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Meet Jeremy; a high school senior about to graduate. A young man with the world as his oyster. A young man with nearly infinite possibilities in his hands. A young man with a future full of success ahead of him, just waiting for him to take hold of it.

Enter Twilight Sparkle; Loyal student, and arguably an overzealous scientist, of Princess Celestia. Once a young protege now a successful scientist and a princess herself. An all around good friend to every pony she meets. A mare with all a pony like her could want like a foal in a candy store, all she would have to do was ask.

To her friends, she was the best friend anypony could ask for.

But behind closed doors, she had an insatiable urge. An urge to discover and study anything from a scientific standpoint. It was an innocent passion, after all, she had nearly a whole world outside of Equestria to discover and document. And more importantly, but not well known to learn the anatomy of every new creature she came by. -but whether or not her actions behind closed doors regarding anatomy study were moral or not did not matter to her, it was all in the name of science!

But that excitement soon turned to boredom when she found out all there was to know about the different cultures and beings the lived beyond Equestria’s borders; Zebras, dragons, gryphons the slightly taller ponies in Saddle Arabia, she even rediscovered the ancient sea pony race. Elusive creatures thought to be long extinct. It all became mundane for Twilight.

Then one day, she decided, if there’s nothing else for her to know on this planet, what about others? Ever since she came back from the ‘mirror world’. But thanks to some weird thing those ‘humans’ call ‘the internet’. It meant she wasn’t, and wouldn’t, be the first to make scientific discoveries.

But, if the mirror yields no promise, what about magic? Twilight knew there was a spell that essentially summons a random being from a different world. It was more a familiar spell, but a few little tweaks and she’s got a summoning spell.

Now with the wonderful possibilities of learning about beings completely unknown to Equestrian kind. How far will Twilight go in the name of science?

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This doesn't seem to be 2nd person. Why is it tagged as such? Also, The End is at the end of the story, and yet this is incomplete? Doesn't seem like a finite end to me. Though, that may just be a nitpick on my part.

7274417 No, no. Those were a lapse on my judgement. I will make proper adjustments. I also meant for a clear ending...

Mm this story has potential keep it up

7274649 Thank you! Though, I planned this fic to be a one shot.

This was good. Sort of dark but that was the way it was meant to be, yes? Anyways, I wish there was more to the end than that but it's your story and I like it.

7275415 Thank you! And yes I meant it to be sort of dark.

That… was intense. I suppose that's the problem with being obsessively devoted to anything, one day you cross the line and everything goes to hell. Thank you for the happy ending.

7276831 Your welcome! I've been thinking about writing more fics like these.

One of the few stories that made me cry. :yay:

At the end, I thought that the human would have slept for the very last time.
It would have added a poetic touch of some kind.

But I'm still glad that it came to an end, and open ending if that still stands.

Great story there. :trixieshiftright:
You have potential.

7277033 :raritystarry:
7277163 I'm glad you liked it so much! And thank you!

7559282 I was thinking of an epilogue. But not focused on Twilight.

Maybe if more people start asking for one. I'll write it.


That would be cool to see an epilogue. It would be interesting to see how our protagonist is adjusting to Equestria.

7564194 Yes... That does sound interesting...

7564602 soooooo. No epilogue ?

8176624 I've been thinking about it....

Ouch poor Luna. That must hurt on a deep level hopefully one day Jeremy can survive without Luna around.

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