• Published 7th Jun 2016
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You'll Never Find Out - Lupus

It has been two years since the brave mares and stallions of Alicorn City captured a member of the infamous gang known as the Family. Their leader has once again emerged, and foalnapped the lover of the one who broke up his Family.

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The Last Chapter

An explosion rocked Cliff Hanger's mechanical body, breaking his concentration. The battle ax disappeared, along with the magic binding Resolution. Before Cliff could reorient himself, a second explosion sent him careening into another warehouse which collapsed beneath his weight. Following the trail of smoke that led from Cliff's fallen form, Resolution flew off towards her mystery savior. Inside the mechanical pony, Cliff Hanger sighed, "Of course he was here, too. I really hate that guy."

Resolution landed on a building quite a ways from Cliff Hanger, right next to a bored looking, blue coated, teal maned earth pony stallion. He had a small scar beneath his left eye, and the image of a snake biting its tail adorned his flank. The stallion didn't even glance at Resolution and instead was inserting a small cone shaped object into a large cylinder. "You're late, Patience." Resolution said to him.

The stallion just hummed as he lifted the cylinder, and aimed it towards where Cliff Hanger was just getting to his hooves.

"Hey, careful! Drama's still..."

"I know," Patience said in a monotonous voice before pressing a button on the cylinder. The cylinder launched what Resolution could only assume was the cone, as it flew too fast for her to really see. The object impacted Cliff Hanger's side with another explosion, and sent him right back to the ground. Cliff's frustrated groan echoed in the night.

Resolution grit her teeth, "If you know, then stop...!"

"Drama Bomb is what is powering that thing. Wherever she is, she is in arguably the safest place," Patience began to load another explosive cone.

Resolution ground her teeth, but remained silent. She knew Patience was right, but she didn't have to like it. Realization came to her and she turned to Patience with a skeptical look, "Wait, how [did you know about Drama?" Patience raised a brow at her before launching another explosive cone. Another look of realization flashed on her face before it turned unamused. Using a wing to comb through her mane, Resolution pulled a small metal device from it. "How many times have I told you not to bug me?!"

Patience just gave her a small grin while loading the cylinder.

Resolution groaned and crushed the device beneath her hoof. Making a mental note to kick his flank later, Resolution turned to where Cliff Hanger jumped to his hooves with a crash, only to be sent back to the ground with an even louder angry groan. "That thing's tougher than it looks, and it looked pretty tough to begin with. Any ideas?"

Patience was silent for several seconds while he loaded another cone before he pointed to a large bag at his hooves that Resolution had missed earlier. "Adamantine tipped drill," he said finally. Resolution wasted no time in opening the bag and digging through its contents.

"Wait, why was the bag closed? Where were you getting the cones from?"

Patience grinned again.

After several minutes, five more explosions, and one "Son of a whorse!" from Cliff Hanger, Resolution pulled out a small drill with a triumphant grin, "Got it!" only to feel Patience's hooves wrap around her barrel. She then felt a lurching in her stomach followed by the sensation of shifting space. The feeling lasted for only a moment and Resolution found herself atop a different rooftop. She looked to Patience as he released her to see him discard the cylinder and what looked to her to be a watch that was sparking like mad. Patience just looked at her with the same bored expression on his face, before looking ahead. Resolution followed his gaze and saw Cliff Hanger crushing the building that they were on mere moments ago with a large hammer.

Cliff Hanger, surrounded by the glow of his magic, called out, "I must congratulate you, Patience. Even I thought a portable teleportation device was just a fantasy," the hammer vanished and he turned his massive head towards them, "But it seems there are still a few bugs to work out, yes yes yes." His horn lit up as he conjured a large bow. As he pulled back the string, an arrow with a wicked looking head appeared, "Think you can escape me again, dearies?"

Holding the drill in her hooves, Resolution spread her wings, "Think you can keep him distracted?" Without taking his eyes off Cliff Hanger, Patience pulled out a small device that reminded Resolution of a honeycomb. Resolution smirked, "Of course, what was I thinking?" Just as Cliff Hanger released his arrow, Resolution took wing and Patience vanished in a flash of light.

Cliff sighed, "Of course he had a second," he said to himself before turning his attention to Resolution. The pegasus was circling above him like a bird of prey, but before he could load another arrow, a swarm of tiny insects obscured his vision, "What?!" With his concentration broken, the bow vanished. He tried swatting at the bugs, but to no avail. Warning lights began to flare inside the pony, and two screen appeared above his console. The screens showed the body of the mechanical pony from different angles, and several points were glowing red indicating breaches in the armor. "No no no! Stop! Desist! Cease!" Cliff Hanger jumped around, and kicked all in attempt to rid himself of the pests. Any attempts to use magic caused the bugs to swarm his horn, and block his magic.

Soon a third screen appeared, and Cliff paled at what it showed. Resolution pulling Drama Bomb from her containment. One by one the lights inside began to fade out, and the mechanical pony's response to his movement began to slow until it eventually came to a complete stop. He groaned in frustration, "What else could..." The answer to his unasked question came in the form of one of the bugs finding its way into the pony head. Cliff Hanger watched as the bug flew over and landed on his console. Cliff's eye twitched in annoyance, and he raised a hoof. He swatted at the bug, only to miss as it flew away. Cliff's hoof landed instead on the big red button.

A robotic voice sounded around Cliff, SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE ACTIVATED. WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 10...9...8

Cliff Hanger blinked, and slowly sat on his haunches, "I wish brother Hindsight was still alive."

3...2...1...HAVE A NICE DAY

"Thank you."

The force of the explosion could be felt all throughout the city.

Fire ponies swarmed the district, putting out the fires caused by Cliff Hanger's mechanical pony's explosion. The local police kept any civilian who came to gawk at a safe distance, while medical ponies were let through. However only one pony needed their attention.

Drama Bomb suffered only from minor magic drain, and was conscious again moments after being pulled from Cliff's machine. Cliff Hanger survived the explosion by encasing himself in a shield, but the force of the blast nearly drained his own magic completely. He had barely enough energy to pull himself out of the rubble only to find Resolution glaring at him, and Drama bomb leaning against her. Patience simply stared on with the same bored look. Cliff Hanger smiled, tipped his hat and said, "Any chance for a drink before arresting me?" There wasn't.

Now in chains with a magic inhibitor ring around his horn, Cliff Hanger was none too gently being shoved into the back of a one of the APCD's jail carts. The chief of police herself came out to thank Resolution and Patience for finally capturing the leader of the Family. She expressed her joy and relief that she could finally close the book on the Family once and for all, and also a small scolding for the destruction of the district. Her anger only lasted a few moments as Patience showed her plans to not only repair, but also improve the buildings that were destroyed. Resolution and Drama trotted up to the carriage that held Cliff.

"You were right, Hanger," Resolution mocked, "This was our last fight."

"That remains to be seen, dearie," Cliff Hanger smirked.

Resolution scoffed, "We'll see how long that smug attitude of yours lasts in the Hole." With that, Resolution turned her back on her enemy.
Before Drama could follow, Cliff called out to her, "Nothing good will come from your continued association with Resolution. Heed my warning, Ms. Bomb, for your own sake."

Drama Bomb could only stare as the carriage began to make its journey to the prison known as the Hole.

Cliff hanger sat against the wall of the carriage with his eyes closed, and a smile on his lips. He whispered to himself "All according to plan," before chuckling lightly.