• Published 30th May 2016
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Behind Red Eyes - Ice Star

[Poetry] The King is going to talk and Sombra is thinking once again. One is happy, one is suffering. Neither of them exist to the world around them.

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Perhaps they are the hue of blood... like rubies and other lifeless things.

My name isn't Sombra. I'm the king of the Crystal Empire and have been so since I was fifteen. I'm okay at stealing things, which is part of how I got here.

My name isn't Sombra, nopony is named Sombra.

I rule everypony in this place, it was awful before I left. I don't have a name and I'm thirteen years old. I lie a lot. I like money and power but more than anything else I like to hurt ponies. I like to hurt other animals that aren't ponies too. There's magic in my head and I'm probably smart because I'm a king.

I laugh a lot too since I can't think of much else, I mean why think about things when you can do them? I am the image I created and they call this image a tyrant. Nopony remembers my name or knows who I am. Everypony knows who I am.

This is my revenge that I've wanted ever since I was born or a foal, I don't really care anymore. I am made of lies and bloodshed with magic inside my head. It told me things that I wanted to hear, so it must be good. Since I got what I wanted I know for sure, after all what else would a colt like me want?


I don't have any friends and never will, but I have a weapon which is better. I don't like to read or ask questions since they don't do anything. I'm glad that nopony likes me because it's funnier when I hurt them. I like to conquer everything, I want everything. I'm always happy because I'm the king but also because I have money and other things that make me happy.

My name isn't Sombra because there is no Sombra.

I don't have to go anywhere anymore and neither does everypony else. Everypony stays here, where the sky is red in the daytime. It must be because of me. I'm terrifying, there is nothing that isn't afraid of me and the magic that I have, it does what nopony else would believe. Nopony can find me, no matter how hard they try it won't work because I don't exist.

My name isn't Sombra, I'm thirteen years old and I lie a lot.

Everypony who knew me is dead now and it's all my fault. I couldn't be happier. Names aren't important. I hear things. I don't need to focus on things normal ponies do because I don't think normal ponies laugh at red.

My name could be anything but it sure isn't Sombra.

My eyes used to be brown, I think. I read a book and they changed color. I think I know everything because I'm pretty sure that book knew everything. My eyes were never red when I still looked like me. I'm very happy and like ponies a whole lot. I don't care if I don't know anything because I'm the king and I can do everything. This is everything I could have asked for. I'm not better than anypony because that doesn't matter, I don't even care about what I want since I just do or say whatever comes into my head most of the time. I rule an empire and my eyes aren't red. I hurt everypony. I talk a lot even though there is nopony to talk to, so I don't talk to them. I talk all the time and sometimes I don't.

My name doesn't matter and I don't sleep at night.

I don't care about anypony or any creature, really. I don't ask many questions anymore. I rarely plan anything because it gets in the way of what I'm doing and who ever got anywhere by making really long plans with too many steps anyway. Nopony helps anypony and neither do plans, so I only made, like, two and now I'm here all by myself. Nopony helped me. I don't want to go anywhere or see anything. I'm not afraid of anything or anypony, it's just that nothing is interesting or worth thinking about.

I always want to be happy all the time and names don't make you happy or important so they are useless and stupid and who needs them anyway so I took one that wasn't mine because names don't matter at all.

Whoever says names matter is wrong. Names are just funny sounds that don't do anything and sound stupid. You can change the name of anything and it won't matter because it doesn't matter what your name is or anything about your head and thoughts because to me that's all stupid and I'm the king so if it's stupid to me it is stupid because I said so. All that matters is that I kill ponies and I like it a whole lot. That's it. I'm the king and I live in a castle and I'm always okay.

I don't have a name. It isn't Sombra, and my eyes were not red.

Sombra is just something I call myself, I can't say it's really me, if anything at all is since names don't do that, you can't make yourself with a name. You can't make anything. I call myself Sombra because I needed something new. I needed something wrong and I wanted it to hurt somepony. I wanted it to lie. I am the king.

I am the King of the Crystal Empire, I am thirteen years old and have ruled since I was fifteen. Names are nothing, I want money, power, and blood at the expense of the innocent. I read a book and there is magic in my head.

My eyes were not red and my name is not Sombra.

Author's Note:

Playing around with repetition and using an even more limited vocabulary for the most narrow minded character I write. The text effects are much more relevant in the second part, where the narration style is a bit different. Just like this one there isn't any described setting, only a peek into the mind of a character.