• Published 19th Jun 2012
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Renew - lorettafox

The sequel to These Dreams and the three are being pursed by a pony from Discord's past who wants him gone forever and will stop at nothing to have it happen, even it means hurting the family if so.

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The Meeting of Screwball

Screwball had flown quite always and was still following the path of her father's magic. Even after being without him so long, she still could tell his magic from any other creature's. She was somewhere over Trottingham and was still flying farther, in the direction of Manehattan. Who was this Twilight Celestia had talked about? She said that this Twilight and her daddy were in hiding from her.

What if Celestia was going to take away her daddy again? After the second time, she couldn't bare to see him imprisoned in stone like that. She couldn't let her daddy be taken away from her again. Was this Twilight the cause of the problem? Was she the reason that Celestia was after her daddy? She needed to see who exactly this Twilight was and question her why she was endangering her daddy's safety and more importantly, was he hadn't seen her after he was freed.

'Once I'm freed again, we will return Equestria to it's natural chaotic state, my dear Screwball.' her father's last thoughts to her as she slept by his statue the very same night that he was imprisoned. He was abit more powerful the second time and was able to talk to her through thought, as he had done with Twilight.

But one night, it just stopped. He no longer was talking to her. It made her sad but she knew it had to be the result that he had used all his magical power talking to her the past few nights. She sadly accepted this fate and started to visit less often and cause more chaos instead, hoping that it may free him once again. Little did she know that the reason he stopped talking to her was he was using all his magic to project himself into Twilight's dreams and didn't have enough to stay with his dear daughter.

Screwball let out a sigh as she kept on flying over the edge of Trottingham and now over some green meadow. She quickly noticed that the magic's intensity was getting stronger, meaning she was getting even closer to her daddy.

"Oh daddy, we'll be together soon and we can return Equestria to it's natural chaotic state. I hope you're still causing a little bit of chaos even if you're hiding." Screwball smiled when a thought occurred to her.

What if her daddy was using his magic to disguise himself in order to stay hidden? Would she be able to see past his disguise and tell that it's her daddy? Screwball quickly laughed at the stupid thought. Of course she would be able to recognize her daddy, no matter what form he took! She could spot him from a mile away, no matter the form. His magic was so...chaotic, no other pony could even come close to having that kind of magic. Well, no pony except herself, that is.

The magical presence grew even more intense as she was now starting to come over the city of Manehattan. Her daddy must be somewhere in this city! She just had to keep on following the magical path that he had sent her. Screwball looked down below at the city that her daddy was currently in.

It sure was a big city with so many ponies in a rush to get where they wanted to go. This would be a great place to start the chaos! With so many ponies, it would be so funny to watch them all panic! The magic grew even more intense, alerting Screwball that her daddy was right around the corner. She quickly lowered herself onto the ground and began to look around where she was at with her swirled eyes.

"Daddy! Daddy, where are you? It's your daughter, Screwy!" she called aloud, using the nickname he had given her.

"She should be here any moment..." said a familiar voice that made Screwball smile.

"I hope we can still hide with a third member to our party." said a mare's voice. Screwball knew this had to be Twilight, there was no doubt about that.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Screwball called aloud again.

This time her crying was answered by a cotton candy cloud appearing over her head and raining chocolate milk on her. She laughed so happily and loudly that it caused several ponies to turn around in surprise. She instantly turned her head to the right, the magic at it's absolute strongest. What she was wasn't her daddy, but a proper pony with a monocle cutie mark with a white pegasus. Screwball knew her daddy too well. Of course he'd hide as something he wasn't!

"Daddy, I found you! I found you! I found you!" Screwball said happily as she pounced the unicorn happily. "They were right! You're free! You're free at last!"

"My little abomination, you found me, even with this boring disguise that everypony sees." Proper smiled. "I think you can see your actual father now."

With a snap of Discord's lion paw, the invisible magical burst that had been surrounding Twilight and him extended itself to Screwball, forming itself around her body before returning invisible once more. Now she could see Discord and Twilight as they really were.

"Daddy!" she said as she flew into his open arms. "I've missed you so much! I haven't heard from you in over two months! I thought you used all your magic talking to me over those three nights! Now that we're together again, we can create chaos once more!"

"I've missed you as well, my dear daughter. But in our quest for chaos, we'll be having a new addition with us. Well, two new additions." Discord smirked.

"Is it that Twilight mare I overheard Celestia talk about?" Screwball questioned.

"Yes it is." Discord smiled at his daughter.

Screwball peered over Discord's shoulder to see Twilight looking up at her with her purple and red eyes. Well, Twilight was pretty. She could see why her daddy would like her but does he like her better than his own daughter?

"Daddy, do you like Twilight more than me?" Screwball questioned. "By the way Celestia was talking, it sounded like you found another mare to replace me..."

Discord simply laughed at her question. "Oh my little Screwy. No pony can ever replace the first child of chaos!" He held her up high in the air so now that she was looking down at him.

Screwball smiled but quickly lowered her right eyebrow in confusion. "Wait, first child of chaos? You have another foal and you didn't tell me?" she whined.

"Oh, Screwball. Perhaps Twilight should explain everything to you." Discord replied as he set Screwball in front of Twilight.

"What is Daddy talking about?" Screwball asked in confusion.

"Well, I just found out today that I'm pregnant with your daddy's next chaotic heir as you might say. That means you would have a little filly or colt to teach chaos too."

"Really Daddy?" Screwball asked as she looked up at her daddy. Discord simply nodded in response to her question. Screwball turned her head back to Twilight and gave her a slight glare. "How do I know you won't do anything to my daddy and expose him to Celestia? Aren't you the reason you both are in hiding?"

"Believe me, Screwball. I'm carrying his next of kin and truth be told, I'm in love with him." Twilight smiled.

"Wait, if you're in love with my daddy, would that make you my mommy? Is that what they call a daddy's lover? A mommy?" Screwball questioned.

"Well, if you'll accept me, I can be your mother as I am the mother to the one who is growing inside of me."

"Wait a second..." Screwball said when she realized something about Twilight. "You and your friends were the one who trapped daddy in stone the second time! You took him away from me the second time!" she yelled in anger. "Why did you take him away from me that day? Why?"

Twilight sighed. "My mind and heart were with harmony that day, Screwball. If I had felt the way I do now, I wouldn't have done it. My friends have mixed feelings about what happened that day. I never knew he had a daughter then, Screwball. Maybe if I had known, he wouldn't have been converted back into stone. I'm sorry you had to go through that pain. I never knew." Twilight spoke sadly.

Screwball looked at Twilight with an intense look for a moment. She could sense that Twilight actually meant what she said. She had forgiven Celestia for trapping her daddy the first time a long time ago, so she should forgive Twilight and her friends for trapping her daddy a second time. Besides, her daddy was alive and breathing right next to her, so everything was ok. She had her daddy again, that's all that really mattered to her.

"Ok, I forgive you, Twilight, but I still feel uneasy about you." Screwball confessed.

"We should make those uneasy feelings go away now, right?" Discord asked his daughter.

"Oh! Are you gonna make me all better again?" Screwball asked happily. "Like you did that day you were freed the first time?"

"Yes I am, my dear." he said as he scooped up the pink pony. "Now look into my eyes, my dear."

"Looking very deep!" Screwball said as she pressed her face against her daddy's. Her eyes began to fill with hypnotic swirls that Twilight recognized all to well. It only took a moment before Discord set Screwball back on the ground, causing her to shake her head violently. "Wow! I feel all better now, Daddy! The uneasy feeling is gone!"

"If you feel uneasy, then it's less time to think about how to create potential chaos!" Discord laughed.

"Hooray! I get to create chaos with Mommy and Daddy!" Screwball shouted happily, causing a few ponies to look at them oddly.

"Odd ponies." a pony walked by coughed out.

"Mommy?" Twilight asked in confusion.

"Well, you are my mommy now. Daddy took away that uneasy feeling I had about you. Now I know you are good for my Daddy and to be my Mommy! Are you ever gonna get married to my Daddy?" Screwball asked excitedly. "Because isn't that what daddies to their lovers? Marry them?"

Twilight blushed lightly. "Well, we were planning to get married, but I wanted to have my friends there..."

"Why not get married now? You can throw a big party for all your friends later! I wanna see my Daddy happy and I can tell you make him happy as do I." smiled Screwball.

"B-But where in Equestria can we get married? I don't think there's any fast marriage places in Manehattan." Twilight said in confusion.

"Oh, that's what this place is called! Manehattan. Anyways, can't you get married at a courthouse? I've been around a thousand years and I've read some books when I wasn't creating chaos for my daddy. It said you need to sign this thing called a marriage certificate and then you're married!"

"Well, that is true, but do we really want to do it so soon?" Twilight questioned.

"But I wanna see my Daddy get married to the pony he really loves and that's you!" Screwball whined. "Mommy, you gotta marry him today! You love Daddy, don't you?"

"Well, of course I love him. Ever sense he was romantic to me in my dreams..." Twilight sighed.

"You both fell in love in a dream? That's sounds so...different. A bit boring to me, but it is different." Screwball informed the two.

"You had to have been there, Screwy." Discord informed his daughter. "I made sure it was plenty chaotic."

"Go Daddy!" Screwball cheered. "Are you gonna get married now? I wanna see my Daddy and Mommy happy!"

"It would rile up Celestia quite abit." Discord laughed.

"Discord! Are just going to marry me just to annoy Celestia?" Twilight asked in mock anger.

"Perhaps and maybe I'll do it because I need a little more chaos power than just what Screwy and I have." Discord smirked. "More power is always good."

"Are you two gonna marry or not?" Screwball asked in annoyance.

"Well, you heard my daughter. Are you gonna marry the god of chaos or not?" Discord teased.

"And become the goddess of chaos? Sure, why not." Twilight smiled.

"Hooray! Mommy and Daddy are getting married! I think I saw the courthouse on my way over here. I passed by it not too long ago. It's this way, Mommy and Daddy! This way!" Screwball said eagerly as her little hat took her off the ground and began to make her float. "Daddy is going to be even happier than before!"

"Well, she does have a point." Discord laughed.

"Come on!" Screwball said in annoyance. "I wanna see chaos become even stronger!"

With that comment, Discord and Twilight followed after the floating pony. Screwball had indeed seen the courthouse when she had flown over Manehattan. After the books she had read, she easily recognized the place from the skies. On their way to the courthouse, they all passed famous Manehattan land marks like Hoof Street and the Mare of Liberty. They reached the courthouse only within a few moments as Screwball was flying quite fast and they had to keep up with her.