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This story is a sequel to The Girls

Life for "Egghead" and his group of friends a few years after the events of “The Girls” have became peaceful now that the portal has been restored and the Main 6 can transverse each other's world at will. Off to college and the girls back in Equestria in the meantime, “Egghead” and friends can return to the monotony of studying, football, and trying to not rip their hair out in getting an education like the rest of their 'normal' peers.

That all ended one day, when Rainbow Dash unexpectedly comes back with an issue back in Equestria and would need their help...

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another human story huh?
idk about this tho

Ah. This story again. Congratulations on breaking the mold with such an innovative premise.

Thanks <3

7266805 You're welcome. I've been a member here for a few years and I've never seen a fic with this generic plot. None at all. Zero.


Yea! I mean in a day in age when people are being pressured to write to some unwritten fanfic rules, it feels liberating to express ones self even if it might not be liked: writing for fun, not fame :^)

7266833 I can see that. Never mind this site being known for it's standards when it comes to writing (compared to Deviantart and fanfiction.net).

Yay! Its back! :pinkiehappy:

I can agree with the two of you, which is why I "may" never write a fimfic on this site, yet I wrote a pokemon fic but got writers block and was hooked to xbox 360 at the time ( and now I'm hooked on smash bros (both 3ds and Wii U ver.), splatoon, and Black Ops II (again don't ask) on Wii U, somewhat with GTA V and Halo 5 on Xbox One, and Garry's Mod and Unturned (mainly with my own servers) on Steam (PC)) now Ii've graduated for computer with CompTIA A+ and Network+ and Cisco CCENT (with Honors Society from college AND as the first special needs student to pass the class with a 20% passing rate) all I do now is find good fanfics on either fanfiction.net or here.. well that or listen to themes on youtube, and/or watch videos from youtubers like ScrewAttack or 8-bitgaming... I might do a fanfic or two again, I mean I have dreams and visions of stuff, and I can remember almost all of them. so maybe a story like "the girls" could work, still can't decide if I should do anthro again or human, hmm you guys got any suggestions?
PS: I just finish reading "The Girls" Chelis, you made me tear a little at the point of the mirror being smashed. sadful sections and/or ending, hate them, but love them cause something good happens at the end and makes me either cry or tear up.


Ive always have said "do what you feel like doing and fuck what anyone else thinks". Of, course you will get people criticizing and taking themselves and Fimfic very seriously, but all that matters in the end is if YOU are happy with it, not what anyone else thinks. If it catches on and become popular then that's a plus. Writing for fun, not fame or to anyone else's standards is always the most satisfying path.

It has been months without Rainbow Dash and cute college girls want my bone. It has been murder.

seems like he has girl trouble In a good way, I could see Dash come visiting him and all the girls trying to get him. the thing dash would do is out of my imagination, and hope none of the girls are pegasisters and the guys are bronies. heh I wish I was him but without dash (sad that Dashie, AJ, and twily my top 3 Waifu in order :applejackunsure: ). also is this going to lead to Faust to visit him or talk to him in some way? cause i had this weird dream or vision of someone writing a chapter where she is actually the child of the kid from the old mlp show in the 90s ( the one with that demon goat), and that demon goat thing is coming back. although my mind can go a lil too far after looking up wiki's and info of old shows, as they say "expect the unexpected", hey maybe the next season of if season 6 is not done may have him back....there i go again rambling, I'm just tired right now. i made this comment last night and didn't post it correctly( button didn't click. so i should of been the first comment for this Chapter... i think? ... yeah, anyway keep up the good work , i'll be waiting for the next chapter. :ajsmug:

Aww... I was expecting an abomination pregnancy to be honest

man one thing for sure if i was in the canadian military id shove a hockey stick up their ass before i gave them a twelve gauge shot to their nads then laugh as they bleed out crying for their mommies...yeah im being a bit dark but honestly ive heard that from someone on this site who may be in the canadian miltary that kidnapping a kid is a sure fire way to piss them off

To I swear to god you better keep writing or I'm gonna die from this massive cliff hanger

Im on it, just need to keep drinking more booze

Same I only write either as an assignment for school or when I feel like it

And it all ended August, in Baltimore, when the girls decided to give their 'fans' a second chance, and what better way to do it then at the largest convention celebrating them and their adventures.

Awwww man, you telling me i missed them in my own backyard?! Lame :trixieshiftleft:

And oh boy, i wonder what it'd be like for then to meet their VA's:rainbowlaugh:
I can only imagine their reactions to Dash+AJ being the same person, or FS+Pinkie, ooooor Rarity being a delightfully silly older lady XD

You know, looking back at the first story and her firey rage she reminds me of Yang from RWBY in terms of personality.

Side note: I wish my college years were full of time shower sex...

Finally caught up! Of course the crusaders were the ones missing. :facehoof:
Also, someone is about to CIRD :rainbowwild:


Jokes aside, really enjoying the story :twilightsmile:

Hmmm... 3 years. What's the status of the story?

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