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For as long as she can remember, Scootaloo has lived in orphanages, not knowing the identities of her parents. She's happy enough in Ponyville, but deep down she still wishes she had a real mom and dad. So when she's given an assignment to write about her family, she starts looking for answers.

What she finds will shock her.

Sort of done as a response to a prompt by Phoenix Nebula.

EDIT: Re-wrote part of chapter 1, and edited later chapters so they make sense with the rewriting.

Another Edit: Dang, 2000 views :raritystarry:, you guys are awesome

New cover made by Scarlet's Feed

Listen to it here.

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7246602 I don't know, I really should change it.

This is a really good start! :twilightsmile: - Can't wait to read more!

7246792 I'm glad everyone seems to be liking it, good news is I'm working on chapter 2.

That was great I'm glad you still did this.

7246847 Well I wanted to, I felt the idea has a lot of potential and really wanted to tell my version of it.


I never saw anything wrong with the way you wanted it. The other person was a bit of a jerk with my requests so it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Your doing a great job so keep up the work.

7246879 Thanks I'll have chapter 2 done as soon as I can :twilightsmile:.

Bout to start reading... can wait (squee)

7247005 Honestly I didn't think it would get this popular this fast.


Well I do have a knack for coming up with good ideas, but I think It's because of how well you wrote it.

Comment posted by TheMyth deleted May 26th, 2016

7247166 Thanks, this is actually the second version of the opening I wrote, originally it was going to be actually showing Rainbow Dash finding out she was pregnant, Scootaloo being born (well, after she was born), etc. But I thought, it would be better to tell the story like this, have the readers find out as Scootaloo does, drop hints like Rainbow trying to hide the fact, but don't outright say it until the last line.

Sorry, edited for spoilers.

Normally I'm not a fan of POV switching but it works pretty well here. There's some syntax errors, ponies is not automatically capitalized for one, but nothing too story breaking.

Needs more lesbians though. :pinkiehappy:

7247166 Hi!

7247214 Well, I could've made it exclusively Scootaloo's POV and not really hurt the story, but I wanted to include things like the scene where Rainbow tries to stop Twilight from showing her the birth certificate, and plus show some things from Rainbow's perspective in future chapters.

7247229 yeah I think that's a good call.

7247242 Pretty much from this point on it'll be exclusively from Rainbow or Scootaloo's perspective.

7247506 Good, I was going for shocking, would've been awkward if it wasn't.


I was hopping it would be written that way. Keeping the reader guessing is always a good way to keep them interested.

7247800 Glad you liked it, its why I enjoy the first person, or, pony in this case, perspective, it keeps the reader guessing until the character finds out.

Not a bad start. The pacing threw me off a bit, but that's my only real complaint. The rest was well done! :moustache:

7247959 Sorry, I seem to always having a pacing issue.

Well I was unsure at first, that I would like this story. So I decided to give it two chapters. And well you hooked me

7252138 Glad you're liking it after all.

"She's your daughter for Celestia's sake... If you were in her position, wouldn't you want to know the truth?"

7252576 I'm gonna have to find an editor one of these days, I always get where and were mixed up.

Sounded like Nightmare Moon........

7255824 Honestly I haven't quite decided what it was, but that's not a bad idea.

Well, by the character tags, I kinda figured Rainbow was Scoot's mom. Now, let's see what Dash's story is, shall we?

That went about as well as I expected.

7256032 Umm, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Please learn the difference between where and were. Though to be fair, the definition I found for were, well, it was confusing to say the least.

WAIT I got this *shotgun loads*

Its whatever possesed Luna and made her Nightmare Moon, soud like i anyway

7260105 I'm, honestly still deciding who it was, the inspiration was more Abeloth from the Fate of the Jedi books than Nightmare Moon.

You used the broken wing part of the idea I shared!! Also, OH GOD IT'S HENTAI!!!

7263945 Yeah, I thought it would be a good way to go, mind you I cut out the slavers thing, but I figured I could set up a potential sequel this way.

If I ever decide what it is that attacked her.

That was nice and sweet.

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