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Vinyl loves living in Ponyville with her girlfriend. It's nice and quiet, and they can both talk with friends without being pestered by crowds of adoring fans.

On their last night together before they head to their concerts in Canterlot and Manehattan, Vinyl comes home to a lovely dinner to celebrate a special night that slipped her mind.

Fortunately, Octavia had no intention of letting Vinyl's birthday go uncelebrated just because they'd be in different cities when it came.

Preread and edited by The Albinocorn, auramane, and Jondor.
Cover art by Ayahana.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 33 )

Exquisite Zommy.

“I will spoil, pamper, and lavish all affection on you I wish, and you, my love, will enjoy it.”

Oh my!

“I take it either way.” “Kinda hot today, so I’ll take it cool.”

And she's not talkin' about the ice. :raritywink:

“Where do you think you’re going?” she crooned.

“N-Nowhere! Just, um, places?”

“Places, hmm?”

Like that mountain over there?

There, now my comments are yours forever!

That was a definitely a cute read. I particularly enjoyed Vinyl and Octavia's chemistry together, not to mention how the kissing scene was well-written and fit the story's mood, as it showcased the emotions involved beautifully. And while it may be a common ship, I'm in favor of more quality Scratchtavia stories. Anyway, excellent story as usual. :twilightsmile:

7246482 Thanks, Snow ^^

7246499 Actually, that's a plateau.

7246530 Thanks! This is something that's been floating around for a while, so it was nice to finally get a chance to write it. ^^

7247457 Glad you enjoyed it!

That was a great story.

7247816 Yay! I had fun writing it! Don't tell anyone it was nearly full on erotica. >.>

7247877 Thanks for taking the time to read it! Glad you enjoyed it!

7247982 Your tastes are incredibly varied, to the point of being incomprehensible and entirely unpredictable. I might just have to forgo writing you a birthday present next year.

7247999 I will freely admit to having now edited my comment so that you are calling me a dick for something entirely different, but still completely worth insulting me over.

I do sincerely apologize.

7248021 Pfft. You little smartass :rainbowlaugh:

Too bad I have the email~

7248029 The point is that you are no longer at risk of having your original plans laid bare to people who are just skimming through the comments, have not yet read the story, and care about avoiding spoilers.

Anyone who doesn't meet all three of these conditions, though, can just mouse over your comment.

7248035 I appreciate that. ^^

That was a pretty cool story! I like how you described how Octavia got lost in the music she was playing. I could actually picture it in my mind. Great job!

Aw, that was so cute!

Wait, an Octavia and Vinyl fanfic that ISN'T a clopfic?

Holy crap...my fortune cookie was right after all! I would meet an interesting person today!

Just wow, i don't even know what i could say...
This was a great story, It had the feels flowing not like sad. No like, you could really feel the love between vinyl and Octavia in that music sean at the end. :twilightsmile:

Also, Detrot:rainbowlaugh: this is the first time ive seen a pony pun for my hometown:rainbowlaugh:

Such a sweet story. Loved how both of them were portrayed. Very nicely done.

So when are you going to write that awesome Trixie story idea you had?

7250823 The one I never had?

7250838 Such a kidder.

You know? The one where Trixie once again shows how great and powerful she is? And is once more called upon to clean up a mess Twilight leaves? I have the log where we talked about it if you forgot.



[5/18/2016 10:46:38 AM] Zomggy: Hey! I have this awesome idea for a Trixie story!
[5/18/2016 5:45:41 PM] Zodiacspear: Oh?
[5/18/2016 5:45:52 PM] Zomggy: Yeah, it's about bestponi Trixie again having another show in Ponyville. Her awesomeness causes Twilight to get jealous and do something crazy. Long story short, she messes up and Trixie saves the day and earns the adoration of all of Equestria as she rightly should.
[5/18/2014 5:46:23 PM] Zodiacspear: Holy! That is awesome and completely true! When are you gonna write it?
[5/18/2016 5:55:41 PM] Zomggy: Soon! Can't wait!
[5/18/2016 5:53:21 PM] Zodiacspear: Wow, you might be more of a Trixie fan than me!
[5/18/2016 5:57:98 PM] Zodiacspear: And that's saying something. :P
[5/18/2016 5:59:59 AM] Zomggy: I know, right?

There it is in black and white, plain as day. Still waiting on it.

7250885 It's funny how my logs don't show us talking on May 18th :P

Beautifully written. Zomg, you clearly do understand the close bonding of romantic love, and how one partner expresses herself to the other.


That sounds legit to me.

[5/18/2016 5:53:21 PM] Zodiacspear: Wow, you might be more of a Trixie fan than me!
[5/18/2016 5:57:98 PM] Zodiacspear: And that's saying something. :P
[5/18/2016 5:59:59 AM] Zomggy: I know, right?

This is going on your headstone.

Supremely written! I have no words adequate to describe just how perfectly you captured the bond between two souls joined so completely and in such harmony with one another! Bravo!

It took all her self control not to hum like she wanted dessert.

Dayuum! That line hits hard man.

Great story as always keep up this extravagant work (maybe lay of the erotic side?).


It's tagged "Sex" for a reason.

Absolutely fabulous! One can only hope that they are as romantic toward their partner as your Tavi is to Vinyl.

This story is truly amazing! In my opinion this story deserves WAY more attention than what its getting! Is there a way to like this story an infinite amount of times??? Congrats my dude, this story had earned itself a spot on my favorites list!

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