• Published 19th Jun 2012
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Renew - lorettafox

The sequel to These Dreams and the three are being pursed by a pony from Discord's past who wants him gone forever and will stop at nothing to have it happen, even it means hurting the family if so.

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A New Apartment

The sun rose over the always busy city of Manehattan, giving the city some natural light instead of just the light provided by signs and lampposts. The sun's rays quickly flooded into the city, including the hotel room of Twilight and Discord. Twilight had always been a morning pony, even if she didn't get much rest the night before as she had done it many times before studying late into the night.

Twilight opened her sleepy eyes to be greeted by an open window view of the city. Twilight smiled as she climbed out of the bed and looked out over the city. Now that it was daylight, she could see just how large Manehattan truly was. It was amazing how big it was and how the ponies that built it had to divide the city into five boroughs. Twilight sighed at the bit of information as it ran through her head before she turned around to face a still asleep spirit of chaos.

She smiled at the sight of the sleeping dragonequus. It really did seem like he was actually at peace. Twilight then pushed the thought aside and decided to wake up the chaotic god up since they needed to go apartment hunting today in order to maintain a low profile in Manehattan.

"Discord, you need to wake up. We have to go find in apartment today." Twilight said as she poked him with a nudge of her hoof.

A quiet, snickering laughter soon filled the room as Twilight was unaware of a cotton candy cloud forming above her. It completely formed itself before it started raining down on her, causing her to squeak in surprise.

"Discord!" she yelled in annoyance as she was answered by a loud laugh.

"That was too prefect!" he laughed. "You weren't expecting it all! That face you have on. It's priceless!"

"I know I've told you I have no problems with your chaos...but I do have one when I'm the target of it!" Twilight yelled.

"Oh, are you getting mad?" Discord taunted with a fake pout.

"Yes I am! We need to find an apartment today and I need to find a job so we can blend in with normal ponies!"

"But you already look like a different pony." he said as he snapped his fingers, causing the large mirror from last night to appear in front of her, revealing the white pegasus that she was posing as. "See?"

"I know, I know, but it would still help us to find an apartment! Now get up." Twilight said as she used her magic to throw a pillow at him, which smacked him directly in the face. "Now!"

Discord pulled the pillow off of himself. "Alright, alright, Mini Celestia." He said boredly as he climbed out of the bed and stood next to her.

"Oh, you mean I give off a sense of power and respect for my subjects?" Twilight asked.

"Nooo...you sometimes tend to be abit boring like her. You need to be more..." He said as he ran his lion paw down her face. "...chaotic." With that statement, the two disappeared from the hotel room along with the scroll Twilight had received last night.

They arrived in another part of the city, in the borough known as Queens. The neighborhood they had arrived in was rather picturesque, definitely not a place where Discord would want to be staying in. But, then again, why would Celestia bother looking in such a nice and quiet neighborhood? She wouldn't.

"Ok, I never read about this neighborhood before, but I know we're someplace in Queens. I wonder if there's any available homes for us to stay in?" Twilight asked.

As if the answer to her question, a newspaper landed directly on her face, caused by a wind burst as it was a windy day today. Twilight stopped dead in her tracks and used her magic to pull the newspaper from her face as she heard the spirit laugh at her. She ignored him and glanced down at the paper. The paper just happened to be the listings page, more specifically, apartments. Twilight glanced at the paper again and saw that one of the apartments wasn't too far away from where they were standing.

The two walked to the apartment building where the available apartment was and went directly through the front door, where a pony was busy typing away something on her computer.

"If you're here about the apartment, just go to Sales behind me." the pony said without even looking up from her computer.

The two didn't even bothering responding to the busy pony and went to a desk behind her where another stallion was typing something as well, but seemed more friendly than the mare. Twilight had barely even approached the desk when Sales came to life.

"Here about the vacant apartment?" he asked excitedly.

"Umm...we are." Twilight smiled.

"Excellent! If you like it, you can move in as soon as you'd like! Here, I'll go and show you the apartment!" he smiled.

Without even asking them their names or anything, Sales jumped up and grabbed a pair of keys from inside his desk. "Right this way, sir and madam!" He walked from behind his desk to another door that lead up to the apartments.

Twilight and Discord followed Sales right out the door and up towards the second floor to where the vacant apartment was. He quickly unlocked the door and eagerly invited the couple in.

"This is our newest available apartment! One bedroom, two bath, full kitchen, dining room, and living room. Let me show you around!" Sales said happily.

Sales instantly went behind the couple and began to literally push them through the apartment. Twilight and Discord simply looked at each other, but said nothing since they didn't have to use their own energy. The apartment itself was very nice. The walls were a simple dark red while the carpet was a toned down brown. The kitchen had pearl white cabinets, counter-tops, and brand new looking cookware.

"So...how do you both like the apartment?" Sales asked.

"I like it very much. It's really lovely and the walls give off such a calm feeling to me. I could see myself living here." Twilight smiled.

"And since I don't want to go looking at other apartments today, we'll have this one or stay where we're at." Discord smiled. "Is that ok, my dear?" he mocked.

Twilight looked at him with slight annoyance. "I do like this apartment. We'll take it." Twilight smiled.

"Excellent! Just come back to my office and we'll talk about rent, which is about 1230 bits a month." Sales said happily.

"Of course. Nothing we can't afford." Discord said with an almost evil laugh.

The two followed Sales back into his office as he instantly pulled out some paperwork from his desk. "Just fill this out and pay the down payment and that apartment is yours!"

"About that, can't we just skip the paperwork and the payment?" Discord asked.

"But this makes it offical.." Sales started when Discord started to produce hypnotic swirls in his eyes, which caused Sales' eyes to start producing the same thing. "Of course we can forget that paperwork! Just sign this paper instead and the apartment is yours, free of charge! Heck, I'll even throw in a year's worth of free rent!"

"I'm glad you could see it my way." Discord smiled as he signed the name Proper on the line. He handed over the pen over to Twilight. "Care to sign it, my dear?"

"Like I have a choice." Twilight laughed as she signed the name Surprise on the line. They had to lay low, so they might as well use different names too.

"Thank you Miss Surprise and Mister Proper! Here are your keys to your new apartment! You can start moving in right now if you'd like!" Sales smiled.

"Don't mind if we do." Discord said as he grabbed the keys and Twilight and he disappeared from Sales' view, causing him to blink in surprise.

They reappeared in the apartment that now officially belonging to them. Twilight smiled happily.

"I knew you were going to do that." Twilight laughed. "But now that the apartment is ours, we need some decorations inside of this place! It's simply too boring, as you would put it."

"You're exactly right for once, my dear! It is too boring in here." he replied as he snapped his fingers, causing magic to go off all throughout the apartment. "I think that'll be better, yes?"

The red walls that were originally there were now all sorts of different colors that began changing on their own. The floor had been turned into some sort of cloud material, but it was purple instead. The entire apartment was chaotic looking, even the newly formed furniture. They were made out of all sorts of things like candy, clouds, and just even pure magic!

"What a decorating expert you are!" Twilight said excitedly as she walked into the bedroom and found two walls lined with books. "Oh, this is just so wonderful! I can actually live here now and read to my heart's content! Oh, I feel like I want to do something for you!"

"Really now? You want to do something for me?" he asked in mock surprise.

"Yes. You did something nice for me, so I want to do something for you. That's how being in love works." Twilight smiled.

"Oh? I'm in love? I didn't realize it." Discord smirked.

"Dizzy!" Twilight yelled in annoyance. "But, what could I do for you?"

"I'm sure you can think of something."


Later that night, after seeing a few sights of the city and having a candlelit dinner (not exactly something Discord approved of, but he did it for the sake of Twilight), they both returned back to the chaotic apartment.

"Thank you for dinner tonight. It was lovely." Twilight smiled with a light blush.

"Didn't you just say this morning you wanted to do something nice for me now that I did TWO things for you today?" Discord smiled.

Twilight blushed as a rather...interesting idea came to mind. She liked him, he liked her...so why not make their relationship just a bit stronger? It was time to see if her idea would work or not...