• Published 26th May 2016
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Road to fame: My new life... As a gryphon. - lord indisar

To whom it may concern, I leave the story of my life: the story of Retribution-Lord Anninnicus Ravenfury, Captain of the Army of Retribution, and survivor of the Great War. I should first start by saying I wasn't even born as a gryphon...

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The Domain of Thunder......heheheh..... No really, it's her house, so it applies.

Author's Note:

This is where Lovely Lights becomes a secondary character. Chirp is going to take the majority of perspectives, starting now.

White Thunder herded me a good number of houses over (though the distance between each house was sin-worthy...) , until we stopped at a house that seemed... Well, it looked exactly the same as the others to me, but I wasn't known for attention to detail. White Thunder approached the door, so I followed, assuming it must of been her house.

The first thing I noticed, however, was the badge hanging from the door. The insignia of the Wonderbolts. I mean, even I remember the thing from 'Rarity Investigates'. Was White Thunder a recruit or something along those lines? Or was it a parents' badge? I definitely wouldn't leave it on the door. It has to be pretty valuable, right? Or it could be fake. Most likely a fake, there's no way this old lady ravishingly young mare was a Wonderbolt (What? I have to keep my thoughts hidden as well, you know. Sure as hell there's some mind-reading magic out there. No chances.)

White Thunder had opened the door, though, so by the time I came back from my thoughts, there was no symbol, hidden behind the forsaken crevice that is known as the " open-door-corner". Every house has one, sometimes even 3. They hide your beautiful door ornaments, and every once in a while, your white clothes brush against it while they're hanging for you to grab when you walk out the door. And you wonder why they always have a few brown spots, no matter how much care you put into keeping them away from dust (Yes, I just solved all your problems with white clothes. Don't expect me to solve more.).

White Thunder beckoned me to come inside, so with the badge out of the way, I ventured inside, looking around.

The layout, of course, was certainly different from Lovely Lights' home, and actually, reminded me of my own home, minus the basement, at least. The front door opened up into the living room, void of a television, of course, but the couches were set up around the center, backs facing the windows, and with a glass table in the center, smothered in a pile of board game boxes, among of which I swore one was some equestrian Dungeons and Dragons, based on the cover art on the side. There were stairs going up on the right, at the end of the living room, but that was all I could see from the door way. The ceiling was pretty high, certainly more so than my own home, but that could of been just from my small perspective, seeing that I wasn't exactly a full-sized gryphon.

"(Like what you see, little guy?)" I heard a voice call. Turning my head, I realized I'd nearly forgotten White Thunder was even with me. I was too busy looking around, I guess. I shrugged, of course. My only real response at this point.

"(Sunny Skies, I'm home, and I've got someone you ought to meet!)" I heard White Thunder shout up the stair case, and I heard hoofsteps coming down from upstairs.

"(Don't you mean somepony, mother?") I heard a younger voice respond, in an accent that I could WILL swear had a hint of British in it.

"(Not exactly.)" White Thunder stated, as a Pegasus filly, as white as.. Well, White Thunder, and the yellow mane to match came downstairs. She looked to seem just as old as I was... Which, I actually didn't know at all, I hadn't even looked in a mirror yet. Add that to the list of things to do.

The young filly looked at me, a confused look on her face. You'd think she'd never seen a gryphon before, with the way ... No, Dammit, nevermind, that's probably true.

"(Who's that, mother?)" I heard the filly ask.

"Chirp, this is Sunny Skies. Sunny Skies, this is Chirp. Lovely Lights' (son.)" White Thunder introduced, making The same gestures as before, though at this point, I had a feeling of learning names.

"Lovely Lights? (But he's not a pony. How? )" Sunny skies questioned, though White Thunder only shrugged.

"(Long story. For now, I want you two well acquainted. He's going to end up a classmate of yours at some point, in the following few months.)" White Thunder had told the young filly, and with that she went towards what ( if the layout was exactly how I'd pictured ) I assumed to be the kitchen, probably to get something to eat after a day of working with a child.

Sunny Skies seemed interested, however, and came to inspect me. And sure enough, she seemed to be as tall as I was, though that didn't exactly mean we were the same in terms of age. She knew how to talk, it seemed, so we couldn't be too far apart( or she might have learned fast is all. I didn't even know my own age in this body.

"Hello, Chirp! I'm Sunny Skies. (Nice to...meet you)?" She introduced, extending her hoof to me, which I accepted by extending one of my forelegs? Probably a bad idea, but she'd be too young to be suspicious of me already knowing how to do a shake... Then again, she's the one who got the idea to initiate it, so unless she's a changeling-hunting agent, I have nothing to worry about. Speaking of which, did ponies even have changeling-hunting agents? Eh, it probably would be going a little overboard... But then again, (not-so-fictional) talking ponies.

Well, Sunny Skies beckoned me to follow her upstairs, which, with nothing else to do, really, I did. The stairs spiraled upwards, leading to a platform of sorts at the top. The ceiling was a bit lower here, however, which was probably to be expected, from how large the lower floor was.

Looking around, I saw that there were four rooms on second floor, two of which had doors, while the other two, which were across from each other, had open archways. Sunny Skies led me through the arch on the left which opened up into what was clearly a bedroom. There was a desk in the corner, which quartered a stack of paper, a pencil holder, and several books (one of them open), though I was unable to discern what kind they were. A bookshelf near the bed told me Sunny Skies was also an avid reader. Huh, just like me.

Several stuffed animals lined the base of the bed, which undoubtedly made this Sunny Skies' room. Wasn't as big as my collection though... I mean... Uh... All right, it's not my fault I kept nearly every toy I got when I was a kid, okay? And it's not my fault that I have eleven stuffed animals that I still cherish and don't plan on giving away in my lifetime... Forget that last part.

Just as with White Thunder, however, Sunny Skies' voice brought me back to reality. "(This is my room,) Chirp!" She exclaimed, to which I shrugged yet again. I tried thinking back to Lovely Light's room, but I couldn't remember at this point. My memory was never really good with long term.

Some things however, I never forget. Ever. Like.... I'll think of something.