywink:


I do hope that the writers in the actual show make Scootaloo's story interesting. There's just so much more depth to be had in her character if she doesn't learn to fly. She's kind of the "disabled" character of the show. The kids in wheel chairs that watch it probably relate a lot to her, and if she suddenly learns how to fly, suddenly they don't anymore.

7279660 Well, if they've gone to the trouble of introducing a character with an obvious handicap, it would be remiss of them to not take the opportunity to use her to relate to the thousands of fans of the show who suffer from a similar condition.

As long as Scootaloo's personality doesn't become solely about her disability (and to the writer's credit, they've never fallen into that trap) then they have a chance to write a memorable character, and deliver a strong message to boot.

I liked this fanfic, I'm a huge fan of Scootaloo, and I honestly think this would be a great direction for her character to go in the show.

I can't fave this enough.

my favourite rendition of Scootaloo.

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I'm glad you liked it :twilightsheepish:


Thank-you! :twilightsmile:


Thanks, and I agree. :twilightblush:

So when Rainbow Dash always said goodbye and trotted away on the ground when talking to Scootaloo, it just served as another reminder of her inability to fly.

Ehh, am I missing something here?


Rainbow Dash trotted away on the ground instead of flying, because she feels subconscious about flying in front of her to some degree. I'll replace "her" with Scootaloo.

Well, that was oddly relatable. Sure, I can't fly and even if I could I wouldn't (huge fear of heights) but naturally it reminds me of dates. Almost every friend I know has gone on a date with some guy. I only know one other person who had never dated before other than me but it doesn't make me feel much better. I wonder if I'm secretly unlikeable or even worse, unattractive somehow. But eh. Life's supposed to get better after high school is what they tell me. Well, it better. Everybody keeps telling me there's somebody out there for me or everything's going to okay but I just get tired of hearing that. So yeah.

This story was wonderful by the way. Loved the song to go with it!


Same here. I mostly just write these because they're easy to write (and there's always a plethora of people who actually like reading them). If I wrote something non-pony, I'd have to think of characters, settings, describe visuals, etc. It's just so much easier and satisfying to write fanfiction. You more or less get immediate gratification.

7295166 I like the idea of actually writing an entire non fanfiction sort of story. I want to become a writer sometime in my lifetime and writing fanfiction is great practice. Both types of writing are satisfying to me.

This was a sweet story.

Yeah, but speaking as someone with a disability (actually multiple, mental and physical) having the disability magically fixed is something I dream about, and my mom does too. Seeing a character actually get it magically fixed...would be painful but wonderful at the same time. And I don't really want anyone else suffering, not even a character in a TV show.


She wouldn't even need magic. A simple fixed-wing glider (such as what Apple Bloom tried out in "Call of the Cutie"), plus the ample thrust from her wings would easily let her fly. "The Cutie Re-Mark" also showed future Rainbow Dash with a prosthetic wing - a pair of those worn over Scootaloo's too-small wings might be a bit closer to normal pegasus flight.

Plus comic issue 81 had her hear the story of Wind Sock, an earth pony who invented a set of strap-on wings, used them to rescue a stranded Wonderbolt, and was welcomed into their ranks. Some reviewers pitched the idea of her using Wind Sock's invention to help other disabled pegasi, and this story reminded me of that.

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