• Published 26th May 2016
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Road to fame: My new life... As a gryphon. - lord indisar

To whom it may concern, I leave the story of my life: the story of Retribution-Lord Anninnicus Ravenfury, Captain of the Army of Retribution, and survivor of the Great War. I should first start by saying I wasn't even born as a gryphon...

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"Year One, Day Two." Because Day One Was So Horrible, That Maybe Just Saying That I Fell Asleep In Class All Day And Night, And Now This Is Day Two, Will Help Me Forget About It.

Author's Note:

That's a title. Huehuehue, it's called "Story is still tagged as Comedy, so you should be expecting this.":pinkiehappy:

The classes weren't really interesting, just a bit of math, some history (which, while I would have loved to learn some extra history in Equestria, was more or less a recap on what I already knew from the show)

Remember how I said some of the classmates snickered when I mentioned my name? Yeah... So when recess came, I found out why: Some ponies are jerks, even children.

As I looked around for Sunny Skies, the only friend I had in this world, really, I was approached by an earth pony, and a group of his friends. This wasn't Acoustic String, however. No, this kid was light green, and his hair was a shade of brown-orange that one could realistically see on a human. And he didn't look like he wanted to have a friendly talk.

"So your name is Chirp, huh? Did mommy name you that 'cause you look like some weird bird thing?" He said, in that same semi-British accent that I heard from Sunny Skies.

"Bird?" I asked, not knowing what he meant. My name was my name, wasn't it? Oh... Shit... I didn't know many (Equestrian)onomatopoeias, and beyond ducks, I wasn't taught any for birds. Oh goodie, my name is one of those, isn't it?

"Yeah! Bird. Like you. Do you make Chirp sounds? Can you go (Quack)? Quack? Quack? Tweet? Tweet?" He joked, and soon enough, the troupe that came with him started to do the same. They were childish insults, and I knew it, but I had a history of not taking well to jokes concerning my name. And the nicknames always stuck. It's things like this that I hate.

A few minutes passed, and I started to wonder if anypony would notice if I ripped a few throats out with my razor sharp beak, until a familiar voice rang out.

" Cut it out, Sour Dough!" Sunny Skies yelled, as she, quite literally, came down from above, charging the earth pony, an act that, really, even I was shocked by. The other ponies backed off, likely not wanting to be the next on the list of ponies getting knocked to the ground.

Sour Dough, however, got up, a look of contempt in his eyes. "Oh goodie, so you're friends. Guess Birdie here needs his little filly in shining armor. "He said, as a few light scrapes on his face started to bleed.

"You never back off, do you? Name insults, Sour? Your name is a type of bread, should I call you 'toasted'? Apologize.. Now. " Sunny Skies continued. I hadn't seen this side to her...

"Oh, alllllright, if you insist." Sour Dough mocked, before walking up to me. "Sowweeee" he said, though he clearly didn't mean it.

"(You're a fucking shitty ass son-of-a-bitch), Sour Dough." I told him, loud enough for only him to hear, making him narrow his eyes in confusion.

"Wait, huh?" He said, Unable to understand.

"(English best language twenty-sixteen. GG EZ.) " I said this time, making him even more confused. How wonderful it is to be fluent in two languages, one of which doesn't even exist in this world!

"Can you say that slower..." He requested,, and he sounded like he was genuinely asking. Huehuehue.

"(Prezent yer arze to me, fer I know ye' like it up the poopdeck, ye' landlubber)!”... Okay, maybe I went a little overboard (you know, like a pirate who just angered his captain) . I mean, really? GG EZ? In a spoken conversation? No, the other insults were completely sensible, and well deserved.

Sour Dough eventually walked off, tired of not being able to understand the words I was saying. Technically, that means I win the insult-slinging match, right? All hail Chirp.... Alright, now even I don't like my name. That was awful. Well... I'm good at making up random, exotic names, so let's get to that... after school of course...

Recess was called inside pretty soon after the little scuffle, and I could overhear Sour Dough explaining his injuries to the teacher.

"Sunny Skies came out of the sky and hit me for no reason!" I heard him say in his defense, though Sunshine Leaf... Wasn't buying any of it.

"From what I witnessed, it wasn't without reason. When I get inside, I'll be sure to give you some bandages. And your parents will be notifiied, both yours and Sunny Skies'. " Sunshine Leaf informed Sour Dough, as he hung his head in defeat. Well, I hope he's solved for now.

Sunshine Leaf, however, beckoned me over to the door. Yay....

"Would you like to say something, Chirp? I could see, but I couldn't hear what was going on. " She asked, and I glanced downwards, wondering if Sunny Skies would get in trouble for intervening.

"Sour Dough was making fun of my name... And I didn't like it. He and his crew just kept following me, until Sunny Skies came around..." I told Sunshine Leaf, and she nodded in response.

"All right, then. If this happens again, could you at least come talk to me as soon as it start? I don't want any fighting to break out." She asked, to which it was my turn to nod. Right. Probably should of just said something in the first place, really. Actually, naw, I'm glad that asshat got beat, and I hope he gets beat even more when his momma find out.

As I went inside, I noticed some of the fillies and colts packing up. I guess dismissal is right after recess, then, huh? Made sense, I suppose. I packed my things as well, before making my way to the door where the children were beginning to line up.

After a few minutes, once all the ponies were lined up and ready, the door opened once again, and I could (sorta...) recognize a few mares and stallions from earlier this morning. I could see Sour Dough rushing to who I assumed was his mother, urging her to leave quickly, Though Sunshine Leaf was quick to call her over before that could happen. Sucker.

Lovely Lights was waiting outside, too, and she waved me over to her, to which I waved back, and approached her.

"So, How was the first day?" Lovely Lights asked, smiling as we started the walk home.

"Bad," I stated plainly. " One of the colts teased me during recess." I told her.

"How so? It's hard to tease when you have nothing to go on. They don't even know you." She asked, her smile fading.

" Why would you name me after a sound? A bird sound, even?" I questioned, stopping in the middle of the road.

"Oh... well, I didn't know any gryphon naming customs, and I didn't think it would be right to give you a pony name. So I went with something simple..." she admitted, after figuring out what went on.

"Could I... change it?" I asked. From where we were we could see the clock tower, where the town hall was. Would be a simple task to stop by on the way home.

"Hmm...." Lovely Lights began, thinkning. "Generally, a pony is allowed to change their name after they get a Cutie Mark.... however...... I don't know about gryphons." She said, which... kinda cleared up a bit of information missing from the show. If this was even the same Equestria.

"I'll tell you what," Lovely lights began, to which I listened. " Tomorrow I'll see about getting your name changed, even if its over a simple thing as namecalling. In the meantime, We'll need to get to the library to find something about gryphon names. Maybe by next week, we'll have something to work on." She assured, to which I nodded, And we continued the uneventful walk home.

So while we walk home... Hmmmm.... Jaraltri.... Ghandritol..... Alequai.... Deishtrotem... Ikandramungr.... Yeah.... None of those. I'm not a demon.