• Published 8th Jun 2016
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A Wolf Among Caribou - Wolf Blood

I am a corpse without memories and about to fight against a bunch of Caribou who will rape any mare in sight this will be fun.

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I've forgotten about this story I'll half to reRead the first story then this one and catch up on everything actually

Okay I understand what's happening but remember she was a locked away for a long time and when he freed her she was in heat and that made her crazy

Have you ever thought of doing the Avengers endgame what the time travel for ash when he goes back save his kingdom it will be like he saved it but they had to go in hiding until the right time to come out

I have but an official decision will come later.

The song made me cry, but damn your story keeps me enticed and wanting more

I think the story should just go ahead and be wrapped up it's just taking too long

the story might be moving along slowly at the moment, but i happen to love your work, and eagerly devour each chapter. just work at your own pace, dont try to rush.

I wonder what would happen if the TVA (Time Variant Association) encountered Ash?

If Twilight can be turned into a an alicorn and there'll be a reverse course magic has to go somewhere of course magic has to go somewhere and you could use a very fine Crystal with magical runes attached to it to absorb that power making a very powerful artifact and return and at that stage you could remove all power of an Alicorn from that person making them a normal Pony and at that stage since this person can't use any magic you can always throw them in the human world and force them to work at a crap job or community service forever I know there's a lot of work in this but we do not know what would happen if something that powerful dies Goes to Hell makes a deal and becomes very very powerful.

Also be interesting to see if you can create an artifact with using God powers that could let's say stab a soul that could stab not only your Multiverse it stabs everyone's Multiverse so that one person gets removed completely.

Just finished the first, now onto this one. Dis gon be guud hehe

"Button...is dead." Cream Heart said as her eyes filled with tears which also struck a chord with me too. "He was trying to cover my escape but the caribou..."

Ah fuck......... in all my years reading fics, never have I seen someone kill off Button....... this hurts in a bad way man....

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