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Its the sort of thing a young drake dreams of. A charity gala with a silent auction for a date with Rarity. Spike has been looking forwards to this for months. What could go wrong?

As it turns out, both everything and nothing.

Best tag would have been "Bittersweet"

The idea for the auction sprung from recently thinking about "Every Little Bit" by The Descendant. It's unrelated, but its a good story you should read anyway!

Chapters (3)
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Every Little Bit is one of my favorite stories (it was in my top five for a long time until I needed to make room), I really like what you did with the concept, especially the ending. (Adorable!)

My only complaint, is in the middle where Spike decides to help Bulk bid on Fluttershy everything happens a little too fast. Celestia and Rarity realize what he did instantly? The whole fic being a thousand words or so longer I think would make it stronger. Also no one wants to bid on Fluttershy?! What's wrong with them!

But that's a pretty minor complaint. Great story!

PS. Nice pride and prejudice reference.

:duck: Oh the winning date? Donuts at Pony Joes. . .He was such a as we say 'A snobbish bore' :twilightoops: same as mine!
:pinkiegasp: Doomie!
:rainbowhuh: A changling? Wut!?!:pinkiehappy:
:trollestia: Donut Joes doesn't have cake.....
:moustache: dude cool story...
:flutterrage: Get back here ! YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE ME! If it's ok with youIf you don't mind
:applejackconfused: Fluttershy what are you doing? Oh my stars! It's always the quiet ones.

7257232 thanks. I didn't want to make the middle too long, and given the short timeframe i couldn't think of anything that could "happen" too help push the realisation more naturally. But maybe a few more lines from Celestia first would have helped pace it

7257525 Because Discord actually has no Equestrian bits and I didn't think of that. :facehoof:

7257682 Thanks, I think :unsuresweetie:

Hate to say it but even Spike know he must move on.

In non-adventurous reasons, when was the last time Celestia spend any quality time with her adopted son?

On that previous chapter, "mother-cum-sister"?

7258427 unfortunate how the Latin preposition has been usurped but that doesn't mean I won't use it when it's apt.

That is really romantic!

Spike, I salute you, you magnificent drake!:moustache:

It's because of stories like these I believe in the sparity ship, they just complement each other so well.
Thank you for writing this story, it was lovely.:twilightsmile:

I'm happy for reading this. Good job. Although some words are missing or and mistaken for other. Keep up the good work!

Rarity knew. Spike knew Rarity knew. Everypony in Ponyville knew that everypony knew, but that didn't matter.

Probably the best execution I've seen for these star-crossed lovers. It's sad really...

You know it frightens me how many Spike stories I overlook because of a lack of romance tag, yet romantic undertones still might exist within them. This was a really nice and unique read, and I'm very glad I gave it a chance

7350605 I was quiet proud of that line, especially as canonically that's where they are. Everyone knows, including each other, but it just good unsaid :fluttercry:

Aside from Fluttershy not ending up with Discord, this was a very sweet story and I like how mature Spike is thru the whole thing.

When saw the title it reminded me of this

I wanted to see Discord jealously bid an outrageous amount on Fluttershy. To "keep those other jerks away" of course. Not that he REALLY loves her, nope, not at all. XD

Yes, I am a huge Fluttercord shipper.

So am i, but plot devices :fluttercry:

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