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Everypony Loves - Kaii-Leiko

A story based around the canon stuff of the series, what`s off screen. RainbowPie and Twishy

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Making the best of things

Just relax, Fluttershy...No need to be jealous... Even as she kept repeating it to herself she knew she would be unable to control it. Twilight's main interest was magic, wasn't it? It wasn't as though Fluttershy had a lot to talk about when it came to the subject. The way Twilight's eyes had lit up when she'd heard about a powerful unicorn didn't help ease Fluttershy either. Fluttershy gave a nervous glance sideways towards Twilight, wondering what was on her lovers mind.

Even as Twilight had watched that pony, Trixie, harass her friends there was still without a doubt a glimmer of impression in her violet optics. The fact that Trixie was using her magic to showboat and make fun of Twilight's friends hadn't really sat with her that well; the blue unicorn's skill on the other hand was quite impressive. Twilight didn't doubt that Spike was correct, she probably was better than Trixie; but that didn't diminish Trixie's skills.

Throughout the entire display Spike had continued to ask Twilight to put that pony in her place; something she had adamantly refused each time. Fluttershy had only overheard part of the conversation and wasn't sure why Twilight hadn't wanted to. It seemed odd for Twilight to choose not to defend her friends if she possessed the ability to but Fluttershy didn't bring it up. It wasn't really any of her business.

Now Fluttershy was escorting Twilight home, mostly in silence. The two would exchange the odd word every now and then but the pegasus could tell Twilight was still thinking about Trixie's impressive display of magic. Fluttershy was beginning to think that maybe she should say something when they finally reached Twilight's home. Her heart sank; now it was too late to say anything and the shy pegasus knew she would be worrying about it all night.

"Well, looks like we're here." Twilight said cheerfully, a pleased smile crossing her lips.

Fluttershy stood awkwardly before her new marefriend, one of her forehooves shyly kicking at the ground. She nodded, unsure of what to respond to Twilight's statement of the obvious.

"I'll see you tomorrow right?" despite Twilight's best efforts she couldn't hide her amusement. The shyness of her mare friend was too adorable. It made her want to pick the yellow pegasus up and shower her with kisses. If it wouldn't potentially embarrass her to death there is a good chance Twilight would have.

Fluttershy nodded again. She then took a slow breath. "I- um, well....Twilight...." she began but was unable to continue. Fluttershy had always heard that honesty was key in a relationship but now when the time came to practice it she couldn't. She put on a smile and nodded. "Of course. Good night, Twilight." and with that Fluttershy returned home leaving Twilight to ponder what could have been wrong for the remainder of the night.


Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie lay beside each other. Both of them were panting heavily after having spent some "intimate" time together. The pink mare nuzzled her head into Rainbow Dash's neck with a huge grin plastered on her face. Clearly she was satisfied; Dash couldn't help but have a smug smirk on her face.

"That's every night this week Dashie. You're lucky we haven't gotten caught yet." Pinkie looked up at Dash with a grin. Sneaking into Sugarcube Corner wasn't the ideal place for the two of them to spend the night. Getting up to Rainbow Dash's cloud home was always such a pain though.

"You're not getting tired of it already, are you Pinkie?" Dash said it almost as a challenge.

Pinkie giggled and scoffed. "I'm always good if you are." A dreamy sigh left her mouth. "And things sure have been going good lately."

"And next time we're all together I'll tell our friends about us."

"We'll tell our friends." Pinkie raised her head to give Rainbow Dash a loving kiss which the cyan mare happily returned.

"Our friends will totally be okay with it." It seemed like Dash was reassuring herself more than Pinkie Pie.

"I already know Twilight is." Pinkie casually let out.

The effect was instantaneous. Rainbow Dash sat up as though the are under her upper body was on fire. "What!?"

Pinkie sat up too, although much slower than Dash had. "Yeah, it came up while Gilda was here."

"Pinkie! That was a long time ago!" Dash concern was growing into anger. "How could you not tell me!?"

"I-I forgot! I didn't think it was important!" Pinkie stammered out her words quickly.

"Not important? What if Twilight told somepony?"

"She promised she wouldn't Dashie! You trust Twilight don't you!?"

"Yeah, but it looks like trusting you was a mistake." Rainbow Dash snapped back.

"Dashie, just li-."

"Don't call me that!" Rainbow Dash snapped again. She wasn't in the mood for lovey-dovey names any more. "Letting it slip is one thing but keeping it from me for as long as you have is so uncool Pinkie Pie." Dash let out an exasperated sigh. "I'm gonna go, I just...Need to be alone."

Without another word Rainbow Dash unfurled her wings and with a rainbow streak out the window, disappeared.


Twilight knew she probably should have gone to sleep but there was too much on her mind. The first thing was that Fluttershy had clearly been bothered by something. Twilight hadn't wanted to seem like one of those cling-need-to-know-everything kind of marefriend so she dropped it...At least for now. She trusted that Fluttershy would tell her in time

The next was The Great And Powerful Trixie's claims to have bested an Ursa Major. Quite a feat, if possible, would be incredible. So Twilight headed out into the night back towards where Trixie had been on her shows. It seemed she was staying somewhere around there; at least according to Snips and Snails. Twilight spotted her and began quickly trotting over there. As she did a swell of excitement rushed over her and she couldn't help but grin stupidly. There were a good deal of unicorns in Ponyville but none of them were exceptional at magic beyond what they needed it for. So to have somepony like Trixie come along who, even though she was a loudmouth, also seemed to possess some skill was a rare treat for Twilight. With that being said she didn't want to reveal her own skill with magic lest she be seen as a showoff. She didn't want her friends to think of her as they did Trixie; especially not Fluttershy.

Twilight approached Trixie cautiously and cleared her throat. Trixie spun around and her eyes narrowed as she observed Twilight. She scoffed and waited for Twilight to say something.

"Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle. I was watching your performance earlier an-" Twilight had started talking pleasantly enough but Trixie interrupted her with an amused chuckle.

"Oh yes, Trixie remembers. You were the unicorn too chicken to challenge the great and powerful Trixie!" she grinned as she finished speaking and her eyes gleamed with amusement most likely at the idea of having an inferior unicorn to torment.
Twilight truly believed Trixie wasn't a bad pony. Just one who was rude, cocky and very overconfident. Twilight still wanted to believe there was good in her. After all, she was quite gifted and despite her showboating she wasn't using her magic for anything bad. Yet talking to her like that was certainly anger inducing.

"Well, I wanted to talk to you about something you said during your show today." Twilight continued as pleasantly as she could.

"Oh?" Trixie barely seemed surprised. "And what is it that your untrained mind did not comprehend?"

"I was just wondering how you vanquished an Ursa Major."

Something flickered across Trixie's face. Concern, maybe? It quickly disappeared and was replaced with her usual smug look.

"The great and powerful Trixie could explain it to you but worries that it would be lost on you. After all not there is no unicorn around who can perform magic as well as I, the great and powerful Trixie!" Sparks exploded behind her as she posed.

Twilight could only roll her eyes. At this point she was itching to show Trixie what she was made of but still, she restrained herself. "Try me."

"Ha! Did the great and powerful Trixie not just tell you it would be a waste of time? Begone with you. Trixie needs her rest from performing such impressive feats of magic!"

Twilight sighed. Arguing was pointless and Trixie had already started walking away. She turned around to start heading back towards the library and her eyes widened when she noticed a distraught looking Fluttershy standing only a few hooves ahead of her.

"Fluttershy?" Twilight called out not even bothering to mask her concern.

Fluttershy sobbed softly before turning around without a word and running off.

For the second time that night Twilight wasn't quite sure what had happened but was left with the idea that she'd done something wrong.


It was already getting pretty late which only made Rainbow Dash's visit all the more surprising. Pinkie had been getting ready for the following morning when her marefriend had shown up. She didn't feel like talking to Rainbow Dash, not after earlier.


"No, Dashie. I don't feel like talking right now." Pinkie spoke sharply and went to the kitchen of Sugarcube Corner.

Dash looked around to make sure no one was looking and followed her marefriend into the back. "Please, Pinks?"

"I don't want to talk Dashie! What you did was super mean. It was really "uncool"." Pinkie tried to imitate Rainbow's voice with the last word. "I've been patient with you, and I've been doing my best but I need some space right now Rainbow Dash."

"Dinner." Dash said, oblivious to what Pinkie was saying.

"No." Simple.


"No." One worded.

"Pranking!" Dash was desperate now.

"No!" Answers.

"Pinkie, please..."

"I'd appreciate if you left, right now Rainbow Dash." Pinkie frowned. "And you can leave from the back door here, like that no one will see you."

Rainbow Dash winced. So that's what that feels like...Not very pleasant. Rainbow Dash was defeated. She nodded and left through the back door.

Pinkie watched as her marefriend left and sighed again. You did the right thing, Pinkie...Maybe Dashie will realize she doesn't want to lose me.

That or she won't care enough to do anything.

Be quiet, you!

Pinkie Pie grabbed a fresh tray of cupcakes and went back to the front counter to set them on display for the following day. An impossibly huge smile painted itself onto her face as she walked out; in case one of the Cakes came down. She had to keep reminding herself of her number one rule.

Remember, Pinkie. Smile. Smile. Smile.


Twilight had immediately gone chasing after Fluttershy. Unfortunately the pegasus didn't seem to be in any of the places where Twilight thought she might have gone. Not only was it incredibly upsetting it was frustrating as well. Twilight's intellect had always given her a certain advantage when it came to problem solving. This time her mind couldn't seem to make sense of anything.

Funnily enough, just as she was about to give up, Twilight found Fluttershy in the last place she'd expected to find her: standing in front of the library door. Twilight let out a sigh of relief and rushed over to her. "Fluttershy! I was so worried about you!"

Fluttershy's eyes were still a little red from her earlier sobbing. After she'd calmed down she realized she owed Twilight an explanation. Hearing that the unicorn had been worried about her was definitely a relief, though. "I'm sorry, Twilight..." Fluttershy sighed.

"Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything." Celestia's prized student tilted her head.

"I, well...Um...Was, um, kind of jealous...." over the course of the sentence Fluttershy's words had grown softer and softer until they were almost inaudible. Twilight had definitely understood the word jealous, though.

"Jealous? Of what?" the way she spoke made it sound like jealousy was the most ludicrous thing Fluttershy could have been feeling.

"Trixie..." the shy pegasus mumbled out.

Twilight stared at her blankly for a few seconds before bursting out into a fit of laughter. Fluttershy's eyes immediately began watering again and upon noticing this Twilight quickly placed a hoof on her shoulder. "No, Fluttershy. Don't misunderstand me. It's just ridiculous that you would think that. Trixie is nothing. Just a loudmouth unicorn who thinks she's better than everypony else."

"But she's good in magic!" The look of confusion on Twilight's face made it clear she should elaborate. "I don't know how talking to me could be interesting. I can't really talk to you about magic because I'm not a unicorn. Magic is such a big part of your life and it's a part that I can't be a part of."

Twilight smiled and kissed Fluttershy's cheek sweetly."I don't know anything about animals."

Fluttershy's cheeks flushed. "Huh?"

"I don't know anything about animals, so I'm in the same dilemma. By being with you, though, I'll learn. I may not be able to fully share my magic with you but you'll always be there to listen. Just like I will."

Before Fluttershy had a chance to respond Spike came running up to them, panting heavily and obviously concerned...


Twilight was exhausted. Sending that Ursa back to the Everfree Forest had really tested her limits. Magic as she had performed did not come easy, and she was just grateful she'd been practicing so much lately. It was time to get some rest though. Fluttershy was also impressed with her marefriend. She'd been showering Twilight with compliments since the incident, their earlier problems forgotten. Now they walked back towards the library together. Fluttershy wanted to make sure Twilight got home safely, she seemed likely to pass out in the middle of the road. Spike followed behind them.

A shiver ran down Twilight's spine. Although the days were still hot the nights were beginning to get chilly. Winter would be here soon. Fluttershy had seen Twilight shiver. She took a quick look around to make there that there was nopony around. She then untucked her wing from her side and extended it around Twilight back. It brought them closer together so that as they walked their bodies were against each other. The chilly night air couldn't bother Twilight anymore. Fluttershy flashed Twilight an embarrassed smile, all that Twilight could do was return it. She leaned her head against the pegasus' pink mane and sighed happily. It was soft and warm against her cheek, more comfortable than any pillow she'd ever slept on.

From that point on they walked in silence. Content just to be with the other. When they finally reached the library Fluttershy accompanied Twilight inside. Twilight immediately found the dining room table, whereas Spike immediately went to find his bed. A quill and piece of parchment floated over to Twilight, although they wavered in mid air. Both landed in front of her.

"What are you doing?" Came Fluttershy's voice from behind.

"I'm writing my letter to Princess Celestia." Twilight tapped a hoof to her chin as she replied.

"You seem really tired though. maybe you could wait until tomorrow to write it?"

Twilight was about to argue that it was best to do it right away. Then she thought that maybe it would be best to wait. That way mistakes could be avoided and it would give her more time to focus her thoughts. She turned her head around and gave Fluttershy a quick peck on the lips. "You're right."

Fluttershy escorted the lavender unicorn up to her bedroom. Twilight immediately collapsed on the bed with a comfortable sigh.

They hadn't been together long but neither pony could remember a time when they had been happier. It was easy to be themselves when around the other. Twilight wasn't worried about sounding nerdy around Fluttershy. The pegasus was always glad to listen to anything Twilight had to say. She would even often ask how the unicorn's experiments were going, or if she'd learned any new spells lately.

The same went for Fluttershy. When she was around Twilight she didn't have to worry about being shy. Fluttershy knew she could go to her marefriend with anything, no matter the issue. She wouldn't be judged or ridiculed instead the unicorn would try and make it okay anyway she knew how. It made Fluttershy feel good about herself, knowing somepony cared for her as much as Twilight did.

Fluttershy watched Twilight as she stretched. She couldn't help but admire the unicorn. The pegasus was extremely impressed with how Twilight had bravely confronted the Ursa. Compared to Twilight she wasn't brave at all.

"How do you do it, Twilight?"

"Sorry?" The unicorn turned to her marefriend a curious look across her face.

"How do you manage to be so brave? Compared to you I'm so weak and cowardly. If our friends were in danger I'd never be able to protect them...I'm always the one who's going to be needing help..." Fluttershy was clearly upset at this though. She didn't want to make this about her she just wished she understood where bravery came from. As somepony who'd been afraid her whole life the concept of "standing up for yourself" was lost on her.

Twilight raised a lavender hoof and stroked Fluttershy's cheek softly. "Don't ever use me as a way to make yourself look bad. You don't have to be brave. You're so many other things. You're the element of kindness. It's your kindness that won me over, remember?" Despite being new at this twilight wanted to make Fluttershy feel better. She'd do anything to see her smile. "You help all your friends in so many other ways. You'll show all of us your bravery one day, Fluttershy." Twilight felt as though everything she was saying was awkward and wrong. Showering her marefriend with compliments wasn't the way to make her feel better. It was about finding that one special thing about Fluttershy that would shine above everything else. She wasn't quite sure what it was but when she found out the unicorn would be sure to let Fluttershy know.

"Thanks." Fluttershy was blushing. Twilight believed in her and for now that was all that mattered. "I'd better get going though. It's getting awfully late."

Twilight yawned. She was tired too but she didn't want to see Fluttershy go quite yet. That's when the idea sprung into her mind. "Or you could spend the night here!"

Fluttershy jumped back in surprise. After all, Twilight had just randomly sprung up and raised her voice. The lavender mare gave her marefriend an expectant look. "Oh, um...I'm not sure. I mean Angel would worry and I don't have any of my things..."

Before Fluttershy could get out another word Twilight interrupted her. "It could be like a sleep over! I've never had one of those."

Fluttershy considered it, she really did. The idea of falling asleep with Twilight and waking up next to her was pleasant, to say the least. She also doubted Twilight intended for anything other than sleep to happen, but still Fluttershy's nervousness got the best of her. "I'm sorry Twilight, I really can't. I have to go. I'll see you soon." With a quick peck on the cheek Fluttershy left the library without even giving Twilight a chance to say goodbye.

Twilight was left standing there and she sighed. She couldn't help but think that she'd done something wrong. If she had, what was worse, is that she had no idea how to fix it.

Ugh...I thought being in a relationship would be easy.



Pinkie had spent the better part of the night sobbing. Even when the Ursa had attacked she hadn't been scared. The pain was too overwhelming for her to feel fear. Now it had been dealt with so she'd returned to her room, curled up and began crying again. It had been a rough day for her.

Everypony always told her she needed to grow up, that she was too childish. She thought confronting Rainbow Dash HAD been the grown up thing to do. Instead the only thing it seemed to have accomplished was make her single. Thinking it over though it almost made sense. Rainbow Dash was beautiful and athletic. There was nothing in Pinkie Pie that Dash would be interested in. In fact Rainbow Dash didn't even really like sweets!

Pinkie gave a hopeful glance out her window, half expecting Rainbow Dash to pop in, apologize and make everything okay. Instead it was only the blackness of night.

Pinkie Pie sighed and tried to get some sleep.


The next morning Fluttershy had woken up feeling guilty. She'd rushed over to the library to apologize to Twilight. Of course sleep had barely found her the night before. Not to mention the images of falling asleep with her back firmly placed against Twilight's belly, the purple unicorn's hooves wrapped around Fluttershy. None of those had helped her find sleep. Deep down it wasn't that she hadn't wanted that, it was simply that she wasn't ready. All she would of had to do is explain that to Twilight. Not make her feel awful about it by leaving. It was just seeing Twilight looking at her so expectantly...

Fluttershy gave several timid knocks upon the door. From the other side she heard Twilight yell out "Spike! Door!" She could even hear Spike muttering to himself on the other side of the door before he opened it. Behind Spike Fluttershy could see that the library was a mess. Books were flung onto the floor without care, while several others floated around. It took Fluttershy a few moments to realize it but each book shared a similar theme: Romance. The pegasus gulped, she'd really made a mistake this time.

"Oh hey Fluttershy." Spike spoke with his usual cheery demeanour, but there was sometihng underlying in his tone. "Maybe you can talk to Twilight. She's been up all night going through these books. Kept me up too." He emphasized this with a yawn.

"Oh my...I'll see if I can maybe help."

With that Fluttershy let herself in, Spike walked off grumbling again. Twilight still wasn't aware of her presence and Fluttershy watched as she flipped from book to book frustratedly.

"No. No! NO!" Twilight allowed a loud groan to pass her lips and with her magic dispersed the books angrily. She then sighed and mumbled "One minute we're fine and the next we're not...I don't understand..."

"Um, Twilight...I was hoping I could maybe, um, talk to you...?" Fluttershy kneaded at the ground with her hoof.

Twilight turned around quickly, surprised that Fluttershy had even shown up. The unicorn was exhausted, as Spike had said she'd spent the entire night awake looking through book after book to figure out what she'd done wrong. There was no chapter in any book titled "Why your marefriend won't spend the night with you and why she'd rather run away." Even though she wasn't sure what she'd done Twilight could think of only one thing to fix it. "I'm sorry, Fluttershy. I didn't mean to upset you."

Fluttershy's eyes widened. Both from Twilight's apology and from her appearance. Her mane was dishevelled and there were bags under her eyes. She really has been up all night... Fluttershy was overcome with guilty. She tread carefully around the dozens of books on the floor to make her way to Twilight. Without warning she wrapped her forehooves around Twilight's neck and brought her in close for a hug.

"Oh, Twilight I'm so sorry. I feel absolutely awful." Her hoofs tightened around Twilight's neck.

"I-what? You're sorry? What did you do, Fluttershy?" Twilight didn't understand.

"I made you feel absolutely awful. I never wanted to do that." Fluttershy sighed as she pulled away. "Last night had nothing to do with you Twilight and had everything to do with me. I was conflicted and then you were looking sooo hopeful and expectant." Fluttershy felt as though she were rambling, having trouble getting to the point.

"So, I pressured you." Twilight concluded.

Fluttershy huffed angrily. "No, that's not what I'm saying." Twilight seemed surprised, she'd never seen Fluttershy take a stand like that before. "I wanted to stay, Twilight. I really did. I thought about falling asleep with you all last night and it felt good. You know how I am though. I got scared, too frightened to actually go through with it. I'm not good at standing up for myself either. I panicked and I left. I shouldn't have done that. Our relationship means more to me than just leaving when things get hard." Fluttershy concluded, rather proud of her point.

Twilight was moved, "Fluttershy..." She spoke softly.

Fluttershy interrupted her again. "We haven't been together for very long but you already mean so much to me. I care for you a lot and I know that I can talk to you about anything. You've told me that I can. I just wish I'd listened instead of making you feel like you did something wrong. You didn't, I promise."

"Thank you, Fluttershy." There was a pause as she tried to think of something else to say. Instead all she came up with was "Thank you." again.

Fluttershy gave her marefriend a sheepish smile before leaning in to press their muzzles together.

Maybe it'll be easier than I thought. Twilight contently thought to herself.

Author's Note:

Alright so, for those who aren't aware I messed up. Between the last chapter and this one...Well the sequencing was off. So I kind of combined the two into one mega chapter. Unfortunately it has affected it quite a bit...It had been o long since I'd written a chapter for this that I had forgotten what exactly had happened. It was a dumb mistake. Anyway here is the new and improved chapter. Hope you enjoy.