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Who gives a shot anymore my stories suck and none of them are good, not to mention I have no reason to call myself an author or writer


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Nice sweet story. Good job :pinkiehappy:

7276813 Thank you for the compliment. I got a BIG surprise stroy coming soon as a thank for everyone's support of the Erotic Equestria series (I.e Princess and I, Rarest of Gems, etc...)

Keep these stories rolling they are adorable

7278351 Thank you and don't worry I'm no where close to being finished

Loved it! I would complain about grammar mistakes, and the fact that Derpy was using swear words, but I like it WAY too much to complain! Good story! Really good story!

7344767 haha why thank you. My internet has been down for several weeks so I haven't been able to finish but I have a surprise for my followers. I have a Celestia story fluttershy story and a Applejack story currently being finished. As for the language ya it was kinds much but it's hard...and kinda difficult to right a PG-13 sex scene lol.

7348950 Also, could you please explain why almost every human on pony clopfic has french kissing? I really don't get it... it's romantic but also weird. I mean, I wouldn't mind getting french kissed by Derpy but it would be nice if people would give a description of what their tongues feel like. Are they soft, do they feel like sandpaper?

7354847 I actually never thought of that. Thank you for that insight that is a good idea and I'll be sure to include that in future stories and as for the French kissing thing I include it because yes it is very romantic but it also has this sensual at wild sense of adventure that I feel that most of the ponies if given the chance would experience. Now granted with the shape of there muzzles French kissing would be difficult however I like the Romantic yet sexy element it adds to the story. Cause as I show in my romantic stories I don't stick to just one form of sex. The characters often explore different ways and that's gonna change due to research I've done reading other stories. Again thank you for the advice. :twilightsmile:

7354873 You're welcome! Thank you for explaining that. I had wanted to ask that question sooner, but I forgot!

7355018 aye feel free to ask anything. I don't bite :twilightsmile:

7355029 I think it would be funny if a human in equestria clop-fic had the human asking questions similar to Fred Fred Burgers questions to the Judge in "Keeper of The Reaper."
Um, Twilight, yes where are all the nachos?
Okay, where are all the Hot dogs?
I like tacos!

7355050 So basically Sonata lol

7355054 In anonymous human male form. Lol!
Also I think Lyra wants to be keeper of the human.

7355061 "Keeper of the Human".


This contains the girl still sucking you, even after orgasm, to make sure that you're dry... Derpy......

7435770 bro this made me laugh. At the time of writing this I'm binge watching JonTron.

Alright, I forgot to do this:

So, you get sucked into your phone and end up in Equestria... So it's gonna be one o' those, eh?... You end up in Equestra broken and beaten, and dragged in by Derpy. I was wrong, I can read this! After 6 months, you fall in love and get f*cked like a Romanian village attacked by the Huns. If these two are responsible for Dinky, then I'll give it 15/10. Until then:

7441554 get fucked like a Romanian village getting attacked by Huns XD I'm fucking dying from laughter. Thank you for the kind words, and I may do a sequal with Dinky as the the result.

Starts off well and has really good dialog. The relationship with Derpy starts out way too fast though, and good lord this needs proper editing.

ya thankfully I downloaded GrammarProof for Goggle Docs and upon scanning my current story it hasn't found any issues, thought it does my say my story has 39% readability and at least 17 years of education to understand it but Ignore those because they are useless.

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