• Published 4th Jun 2016
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Morel Lunatics - tailsopony

So I had this weird thing happen. It starts with this horse alien thing that called itself Luna, and then, well, just read it.

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Why must everyone write Luna as a hedonist

I dunno. I had a lot of options with it. The other things lead to darker paths, and it sort of feels like it fits with the fan idea of "Gamer Luna". The show ponies don't have any sort of sexuality to speak of, so we can make up what they might like. Luna might be a better romantic honestly, but in the context of this story, I wrote her like this.

It's also hard to internalize a character that's lived a very long time, and places a special importance on sex. Hedonistic Luna/Celestia is honestly easier to write. I thought I made her a pretty likeable conscientious hedonist. Would it have been better if I'd never specifically had the narrator mention that part? If the story was otherwise the same, but that comment/thought disappeared? In the context of the story it's a simple observation, and I'll happily remove it if you think it would improve the last bit.

7274852 Naa the writing is alright I'm just more a romance real love type of person others will probably like it

Thanks! I appreciate the clarification.

It's been up for over twelve hours and the very first comment is a complaint that I can't even tell is about my story. I just assumed I fucked up big time some how. lol. This wasn't exactly a two day project, and seeing it flounder with a 30% disapproval with zero comments is disheartening.

I was hoping that since it wasn't nearly as twisted as my other stuff that it might do slightly better. I'm not looking for the feature box, I'm just hoping people enjoy my stuff, you know?

All I can imagine is myself furiously venting on my doodlepad now, and I can't stop laughing. WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO ME?

7274884 I understand I just like Luna as romantic. but fear not others that are not me will come so you can stop venting on your doodlepad :rainbowlaugh:

7274811 an easy explanation would be "imprisoned for a thousand years."

7274965 Ofc but there are other things to turn into


"Morel" Lunatics? Is that a typo?

Third person to ask me that. lol. Nope.

Morel Vs. Moral.
Moral: concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior
Morel: (French) Horse colors: Shiney Black.

The word choice was very intentional, I assure you. Plus the dude is from Monaco and lives in Quebec. He speaks french.

7274811 Why do some people question why authors write stuff as if authors are obligated to tailor their writing to those persons preferences and theirs alone?

7277102 I only asked a question never told him to change anything

I love this story, specifically how the sex is brought into it at first.

You are one of my favorite authors.

I think the reason why you have not gotten so much recognition, is because you normally make more hardcore stoff.
and some people will downvote for that reason alone, while you hardcore fans maybe dont find it hardcore?

*sees new story*
*sees author*
Leaving a like and fave now. Should be a good read considering your past stories. :moustache:

Just finished chapter 1 and 2. It's not quite what i expected at first but it's definitely worth the fave.

Please make a sequel of some sort this has potential to be a very good epic

Not currently planning a sequal for this. Bonus content is an option though. That being said, I'm currently writing one of my more regular nightmarish stories right now. Thanks for the comments! Glad you liked it.

Yeah, this one is weird for me. It feels very juvenile in a sense (all of the fan fiction tropes!) But was still fun to write. If you like my regular stuff, you might not like this. Thanks for the comments!

Thanks for the vote of confidence! A lot of my stories get a ton of downvotes right away, like way before people could even read them. I figure it's likely either people that have a bead out for me, or other authors who post at the same time and don't want the competition. I tend to post at popular times for some reason. Lol. What in particular do you like about the sex? I don't feel like these are my best sex scenes at all, personally. Thanks for the thought!

Lol. Thanks. I appreciate the comment.


I really like where he just lying down and looking at her sex.
it is vary rare that such passive sex is a part of a porn.

and ware he starts going naked and finds pleasure in it.
a lot of the things he think are nice.

but the final sex scene is not so much my cup of tee but I like their discussion before it.

7300259 7300312 7300338 7300351 7300442 7300466 7302123

I was gonna say a whole bunch of stuff. But instead have a shorter version and thanks for the comments!

Please don't do "first"s. I promise you, every author on this site reads every comment on their stories with anticipation. So when they see "7 comments on your story!" they get pretty excited by it. But then it's just a string of "first"s and it's really disheartening.

Additionally, your "first"s show up as comments 21-28, so I don't even know why they would constitute firsts. Is this the "First" reply you get? Should I have responded separately to each comment? I just don't know what went wrong...

Thanks! I really thought I messed up the earlier sex scene and the later one I didn't have any issues with. It's interesting to me that you like them the other way. I appreciate the feedback tons!


I just read this story in one go and I have to say that it was one of the best reads I had on this site in years!

At first I thought the general plot was kinda stupid, and I still think it is. Mostly because, after reading fan fiction on a daily basis for four years now most of the stuff I read nowadays is some kind of rehash of something. Luna finds a troubled human, they both connect through their troubled past etc etc etc. Nothing new, nothing to be excited about.

But the way you wrote it, like how Luna and Ethan interact with each other especially in the later chapters was IMO outstanding. I can honestly say that I've never read something that was so perverted and at times twisted, yet incredibly erotic at the same time. I think I finally found out what a confused boner feels like *laughs*

Thanks for writing this story, I'll check out your other stuff but since this story is as "dark" as I feel comfortable with I will probably not like the rest of your stuff if this is, as you said, not as twisted as the rest of your stories =/

7274811 I may have a big vocabulary but, what's a hedonist?

7413020 Someone who only follows their own desires and pleasures. No matter who they may hurt or crush along the way

Dictionary definition:
Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the primary or most important intrinsic good. A hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain).

lol. Funny you should mention that...

I liked it. I think extra chapters with her working his stamina and then some sort of departure would be good. A bittersweet one perhaps?

I do hope this gain's a sequel where he eventually does live in Equestria would be a nice Slice Of Life story where he has shennanigan's in the Castle.

Well I just finished this awesome story. :twilightsmile: I liked the ending, leaves me really wanting more! So I have to ask, IS a sequel planned? Would be interesting to see the MC go to equestria and try to fit in or not :pinkiecrazy:

Is there going to be a sequel?

Not entirely sure why I read this, since I don't care for smut so much, but it is 4am so whatevs. Regardless, this is interesting and decently written.

That said, while it might be an unpopular opinion, I definitely believe Luna made the wrong call in indulging Ethan's desires. He's down. He's vulnerable. And while he thinks he wants it, it is taking advantage of him to some extent. She's basically making him a little happier - through pleasure - when I feel she could probably have tried to better assist him in other ways. As this ends, he's reliant on her, and I can easily see him spiral back down should she leave. As such, I can't really see it as being a happy ending. Not without wrapping up how things end between the duo.

Also, I do kinda hope that any potential sequel/continuation gives him a better earthly life, as opposed to bringing him to Equestria.

That's just my take.

They had lotsa discussion, but what was the action? The ending is not great for him. She wants to push him out onto the world, but her social skills are terrible as well. They ain't doomed, but this is certainly not all roses. Thanks for noticing!

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