• Published 19th Jun 2012
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Renew - lorettafox

The sequel to These Dreams and the three are being pursed by a pony from Discord's past who wants him gone forever and will stop at nothing to have it happen, even it means hurting the family if so.

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Ever since that fateful night, things for Twilight and Discord had been pretty good. It had been a few weeks since they first arrived in Manehattan. Twilight would have gotten a job within this time period, if it hadn't been for one thing. She had been throwing up constantly for the last several days and that wasn't even the worst of it.

She had also been experiencing random bursts of magic that would conjure up the most unusual things. At first, she thought it was Discord behind it until one day when she was alone, it happened again. Deciding that she needed to find what was wrong, she immediately went to the local doctor's office with Discord along side her as he was just as worried about her, even if he didn't actually show it.

"So, what seems to be the problem, Ms. Surprise?" asked the doctor.

"Well, I've been vomiting alot lately and been experiencing alot of random magical bursts." Twilight explained. "It's never happened to me before."

"I see." the doctor said as he wrote something down. "Tell me, are you and Proper here a couple?"

"Why, yes we are. We've been together for several months." Twilight smiled.

"I see. You must tell me, have you had any special relations with each other in the last few weeks?"

Twilight blushed. "W-Well, since it's for medical purposes, we did have relations, as you say, a few weeks ago. Though I don't see how to would be beneficial to what's wrong with me..."

"Any information you can give me may help me. If you don't mind, Ms. Surprise, I need a sample of your blood." the doctor said.

"B-Blood?" Twilight spoke, slightly panicked. "W-What for?"

"If my assumption is correct Ms. Surprise, I think you may be pregnant. It's quite common for pregnant pegasi to have unexplained magical bursts if the father was a unicorn. Do I have your permission to take a blood sample?"

"Well, if it's to check for pregnancy...I guess you can take a sample..." Twilight spoke uncomfortably.

"Don't worry, Ms. Surprise. We only need a small sample of blood and we can check it right here at the office. It only takes a mere few minutes to find out or not." the doctor smiled reassuringly. "Now, I shall be right back with a butterfly needle."

The doctor left the room to go and find a needle needed to draw Twilight's blood. Twilight looked at Discord with a face mixed with what seemed to be utter confusion but a small trace of happiness.

"Did the doctor just say I may be pregnant? With your foal?" Twilight spoke in utter confusion. "If it's true...oh Celestia..."

"Look at it this way, my dear. At least I'll have another foal to create chaos for me!" Discord laughed.

"Wait? Another foal?" Twilight looked at him with a slightly anger filled stare. "When did you have another foal?"

"Before you get your mane tied into a knot, she was created from a cotton candy cloud when I was ruler of Equestria. She has no real mother." Discord informed her.

"What about Cele-" Twilight was interrupted by the doctor walking back into the room, levitating a small needle above her, needle pointing towards the ceiling.

"I have returned! This will only take a mere second, Ms. Surprise. I just need a single forehoove and everything will be all over." the doctor smiled.

"I-If you say so..." Twilight said nervously as she held up her left forehoove.

The doctor inserted the needle into the area that caused her hoof to bend up and down and pulled out a small sample of Twilight's blood. Twilight had closed her eyes during this as she had a fear of needles ever since she was a small filly.

"All done, Ms. Surprise! You can open your eyes now." the doctor laughed. "A fear of needles, I see."

"It's a common phobia. Don't tease me about it." Twilight said as she tilted her head up.

"I'm not, Ms. Surprise. I'll get this sample tested and be back within five, ten minutes with the news if you're going to be a mother or not." the doctor spoke as she levitated the blood-filled needle and walked out of the room again.

"Like I was asking, what about Celestia? Weren't you with her during that time?" Twilight asked.

"Oh, do we really have to discuss all of this right now? It's all in the past. It's not like the past is affecting us right now." Discord smiled.

"It's not like we're screwed or anything." Twilight laughed. "I've always wanted to be a mother in a way."

"Screwball..." Discord spoke to himself.

"Screwball? Is that your foal's name?" Twilight asked.

"It's been quite a long time since I've thought of that name. Ever since I've been with you, I haven't really been thinking about her. Am I a great father or what?" Discord laughed to himself.

"I'm sure you were and still are." Twilight giggled to herself. "Perhaps you'll see her again hopefully."

Discord smirked at his fiancee. "Sooner than you think, my dear..."


Screwball was hanging around Canterlot Castle, causing small bits of chaos, such as teleporting the guards to different parts of the castle and making them hear voices that weren't really there. This is what she had been doing for the last thousand years, virtually undetected. There was a time she had joined her father when he had been freed for that one faithful day, but as far as she knew, he was re-encased in stone once more. She hadn't been to the gardens in several weeks as she wanted to create more chaos to make her daddy proud if he ever got out again.

Screwball was outside the royal throne room at the current moment where she was making the two guards that were on duty starting to hear a supposed mare's voice. She giggled when the two guards thought they were going crazy. She also listened in to what was going on inside the royal throne room.

"Oh...what to do...what to do?" Celestia said from inside the throne room. "I haven't gone after them in weeks, but should I try or just let them be?"

"You should do whatever you think is right, Princess." said Spike, who was staying at the palace while Twilight & Discord were in hiding and it could be months, even years, before they left hiding from Celestia.

"That's the problem, Spike. I want my student to be happy, but I don't want Discord causing any chaos..." Discord's name was enough to cause Screwball to stop her chaos and start listening even more closely. "...though he would have done something by now."

"Sister." spoke Luna as she walked into the throne room, not noticing Screwball on the ceiling, hanging upside down and listening to the conversation. "I know you're still worrying about Twilight and Discord, but perhaps we should stop going after them and just let them be. It's been at least four or five weeks since he was freed and there hasn't been anything reported from any part of Equestria. Knowing Discord, he would have already done something by now, even if he was hiding from us."

He's free? Daddy was free? Screwball smiled in happiness. Her daddy was free! She hadn't been to the gardens in that long of time, so that's probably why she didn't take notice of his freedom. But why hadn't she been able to sense his presence if he had been freed all those weeks ago? More importantly, why hadn't he come and seen her if he was free again? Screwball kept on listening to the conversation.

"I don't know what to decide on, Luna. I don't even know if Twilight would even forgive me for threatening to take Discord away from her." Celestia said as she hung her head. "I just wish I knew where they were at least. Maybe then I could apologize to her."

"I understand you're feeling remorse over what you almost did Tia, but I know what you were only thinking of Equestria's safety before. I think he may have actually changed because of Twilight. She may accept his chaos now, but she will not stand for him harming other ponies." Luna spoke. "I really do think he's changed, like I've changed after being Nightmare Moon."

Screwball remembered the whole Nightmare Moon scenario from long ago. Her daddy had casted the spell on Luna to make Celestia pay for turning him into stone for the first time. It had been the last trace of his magic he could use, but it was quite interesting to witness an incredible transformation such as that one. It was rather interesting to have it be nighttime for an entire week.

"That wasn't your fault, Luna. It was Discord's doing, not yours."

"But I forgave him, Tia. It wasn't easy but I was once told to forgive and forget instead of holding onto a grudge for eternity. Besides, my feelings of jealously also helped me turn into Nightmare Moon. But I have changed and I believe Discord, once again, as changed."

"Perhaps you are right, Luna." Celestia said with a weak smile.

Screwball immediately trotted along the ceiling in the direction that headed to the gardens. Perhaps there may be traces of his magic and she could use her's to locate him. Screwball stopped dead in her tracks. She could feel something in the air, like magic. A large smile soon formed on her face, knowing exactly who the magic belonged to. It was her daddy! Screwball immediately began to follow the presence of the magic. Hopefully she would find her daddy and this one Celestia called Twilight. The way she had said it, it sounded like her Daddy found another mare. Would she replace her in her daddy's heart? She had to make sure she didn't.


The doctor returned with a piece of paper levitating above her head. She walked over to Twilight and gave her a warm smile.

"Well, Ms. Surprise, it seems you are in fact pregnant with a foal! Congrats." the doctor smiled.

"I'm going to be a mother?" Twilight asked.

"In a year from now, you shall. As you know, the rate of a normal pregnancy is eleven months. If you want to make sure your pregnancy goes smoothly, you should come in at least once a month to make sure your foal is doing alright."

"When can we find out if it's a filly or a colt?" Twilight asked.

"About halfway or six months into the pregnancy. Is there anything you need to be checked out before you leave, Ms. Surprise?"

"No, but when will the morning sickness wear off?"

"It all depends on the mare. Some experience for several months, others only a few days, and some never." the doctor replied. "Now, just stop by the desk on the way out to pay."

"Thank you for everything, doctor." Twilight smiled.

"Of course, Ms. Surprise. Hopefully we'll see you back sometime next month to check on that foal." the doctor said as she went through some notes.

Twilight and Discord left the doctor's office, but not before Discord (again) hypnotized the receptionist so they wouldn't have to pay for the doctor's visit. They were both out of the office and were about ten feet from the building when Twilight smiled in excitement.

"I can't believe this! I'm pregnant!" Twilight smiled. "Though I never thought that my foal's father would be the god of chaos."

"I guess chaos has a way of surprising you, doesn't it?" Discord smirked.

"I guess Screwball will be surprised by their new little brother or sister."

"She is a mare by now, you know." he replied.

"I didn't know. Like I was trying to say earlier, did Celestia ever know about her when you were with her over a thousand years ago?"

"Since you keep pressing on about it, no she didn't and neither did Screwball know about her until she sealed me in stone for the first time."

"I see. Since you sound like you don't want to talk about this-"

"You're right. I don't. The past is the past and it's quite boring compared to right now." Discord interrupted.

"-do you wanna do a little sightseeing? If I'm lucky, this little bundle of chaos won't be making me sick or creating random bursts of magic." Twilight finished.

Discord laughed at the Twilight's comment at calling the unborn foal a bundle of chaos. "I guess. Sticking around the apartment is becoming quite boring."

"I'll be getting a job soon. I am getting tried of staying in the apartment most of the time and having you hypnotize everypony that we have to usually pay for their services."

Discord laughed. "What can I say? Free is good and it's quite funny to watch ponies react to my hypnotism."

"Yeah, yeah god of chaos. Can we please ride the subway, please? I haven't really had much of a chance to ride it." Twilight asked.

"As you wish, my dear." he spoke as they both reached the stairway that lead below to the subway station that was underground.