• Published 19th Jun 2012
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Renew - lorettafox

The sequel to These Dreams and the three are being pursed by a pony from Discord's past who wants him gone forever and will stop at nothing to have it happen, even it means hurting the family if so.

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Welcome To Manehattan

In an alleyway next to a big theater in Manehattan that was only accessible through a small opening that was usually unnoticed by most ponies, a magical burst of energy flooded the alley, giving off a temporary blast of light that only lasted a few seconds. In the burst of magic, it revealed Twilight Sparkle and the spirit of chaos, Discord. They had just recently teleported there in an attempt to flee a spell that Celestia wished to put on them both.

"Next time, use less power." Discord spoke as he felt his head spinning, literally. "It was quite the spin." he joked as he stopped his spinning head.

"I'm sorry about that, but we had to get out of there before Celestia could cast that spell on us." Twilight said as she looked forward through the small opening of the alley to see very bright lights flashing about. "Are we in Manehattan?"

"Why are you asking me? I've never been there." said Discord. "Though I have heard tales about the big city."

"I'm gonna go check it out. Stay here and outta sight." Twilight warned,

"Yes, Mini Celestia." he spoke in false boredom.

Twilight shot a few daggers at him with her eyes before turning around and walking towards the small entrance that led outside the alleyway. Twilight walked out of the alley to find herself smack dab in the middle of Times Square. Theaters, restaurants, and other businesses were all around her, glowing brightly with all their neon signs. There were ponies that filled up both sides of the sidewalk, completely unaware of the purple alicorn standing there in awe. This truly was the city that never slept, it had just too much life in it. After glancing up at the city for a moment, Twilight sunk back into the entrance without anypony taking notice.

"We're most definitely in Manehattan, there is no doubt about that. At least the city is crowded so there be less of a risk of us being found." Twilight stated. "Though ponies are going to notice a dragonequus and an alicorn walking around."

"And what are you going to do if Celestia does manage to find us, my dear?" Discord asked. "Simply keep having to teleport us everywhere?"

"The princess will never find us. I know I could figure out a way, but she probably used a tracking spell to locate us and will use it again. We have to use some spell that could at least repel the magic, but I haven't read any reversal spell books lately."

"Uhh...hello? Equestria to Twilight? Have you forgotten one small little detail?" Discord spoke as if she had made a stupid remark.

"What's that?" Twilight tilted her head in confusion.

"Have you forgotten that I am more powerful than Celestia?" he taunted. "Or do I need to perform a brain check on you? I can't promise you that it won't hurt though."

"Don't you even dare try something like that on me!" Twilight yelled in annoyance. "I know you have more power than the princess, but it didn't occur to me since we're in, well I don't know, in hiding from her!"

"I know, I know. You don't want to be placed under a sleeping spell and neither do I. No chaos for that long of time? That's completely boring."

"It is, isn't it?" Twilight giggled. "Could you perform the spell to prevent us from being detected please?"

"Nag, nag, nag." he said in a mocking tone. "But fine. I'll perform the little spell for you."

With a snap of his eagle claw, a small burst of magic appeared and swirled itself around the couple before it formed all over their bodies and disappearing from view. The magic caused Twilight to open up her eyes wide for a second as it did make a 'pop' noise as it faded away.

"There. Is that better for you?" Discord asked in false boredom.

"Yes it is. Thank you. Now, how are we going to live in hiding? We can't live in this alleyway, it's disgusting! Perhaps you can think of something, oh great god of chaos."

"Perhaps we can play a little game."

"A game?" Twilight asked in confusion once again.

"A game against Celestia that is, though, she's playing it even if she likes it or not."

"And how does this game work?"

"If she finds us, she can put us under that little sleeping spell of hers." he smirked.

"Are you crazy?!" Twilight yelled.

"But, I never say we're going to play fair against her, my dear Twilight! She has to find us without her little tracking spell, plus, she has to be able tell which pair of ponies we are."

"You mean like disguising ourselves, correct?"

"Exactly, my dear. You don't think I'd let the game be that easy for her, do you?" he taunted. "I'm not called the spirit of chaos and disharmony if I played fair now, would I?"

"I guess not. Now, how are we disguising ourselves?" Twilight asked as she was answered by the sound of snapping fingers, a burst of magic blasting her. The magic faded away in the next second, but it seemed to not have affected her at all as she was still the same purple alicorn. "What did you just do?"

"I just made the game a lot more interesting is what I did."

Twilight looked up at him, puzzled. "How did you make it more challenging? You didn't change our appearances like you said would."

Discord let out an amused laugh. "Oh, Twilight Sparkle. My dear, you really need to start thinking outside the box more. I did change our appearance, but not in the way you might think."

"Then how did you...?"

Discord let out a bored sigh before snapping his fingers once more, this time conquering up a large mirror that began floating on it's own. He grabbed the alicorn as if she were simply weightless and placed her in front of the large mirror. "That's how."

Twilight gasped in surprise at what she saw in the mirror before her. No longer an alicorn stood in the mirror, but a pegasus with a bright white coat and a blond mane and tail similar to that of Pinkie's. She saw the same purple eyes staring back at her though. She quickly spun to the side and noticed a balloon cutie mark similar to Pinkie's as well, but the balloons were purple.

Twilight glanced at Discord, who now stood next to her. She turned back towards the mirror to see a unicorn who had a light black coat, a white mane and tail that seemed to be styled back, and a pair of blue eyes. She also noticed a monocle cutie mark on him.

"But how can I not see...?" Twilight said with her mouth dropped.

"Cannot see the actual change? It's simple really. Other ponies will see the disguises but we won't as our eyes are not affected by the spell, but all other ponies and reflective surfaces are."

"I-I never knew a spell like that even existed. That's amazing!" smiled Twilight. "I like this disguise! Especially yours, it's like your polar opposite. Completely refine!"

"That's the point, my dear. It'll make the game more fun if we're two ponies completely opposite of ourselves! Celestia will never be able to win!"

"That's true. This takes care of us being detected, but where are we going to live? We can't live in this alleyway! Like I said earlier, it's disgusting here!" Twilight said as she stuck out her tongue to signal her disgust. "We could get an apartment, but we'd have to wait until it's daylight...I guess a hotel for tonight is the only option."

"A hotel...that's all? Not someplace more interesting?" Discord said.

"We just came here with basically nothing at all...and I know you could conjure up some bits to pay for a hotel room for us. Until morning when we can-" Twilight spoke before being interrupted by a burst of magic appearing in front of her, scaring her. Out of the tiny magic burst, a small scroll dropped itself in front of her. "What in Equestria is this?" Twilight said as she used her magic to pick up and read the scroll.

Dear Twilight,

I hope this scroll could reach you with the spell I used. If it did, I want you to know right now this spell cannot detect your location but rather your physical being. That's how I am able to send this letter.

After you left, I broke down right then and there praying that you would be safe. Right then I remembered this spell that allowed me to write to Shining whenever he had to leave to protect Equestria without me having to know where he truly was.

With all that, I wrote this as quick as I could without crying too much and ruining this scroll. I hope you and Discord are both safe and are doing everything you can to be providing for yourselves. Don't worry about Spike. Celestia offered to let him stay in the palace as she understands why you acted the way you did and disappeared. I love you so much and please write back, please!

Love, Cadence <3

P.S. Twilly, like Cadence wrote, please write back to us to let us know you're ok. The spell is easy to perform to be able to send us a scroll. Just think about the pony you want to send it to and how much you care for them. The scroll should disappear and be on it's way to whomever it's for. Please do write back, I need to know you're ok and safe. I love you, LSBFF. -Shining Armor

"What's that scroll about?" Discord asked with interest.

"It's from Cadence and Shining Armor asking if we're ok and to write back ASAP." Twilight said. "Let's get to a hotel so I can write back to them to let them know that we're both safe."

"As you wish. But...how did the scroll find you?"

"Cadence wrote saying the spell she used doesn't track your location but rather it searches for your physical being. Basically, it can't pinpoint our location but can still find us." Twilight explained. "Please...let's get to a hotel. I can't let my brother and sister worry. I also need to send a letter to my friends as well."

"Ok, ok." Discord said as he walked forward towards the entrance of the alleyway. "Do you know a nearby hotel?"

Twilight walked forward. "I do. It's iconic and should have some open rooms. I can find it from above." Twilight said as she opened her wings and flew up a few feet. "Come on, let's go."

Both Twilight and Discord flew up out of the alleyway and into the airways above Manehattan where several other pegasi were flying around as well. Twilight led Discord to the iconic hotel she knew as she had read several books on Manehattan. After searching for a few minutes, Twilight was able to locate the hotel.

The two landed on the ground and checked into the hotel for the night. They were able to stay for free as Discord had hypnotized the pony at the front desk. They made their way up to their room and quickly got comfortable. Before they both decided to head to sleep, Twilight used some of the scrolls provided by the hotel to write back to everypony.

Dear Family & Friends,

I'm ok and safe. Discord is also with me. I cannot say where I am per se, but I will be taking care of myself. I don't know when I can return. Tell Celestia I am thankful that she is caring for Spike in my absence even though she is the reason why we fled. I will be getting an apartment in the morning as I am in a hotel as of this writing.

I will also be getting a job soon so I can support myself while I'm here. I think I'll try getting a simple job, such as waiting tables. It's easy and most ponies won't remember who I am anyways.

Please don't try looking for us as a tracking spell won't locate us. I will write to you as much as I possibly can and update you on my progress here and with Discord. Please don't worry about us too much, but please keep writing! I love you all my friends and family, and may hope get us through this tough time.

I am off to bed now. Good night, everypony.

Twilight Sparkle

P.S. Cadence, please teach this spell to Rarity so I may receive letters from my friends as well as yours and the family's.

Twilight set down the quill she had been writing with and rolled up the scroll with her magic. Following Shining Armor's instructions, she pictured him in her mind as her horn touched the scroll, causing it to turn into a trail of magic and float it's way out of the hotel and towards wherever he was.

Twilight then used her magic to switch off the lights and fall asleep next to the already sleeping spirit of chaos.