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With the issues regarding Fluttershy's brother now done and dusted, a realisation soon comes to her friends. After all, this is not the only time that one of their number has suddenly brought up a sibling that some of them never knew existed.

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:rainbowlaugh:Haha! Oh my stomach hurts!

I was wishing Pinkie would suggest that some higher being (writers, ahem) was causing their siblings to pop into existence and implanting altered memories into their minds about talking about such siblings. :pinkiehappy:

That was fun though.

7276538 Why does this make sense?

7276512 Oh, yeah? Well, my brain hurts. :applejackconfused:

7276538 That being the case their whole world might be re-created in half-hour chunks every so often!


Truth of the Matter IS, I kinda sort of made Maud and SA's total absence of being mentioned a PLOT POINT for both of them!

But I'm STUCK on how to reconcile the fact that Fluttershy's brother came out of nowhere and the writers had a season and a half to so much as put in a family photo on Fluttershy's wall (Maud Pie at least got THAT).



Would you like to read a story based on that very premise?

And I honestly wonder if we'll have any other close relatives of the mane six popped into existence before the series ends.

BenRG #9 · Jun 5th, 2016 · · ·

In universe, I wonder if the girls are at the mercy of their instincts. Young stallions leave the herd to set up family groups of their own whilst mares typically remain in their maternal herd. It would be common, until ponies developed a more settled, agrarian society, that you'd never see your brother again after he set off so mares just dealt with this by developing a 'memory hole' about them to avoid psychological stress.

7276838 Sure! That would be interesting!

You know, when Flurry Heart (that's Shining and Cadence's foal's name, right?) is revealed to have a hitherto-unmentioned sibling as well, at least we can say Chrysalis didn't have much reason to make that knowledge public. At least not until the infiltration scheme inevitably fails.

Don't forget invisible parents, too.

A good piece to voice out about the unexpected plot line on forgotten family members...

Seriously, it's creative to notice the problem, but that's just how entertainment shows run, you can't expect a character to spoil everything in the beginning.

Still find it interesting to give ponies '5 o'clock shadows'.

At least Rainbow Dash had prior knowledge of him...and a logical reason to have such.

Tense, unexpected, and interesting. Everything a short story should be. Good job.

This is my explanation.

Honestly, this time around there kind of is a legitimate reason for Fluttershy to have not really mentioned him before now: she can't stand him.

And a lot of people have brought up her dealings with Discord and saying that that means she really shouldn't have problems with her brother, but the thing is, family members you don't get along with are often the most difficult people to deal with.

That said, this was hilarious, though I'm surprised you didn't use the actual writer names in the final scene.

As I've read into your series I can see why, but can you just say she does not have a brother in your current series?


This is too true

But zephyr is a terribly undeveloped character that only existed for the sake of a quick joke. I refuse to believe anyone can be that hipster to the point of not even lighting a fire

7277560 Why alien parasites? We have changelings...

I can understand Fluttershy never talking about her brother. He's like a walking breathing Tantabus

Man, this is just funny and so completely meta!:rainbowlaugh:

I just want to quietly point out here that a new character who is related with another character doesn't have to be mentioned in an earlier episode to justify the introduction, as the ponies we know and love can't always be expected to talk about their siblings.
Or the other way around, that the introduction of such a character shouldn't be relinquished because there was just no mentioning of this character in an episode before.

Just leaving that here to quench the Sudden Brother Syndrome in the bud before it spreads again like it did after the Season 2 Finale.

"Fascinating. It's as if we're in some situation where, until they become directly involved with our entire group, our siblings just become a blank spot in our minds."


(Because Sweetie Belle wasn't acknowledged as Rarity's sister until Stare Master, and don't even get me started on Scootaloo...)

So, like, is it a crime for people to not know literally everything about their friends' private lives? Is everyone in this fandom apart from me the kind of person who tells everyone about their family members and their defining traits and acts like they've been betrayed when they discover that their friend made the unforgivable mistake of never mentioning their estranged uncle?

Seriously, people. Common sense suggests that you all know people who have siblings they just so happen to have not brought up. Large parts of your social circles on this very website most likely don't include mandatory genealogy trees, and if they do, that's weird and you're probably about to be assassinated.

Also, show me one shred of evidence that Twilight and Spike didn't already know about Zephyr? They don't seem in the slightest bit confused or shocked by his existence when they interact with him, and we have no reason to believe they haven't occasionally sat down and chatted with Fluttershy about her family. Especially considering that Fluttershy was a barely functioning waif before Twilight showed up, it's incredibly unlikely that Fluttershy was already friends with the rest of the Mane Six and had told them her life story long before Twilight showed up.

7277941 Any time anyone asks me about my brother, I sit down, plant my feet, and sort of shout, "SO, YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT MY ASSHOLE OLDER BROTHER?! WELL LET ME TELL YOU!"

Headcanon accepted

7277870 Oh yes, its perfectly reasonable to assume someone will not mention their sibling even once for YEARS to their closest friends.
Perfectly reasonable... :derpytongue2:
...SO STOP POKING HOLES IN THE PLOT! :flutterrage::rainbowlaugh:

Awesome story, loved it.

7277356 It was worse than that... Not only did Zephyr have face fur markings resembling beard stubble, he actually grew stubble while wandering in the woods, and shaved it off again later--without altering the face fur pattern.

Y'know what I was pondering, though? Whether Fluttershy's "stare" would work on him.


It's more than three years that Twilight came to Ponyville. Let's be generous and say every episode of the show so far counts for two days that passed in Equestria, while assuming that Equus has also 365 days per year.
This means we have seen 128 days of their lives up until this episode, out of ~1,200! And even from that we have to subtract, because in neither of these episodes did we see the whole day.
This leaves very little to no chance to having them heard speaking about their respective brothers before their introduction.
With how little we see of their lives in comparison to the total time that passes in Equestria, it's really mindboggling that some even see this as issue. :applejackconfused:
Sorry, but I rather poke holes into this fic, than just sitting and watching how someone else pokes holes into an episode of the show.

After all, this is not the only time that one of their number has suddenly brought up a sibling that some of them never knew existed.

Zephyr only unknown to us - viewers. Main Six obviously know about him. Or at least Applejack and Pinkie Pie know him or about him.

>Implying things not relevant to the show before they actually become relevant can't happen offscreen.

Well...that was...something. I didn't get that part at the end though.

7278165 This is a cartoon. Offscreen doesn't exist, unless implied. For all intents and purposes, prior to the latest episode, Fluttershy simply did not have a brother or parents. If the authors hadn't thought it up yet, it didn't happen.

7276852 All romatic relationships in canon are marriages. We have to reason to assume that such a thing as a herd exists.

...you know that Fluttershy's friends DID know about him, right? It's only us that didn't, not them.

It being a cartoon doesn't mean that it doesn't have a coherent timeline and series of events; this isn't The Simpsons.

Friendship is Magic is an interesting case, actually. It definitely has more continuity than Simpsons or Family Guy, but it also has much less continuity than, say, Avatar: The Last Airbender. In FiM, a consistent world is heavily implied, but it still leaves much room for the viewers to fill in the blanks. I think that's one reason for why it's so successful.

did people forget the fact that not only RD was familiar with Zephyr but AJ and Pinkie Pie KNEW ABOUT HIM ALREADY? They were like "oh him again?" When Fluttershy mentioned about Zephyr to AJ and Pinkie...
this makes ZERO sense.

7278499 Case in point...

Episode 'Boy Scoutz N the Hood' from 1993. I remember it well.


7278358 Scoots is still an orphan.

Scootabuse confirmed. :trollestia:

7278495 Actually, for 5 1/2 seasons before this episode, no they didn't.

That's the point of this story. Family members who should have at least come up in casual conversation just randomly appear now and then.

At least in Pinkie's case we saw that she had a family and sisters. She never spoke of them individually, so Maud wasn't totally out of the blue... what was, however, was the IMPORTANCE Pinkie placed upon her. In good character writing, family members and other important relations are listed in a biography of the character and effort is made to include those that are 'important' as early as possible, especially in a show with a maintained continuity.

This is far less important on a show with a focus on satire, parody, and farce, such as "The Simpsons" and "South Park".

Or "My parents are actually dead."?

My friends for years at university likely have no idea that I have a sibling, and I have no idea if they have siblings, simply because the topic of siblings hasn't come up, and casual conversation never goes there. Different groups of friends bring up different things in casual conversation, so saying that it "would have been mentioned" is false.

That's not even counting the fact that it's only us, the viewers, that didn't know who Fluttershy's brother was. That's not surprising, either, considering we've only seen about about 50 hours total of their lives out of the last two years they've been the main characters, and most of those 50 hours were in situations not conducive to casual conversation. The majority of the non-world-ending/life changing events of their lives happen off screen, including ones that the viewers have no idea about at the time (such as the fact that Twilight and Shining met several times during season one and two).

7278768 I'm talking about WRITING, not real life.

Important family members coming out of the blue is not something well-written shows with pre-planned continuity will do. Often enough in sitcoms, random new family members showing up is one of the death throes of the series.

Psssssssst. I liked this.

At least Maud's existence was foreshadowed in "Pinkie's Pride." The writers should have done the same with Shining Armor and Man-bun. And in Fluttershy's defense, I totally understand why she would never mention her brother.

It might be a possible sign of bad writing, but that doesn't make it actual bad writing unless it actually contradicts previous events, either directly or indirectly. Nothing previously stated or shown in the show ever established or even implied much of anything about her family situation in either direction, and stuff unimportant to episodes' current plotlines happening offscreen isn't bad writing, either.

I'm sure the writers didn't have him in mind when they created Fluttershy, but the show not being pre-planned in the long run isn't bad writing either if they're careful to make the successive events within congruous with everything important beforehand, which they have.

I can actually relate to Bart in that clip. I saw Bartok the magnificent with a neighbor, they were only two years younger and couldn't understand why they were laughing. That movie was awful in my opinion. Then again, I thought 'Surviving Christmas' was flipping hilarious and assumed 'Christmas with the Kranks' would be the biggest box office bomb in the same year. It definitely had my vote for worst Christmas movie ever.

Still, siblings popping up out of the ether seems credible under two conditions 1)everyone of the characters is a narcissist 2)they are part of several blended families. . . although in the later situation people are more apt to believe the person is delusional, or or whatever the catchall Munchhausen term is for pathologically lying. This is especially true if they're looking for liars to blackmail emotionally or otherwise. For instance, I was raised an only child, but I am the youngest of seven or eight children. I am also the third son for both my parents, but I have four older brothers.

I cannot tell you officially how many siblings I have without taking a moment to count. I only lived with one of my siblings long enough to know her personality well, and that it doesn't really change. Which is both ironic and sad because she doesn't know me at all. My mother was my father's fifth wife, and it was my mother's second marriage. My father could have been married and divorced five or six times in the years since I last saw him. Personality wise he's very much like a ferengi.

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