• Published 26th May 2016
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Road to fame: My new life... As a gryphon. - lord indisar

To whom it may concern, I leave the story of my life: the story of Retribution-Lord Anninnicus Ravenfury, Captain of the Army of Retribution, and survivor of the Great War. I should first start by saying I wasn't even born as a gryphon...

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She named me... Chirp?

I woke up with a bit of a start. I was hungry, and I smelled food. But I didn't see any. But it smelled... Oddly enough, like chicken...huh.....

Then I noticed somepony( was I already using that as a pronoun?) at the door, and sure enough, it was the mare. She seemed a little sick, though I quickly figured out why. As well as where my nose was trying to lead me. She had a leather saddlebag just... Filled with... Meat. And from her breathing, you'd have thought she'd murdered somepony or stolen something to get it. Hopefully that wasn't the case.

Well, she clearly noticed me staring, and quickly threw the bag, leather, chicken and all into her freezer... Which I was sure was bad for the leather. I wonder how leather tastes... I wondered, out of curiosity. You can't blame me. I was a mostly carnivorous being, and leather was just tanned animal skins... Most of the time. I'm getting a real bad habit of of seeing how things taste.... I'm going to end up choking on something, one of these days.

"(No... Not now, Chirp.)" the mare said firmly, before turning on the oven, and siting with me. Huh. I was ready to just eat it... That would be bad. Well, wouldn't my stomach be adapted to that kind of thing? Eh.. Dunno.

"(Repeat. After. Me. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.)" she started saying, pointing at me. Jeez, what did you want.... I really needed to learn this language. She kept repeating the words and pointing to me, like... Too much.

Wait. Was she actually teaching me now? I said I'd need to learn, but not so soon! Well, she repeated it a few times more and well...

"Hmmmm....." I tried to say, but it came out as that short bird cry again. There was one word she kept using, while pointing at me. She was either teaching me the word 'You', or she was.... Giving me a name? I suppose there was one way to figure it out.

"(Me) Chirp?" I asked, pointing at myself, careful not to use words that she wouldn't know. Otherwise, we would be at an impasse of mutual cluelessness. And that would be bad.

She seemed real happy when I did though, so I must of said the right word. "(Yes! You. Are.) Chirp. Chirp. Chirp." She kept repeating, so my name must of been 'Chirp' three times? Is that how it worked an equestria?

"Chirp Chirp Chirp?" I asked, to which she shook her head and said something which I... Could safely assume meant no, so I made a note of that to myself. "No. (Just). Chirp."

Um...... "(I)Just Chirp?" I tried again, pointing at myself once more.. I figured the other word meant some sort of 'only'.

"Chirp." She repeated once more, and, I was pretty much on board with it. So that was my name.

"(Chirp!)" I shouted, smiling. As much as a beak could smile at least.

"Yes!" She said, clapping. Well.... I guess that was easy? She went over it with me until she thought I got it, I guess, and then she moved on.

"Shhhhhh." She went, and I stopped speaking. Then she began speaking again, this time pointing at herself. " (Lovely. Lights. Lovely. Lights)"... Was that her name?

"Lights?" I ventured, though from her reaction, it was the wrong way to say it.

"No. Lovely Lights. Lovely Lights." she corrected, and I realized, or more of, remembered, ponies usually had two (or more) parts to their names. She didn't name me as one though, clearly.

"Lovely Lights? " I tried, and she nodded, and started clapping again, in which I joined her. I dunno. I felt so much like a kid again. Oh wait. I actually was... Yeah, this was really strange, now that I thought about it. Oh well. Was kinda fun. I was learning a new language, something I blew F and below in high school. Yeah. Je ne comprendre pas Fran├žais. That would translate to 'I don't understand French'... I think, it's been 4 years since I took that class. So.. Yeah, I was doing pretty well right now, compared to before.

Well, Lovely Lights was able to get me to learn her name, after a few repetitions, after which she started teaching me a few other words, which I waited for eagerly.

"(I. Am.) Lovely lights, (You. Are.) Chirp." She began, all the while making her hoof gestures. Oh god. Sentences. I hated sentences... But this was kinda necessary?

I was about to speak, cause it was pretty clear Lovely Lights was teaching me to identify ponies, but then she reversed the first words . Damn it, lady, what you playing at? Bullshit. This is hell. I can't understand the native species if this new planet/universe/country/what-have-you. At least I'm not an adult in this body.

Well, she kept trying, so might as well....something about my name and hers... Wait. I listened more closely to what she was saying this time, and paid even more attention to the hand gestures she made, which she changed every so often on similar words.

"You?" I tried, pointing at myself, at which while Lovely Lights shook her head, her expression told me I was sorta correct, so I pointed at her, said it again, and she confirmed that I was correct.

Which meant the other word was.... "I?" I tested, pointing to myself. Lovely Lights assured me it was correct, so.... Now the other words, which was some sort of 'be' in terms of definition, I suppose.

I tried clapping along with the words I was saying, so I could keep track of the syllables, and it kinda worked.

"I am Chirp! You are Lovely Lights!" I claimed, and by her reaction, first time was correct. Good. I didn't want to sit through this shit anymore, it was just more or less, interesting... However, apparently, Lovely Lights didn't think I had the words 'yes,' and 'no' learned, which I DID, so... The next few minutes was taken up with me proving I did, because I was being a jerk and getting them wrong on purpose. Though that failed when I finally slipped up and went 'Ye-Noooo......', and she ended up calling it off.

She seemed to be done with words however, as she (finally) put a chicken in the oven that was as of now, turning into a heater. But then she picked me up and left the house. But you don't leave an oven unattended like that! I dunno. Magic? Really, I was still wondering where ponies got electricity, living in some sort of medieval fantasy setting. Okay, maybe I wasn't really thinking about it, actually. But... We better not come back home to a burning house. All the food was in there.

I've been thinking a lot about food lately..... Maybe cause I haven't eaten in... 12 hours? I thought to myself. Come to think of it, how long had this body gone without food?

Well, Lovely Lights took me a little far into the town, which was definitely not Ponyville. And from my surroundings, nowhere nearby, either. So I had even less of an idea where I was. Actually, where in time was I? Before season 3? Season 1? There's a lot of major events in the Poniverse that might have not happened yet, or even, just taken place.

I looked around the town, and it seemed ponies were coming out of their houses, so they must've been getting ready for the day. Surprisingly, the sun wasn't all the way up, more or less, it was... Actually similar to Earth's sun, it didn't jet up, it more of stayed pretty static, with ever slight movements.... Or not. Maybe I'm just seeing things from looking at the sun too long. So I should stop.

We ended up entering a pretty wide and long building, which happened to be a store for lights. There were a lot of them too, in shapes I didn't even know you could get light bulbs in. No, shapes I didn't even know you could get the filaments in. I swear I saw one on the shape of the sun. How the hell do you even do that? Let me guess: Magic...... That better not be the answer to everything. Even though it probably is.

Anyways... So the male yellow Pegasi who was at the front desk began speaking to Lovely Lights, but... He didn't seem to thrilled to see me. I would be pretty concerned too, if a baby animal was hanging on someone's back. I decided to begin a little conversation with him, even if I knew a maximum vocabulary of 9 words, including my name and Lovely Lights' name.

"I am Chirp! You are...?" I tried asking. What? I get to learn more words by saying five.

"(Hey,) Florescent Bulb. (This is) Chirp. " I heard Lovely Lights say, but... Let's just say that beyond names, I wasn't really interested in the conversation, and instead, I was looking around at all the different lights in the store. They were amazing, really... some of the lights didn't even look like lights at first glance... Or second... Or third.... Or.... Yeah, some of the lights didn't look like lights at all, yet they clearly glowed with bright radiance, which even some of that was sorted in different colors. Heck, I even saw some bush light that was covered in flora-styled bulbs. And I swear that the windows and plants were blinking when I wasn't looking!

Wait...... It only now occurred to me that Lovely Lights' cutie mark was lamp. Did she work here? That would certainly explain why she wasn't buying anything yet. Oh, and why the other pony knew her. Or she could of just been a frequent customer... and she had a big interest in lamps?

If it was the former, did she make some of the lights? Wait, how many items in the house were really just lamps shaped to look like them? I wanna know! Ooh.... Maybe they have fancy flashlight beams, like in the episode 'Bats'!

Before I knew it, we were actually walking out the store, and... Towards home... How long was I just looking around? I mean... OkY. There was a lot of stuff in the store. It was like a christmas shoppers paradise.....

I really need to stop letting my mind run on tangents like that.

Author's Note:

This was a pain to collaborate the chapters, and so I put it of longer than I should of.....

And so it begins. I'll start using parenthesis to denote words which the receiving party won't understand. But in the following few chapters, Chirp is going to learn enough words to have a fragmented conversation( off screen of course. We don't need to go over this with 1000 different words.Purposefully bad grammar will ensue....