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Dragon Lord Torch has been ruling over the dragons for more than five hundred years. He has been a ridiculously stern, aggressive, bossy and bad-tempered, but mildly just, leader. He is both respected and feared among his subjects, mostly the latter, and no one has ever dared to stand up to him.

Well, almost no one.

It's been also known that Dragon Lord Torch and his daughter, Princess Ember, have never gotten along. He says blue, she says red. He values strength and size, she values intelligence and wisdom. Anyone who didn't know them would doubt they were related at all. The Gauntlet of Fire declaring the end of his reign seemed to be the breaking point for their father-daughter relationship.

However, beneath that thick mask of brutality, indifference and standoffish attitude, Torch adores his little Ember, his little Princess, just like any father does for his daughter, even if he never knew how to communicate with her. There are times when he just thinks of the past, back when things were simpler, back when his little Ember had barely been the size of a pony hatchling.

Back when... his Queen was still alive.

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I LOVED IT!!!!!!! It was so good!!!! It was cool to see another side to the Dragon Lord that we'll probably never see. Great job! :twilightsmile:


King of surprised they'd know what Snowflakes are, given...you know, where they live.
Whatever happened to the evil magic dragons?

The black dragons are the Temnokt featured in some of my other fics, particularly The Temnokt Empire.

Does not really tie into a single story, I'm afraid.

That just makes no sense with no ontext

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