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Life is what you make of it. Enjoy it as long as you can, for you never know when it could be over.


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
But sometimes, even if you're doing everything right, that lemonade might end up getting a very bitter by-taste."

When Limestone Pie gets a chance to fulfill her long secret-kept dream to leave her family's rock farm and fulfill her dreams in the big city, she can't believe her luck at first.

However, just like so often, things don't work out as expected, and she soon finds herself working as an underpaid cashier for a rundown fast food joint - what could have possibly gone wrong?

(Inofficial) sequel to Of Limestones and Rocks.

Credit for the cover goes to Yanyao.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 18 )

Woah, rough. I know that twelve years of schooling hasn't always been universal and most people throughout history have had to do without it, but it occurs to me that Limestone could qualify for a GED. As a matter of fact, her parents strike me as the "homeschooling" type. Of course, that would negate the point of your story, but...just thinking out loud here.

One would think the Equestrian military would have some positions for mares outside of combat. Or...she could do international espionage!

Again, just thinking out loud. I'm really enjoying this story.


Limestone really should never have lied to Pinkie. As an element bearer she should have turned to her from the beginning, though I can see her not wanting to be dependent on any connections from her little sister. You can tell that Limestone is a very proud pony.

Now she just needs to be put in command over the knucklehead who insulted her family!

I'm not usually a big fan of shorter slice of life stories where the conflict is resolved in a rapid turn-around at the end. However, seeing Limestone Pie's personality explored and a realistic portrayal of her frustrations and the inhibitions that prevent her from making a dream outside of the rock farm reality made it impossible for me to dislike this story. Well done, and I hope Limestone Pie gets more stories of this sort written about her in the future.

This ending feels like one designed to lead into a continuation.
I mean, I think it would be interesting...

Damn it's taken me way too long to read these comments.

To be honest, I sorta had the same idea in terms of the Pie Family's education. I would assume they are teaching their children what they find to be necessary/important in life, which (I suppose) also includes things like Math and English.
My "headcannon" (gosh I hate that term) is that all of the Pie-sisters have been taught how to behave "properly" (i.e. like a real lady) by their parents, but almost never put these skills to use.
However, back on topic, the idea behind that whole "no High School diploma"-thingy was that Limestone has what it takes to achieve one in terms of mental capabilities and knowledge (I do think she's smart and could make it far with the necessary support), but doesn't have an official confirmation (=diploma) to prove it.

And I'm sure the Equestrian military does have positions that aren't related to combat and thus "suitable" for females, but the question would be if Limestone were willing to work in one of these. She really doesn't seem like the office-type to me, and I suppose trying to work in special operations would lead to the same problems as trying to become a regular soldier.

And indeed, things would have been a lot easier if Limestone had talked to her sister about her problems earlier, but as you said, she's very proud, and I'm willing to bet that it takes a lot for her to accept help from others, even her own sister.

So, yeah, I don't really know how to say this, but thanks for taking the time to comment on all this. Your commentary on 'Of Limestones and Rocks' has played a major role in getting this story here written and published (i.e. getting me to move my lazy butt) and I really appreciate it ^^

Aye, I'm normally not one for these types of stories either, but this sort of ending (Pinkie Pie, the one of whom Limestone was convinced that she was doing her own thing and didn't really care about Limestone's business, showing up in what can be considered Limestone's darkest hour to save the day) just seemed too tempting to not use it.
Still, I appreciate the feedback. I may write some more about Limestone in the future, but here's to hoping that more authors will discover her potential as a character and write about her in the future.

Eh, writing about life in the military isn't really my strength (tried it before and failed rather miserably). It sure would be interesting to see what sorts of struggles Limestone would go through in the military (for all we know it might just turn out to be hell on earth for her) but I just don't think I'm the right one to write that sort of story.


Your commentary on 'Of Limestones and Rocks' has played a major role in getting this story here written and published (i.e. getting me to move my lazy butt) and I really appreciate it ^^


I am gratified! I didn't know I could have that kind of influence.

Oooooo, poor Limestone :rainbowlaugh: haha, nice job.


I had to point this out, just had to.

Also, wow... poor Limestone... her dream shot down in flames... damn, I feel bad for her :fluttercry: poor girl...
Surely things wil turn out for her in the end...


Uh oh... oh boy... this stallion, shoot... these guards had a decent mare looking at them, cute too and admiring them for who they were.
And they insulted her intelligence, and her former occupation as a rock farmer... and threw in a sexist comment to boot.

Next chapter... *inhales deepy*
I smell a beatdown~

Awwww, happy ending~ :heart: Nicely done man, nicely done! This was such an awesome story, short and awesome! :yay:
Damn good show, damn good show.

I'm proud of Limestone! :heart: Follow your dreams kid!

Keep up the fantastic work, while I am disappointed in no beatdown, I am nonetheless pleased with how this ended.

Keep it up.


7565338 Heya, thanks for this truly extensive commentary! ^^
I'm so glad you liked this plain, short piece of story! :D

To be honest, I never expected it to get this much positive feedback, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes Limestone ^^

Hahaha, you're welcome man! You wrote an awesome story with one of my favorite pie sisters in it, so good job on that man!
I honestly wish there were more good stories with her out there, oh well.

Keep up the fantastic work man, keep it up!

A good retort to his bs i imagine would be " Do you talk to the princess's like that?"

Very emotional ending, nicely wrapped up a great story :pinkiehappy:

One would hope Limestone's example and influence leads to a change of rules regarding gender barriers to serving in the Guard.

Of all the things you could have said... :facehoof:

That was so good. I think the only tragedy here is we don't get to continue her story. But yeah, this is beautiful. <3

Funny. In s8 you you finally see female guard ponies. Limestone could totally been that mare to push for more reform as she shattered certain beliefs and challenged the not just the guard but set standards as to what one mare can aspire to.

Though for that I guess maybe I should just watch G.I. Jane. Lol

Well, Limestone sure gots a ways to go. I can almost see Celestia herself deciding to show up to prove the letter is genuine but what fun would that be? XD

Well, you certainly wriite some fine Limestone in your stories. Had a blast reading them. Fandom life is hard when your favorite Pie sister is the one most easily disliked by so many who only ever judge things at face value and/or choose the path of least resistance.

Thanks for writing and sharing so much Limeatone. <3

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