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When Scootaloo has a close call in the forest, an unexpected hero comes to rescue her, proving that not all heroes rely on magic, strength, or courage to save the day.

Image comes from Matty4z's web comic. Sorry I Couldn't Be There For You

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Comments ( 12 )

Hey! Is it alright if I could narrate and voice act this story? ^-^

Computing...liking...adding to favorites..... done! :moustache: :pinkiehappy: :yay:

7279004 Much appreciated. :twilightsmile:

"an expected hero" you mean unexpected or...

Short, but heartwarming. :scootangel:

7281214 Thanks. I was going for that. :ajsmug:

D'AAWWWWWWW!!!! :heart::fluttercry::heart::rainbowkiss::fluttercry::fluttercry:

7664054 Glad you liked it.

I did indeed, I love these kinds of stories. :twilightsmile:

I always liked the idea of Scootaloo bonding with Fluttershy. It's Fluttershy's maternal nature that lends to her being a mother figure for her.

This story was really good. You did a good job showing the urgency as Fluttershy flew to help Scootaloo, even though she didn't know it was her at the time, and how she could be compassionate as well as stern enough to do what was needed.

Their moment in the hospital made me smile. It's a moment that I can see happening. Scootaloo getting reckless, and Fluttershy patching her up while giving her a scolding, though gentle it may be.

Favorited and added to my library.

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