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Everypony Loves - Kaii-Leiko

A story based around the canon stuff of the series, what`s off screen. RainbowPie and Twishy

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Party Shenanigans

It was difficult for Twilight to describe her first kiss. She never thought she'd have a first kiss since she was more interested in books than in dating. It wasn't like stallions were forming a line to be with her. And she sure did not think it would be with a member of the same sex. She was freaking out internally. Her first kiss was both awful and wonderful at the same time.

It was awful because she'd accidentally missed Fluttershy's lips at first and had to readjust herself. She wasn't entirely sure she'd done it right. She was terrified she'd just ruined her friendship with Fluttershy and of rejection too. Then there was a part of her that was relieved. The way her lips felt against Fluttershy's was divine and her heart felt as though it were going to burst. It felt right and let out a lot of the stress she'd been building. For better or worse everything was out in the open. The question of Fluttershy being attracted to her was about to be answered.

Twilight took a couple steps back and the lavender mare watched her friend for a few moments. She knew this probably had not been the way to reveal her feelings. She should have just told Fluttershy and hoped for the best. Not kissed the shyest mare in Ponyville. If anything it made it worse because of how shy Fluttershy was. It seemed there was only one thing left to do.

"Fluttershy, I'm really sorry." Twilight kicked one of her front hooves back and forth in the dirt. "Every book I read says that a kiss is a good way to express romantic feelings. It wasn't how I wanted to let you know but I panicked. I freaked out a little bit. I wasn't thinking and I hope you understand. I'm just going to...Go now..." Twilight backed up a little bit.

Just as the unicorn began to turn Fluttershy muttered something inaudible. Twilight turned back and tilted her head, a curious expression on her face.

The pink-maned mare gave a series of loud squeaks. Very similar to when the two of them first met. Twilight wasn't sure Fluttershy was trying to tell her something or shoo her away.

"One more time Fluttershy, please?" Twilight tried her best to not be rude, especially after what she'd just done.

The words were at least audible this time. "I didn't mind..."

Twilight took a hesitant step back towards her friend. "You...Didn't?"

"I like you too Twilight. I have for a little while now. I've been, um, meaning to, um, tell you. You know how I am though. I just, um...Couldn't bring myself to...Say anything..." Finding the right words to describe what she was feeling was proving difficult.

"You like like me?" Excitement was barely contained in her voice.

Fluttershy gave a slight nod yes. Twilight began hopping up and down in circles. She continuously chanted "Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes" and the shy mare couldn't stop a giggle from escaping her lips. For Twilight it was a feeling of euphoria. She'd never experience the feeling of confessing to that special somepony and being told the feeling was mutual. After a minute or so of this, Twilight calmed herself.

"I guess this means we have quite a bit to talk about then?" Twilight asked, exhaling sharply. She'd ran out of breath with all of her chant-jumping.

Fluttershy's cheeks were beginning to change colours. "Yes. Would you, um, like to come in?"

Together they made their way into Fluttershy's cottage. Both of them were happier than they'd been in a long while.


Gilda's party was well under way and everyone had shown up already excluding the guest of honour. Everypony was mingling, talking to friends and just having a good time. Not many were familiar with Gilda's poor reputation, although they soon would be. Twilight and Fluttershy had arrived to the party together, They'd had a good talk in Fluttershy's cottage.

Neither of them had ever dated before and it made each comfortable with the other. Neither of them had more experience than the other so neither of them had any expectations. They'd each traded stories of how their crush had developed. Their storied were similar, which had made each of them chuckle. They'd made the decision together to see where this brought them. They didn't want anypony knowing quite yet although Fluttershy was obviously far more concerned on what everypony would think. This worried Twilight because she couldn't help but remember how miserable Pinkie Pie had seemed. She took comfort in thinking that she wasn't quite ready for people to know either. They'd have plenty of time to worry about that later, so they simply tried to enjoy Gilda's party.

"You've met Gilda, haven't you? What's she like?" The prospect of meeting a griffon was exciting to Twilight.

Fluttershy was immediately uncomfortable, but Twilight only attributed it to the party. They'd never gotten around to actually talking about what had made Fluttershy so upset earlier. "Oh, well um, I'll tell you later, Twilight." Fluttershy then excused herself to go speak to Pinkie Pie, promising Twilight she'd be back shortly. The unicorn couldn't help but flash Fluttershy a fond smile.

It was this moment that Applejack, who had been chatting with Rarity, noticed Twilight standing by herself. She excused herself from Rarity and trotted over to Twilight. "Howdy Twilight, how are 'ya'll doin' today?"

Twilight greeted the pale-orange earth pony with a smile. "I'm doing quite well, how about yourself?"

"Ah'm doin' just dandy." Applejack grinned and leaned in to whisper into her friend's ear. "Ah have somethin' that belongs to 'ya though. A certain saddlebag 'ya left in town earlier today."

Twilight's eyes widened. She then realized it was no big deal. She'd already spoken to Applejack about her issues previously. The books didn't reveal anything more on the subject as none of them specifically spoke of fillyfoolers. Twilight had completely forgotten about those books when she'd taken off after Fluttershy. If Applejack hadn't told her about them she might have not even remembered until she took inventory in the library.

"Thank you Applejack, I appreciate you picking them up." Twilight couldn't understand why Applejack's grin wouldn't subside.

"Ah think I figured the mystery out Twilight." She chuckled softly. "Ah reckon 'ya got 'yerself a little crush on Fluttershy from the way 'ya gone'n took off after her."

Twilight wasn't sure what to say. She'd never predicted somepony figuring it out. "Applejack, please you can't tel-" Before Twilight could really get into what she was about to say she was interrupted.

"'Ya don't gotta worry. 'Yer one of mah best friends Twilight. 'Yer sexual orientation don't mean nothin' to me. You'n Fluttershy're gonna make one mighty cute couple if 'ya get the nerve to tell 'er. I know she might not like mares but ye'll never know unless 'ya try." Applejack placed a hoof on Twilight's shoulder. "Ah know this must be a difficult time for 'ya since 'yer comin' to terms with this stuff but just know ah'll support 'ya anyway I can. 'Ya can count on me 'ta keep this 'ta mahself until 'yer up 'fer people knowin'." She gave Twilight a warm smile.

Twilight knew she could have interrupted her friend at any time to tell her the latest events. She was just too touched by her friends words to ruin such a kind speech. All she could do was return Applejack's smile before breaking the news to her. "I already told her." Twilight's voice was giddy and enthusiastic. She was just waiting for the apple-bucking earth pony to ask how it went.

"Ah'm guessin' it went good since 'ya can't even stand still?"

"It did! I kissed her and at first I thought I did then wrong thing but then Fluttershy told me she feels the same way! We talked about it for a bit and we agreed we wanted to be together, just not let everypony know about it yet." It was as though Twilight couldn't get the words out fast enough.

Applejack patted Twilight on the shoulder. "Ah'm happy for 'ya gal!"

That just about described Twilight's emotions as well.

In the meantime Fluttershy had caught up to Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie had told Fluttershy to leave it all to her, but that didn't reassure her at all. The guest of honour arrived as their conversation ended and Fluttershy quickly found somewhere to hide where she wouldn't be in Gilda's way.


The party hadn't gone as well as expected. The 'guest of honour' had left in a rage, and it essentially had spelled the end of the friendship between Rainbow Dash and her. The cyan mare was still hung up on the speech she'd given Gilda. If being cool is all you care about... It was really beginning to dawn on her how uncool she'd been to her marefriend recently. She felt awful about it, and that speech easily could have been about her. She couldn't remember a time she'd felt so bad in a long while.

Then there was the Gilda incident. She'd just lost an old friend. She was upset about that but what was more upsetting was how Gilda had acted to her friends while she was there. Pinkie Pie hadn't told her, and Rainbow Dash really wondered why. Was the cyan mare so bad of a marefriend Pinkie Pie thought she wouldn't believe her? If so she had every reason to feel as awful as she did.

It wasn't until much later in the party that Pinkie Pie came to find Dash. It was unusual for her to find the faster flier in Ponyville alone during a party. She hopped towards the cyan pegasus. "What's wrong Dashie?"

"Nothing." despite the smile plastered on Dash's lips Pinkie knew something was wrong. She could see Rainbow Dash's eyes were a little watery than usual and that how she knew something was seriously wrong. She frowned and nudged Dash with her elbow gesturing her towards the kitchen with a head nod. Dash followed her in.

The moment they got in the kitchen Pinkie Pie leaned in for a kiss but Rainbow Dash turned her head away.

"What's wrong Dashie?" It was the second time she'd asked that in the last couple minutes. Her voice oozed concern at this point.

"Why didn't you tell me...?"

Pinkie Pie didn't quite understand.

"About all the mean things Gilda was doing around Ponyville?" the rainbow-maned mare now turned back to face the pink one. "I would have believed you, Pinkie Pie. I swear. You must think I'm so awful an-" Pinkie's hood was pressed against Dash's muzzle, silencing her.

"Rainbow Dash..." Pinkie's eyes softened as she looked at the mare she loved. "That's not it at all, you silly filly." Pinkie's hoof moved from the pegasus' mouth to gently stroke her cheek. "I knew Gilda was important to you and that's why I didn't tell you. I thought throwing her a party might make her a little nicer. Then it wouldn't have been a problem any more. I didn't want to make you think any worse of one of your best friends."

"You did this for me? Even after some of the stuff I heard she did, like what she did to Fluttershy, you did this for me?" Dash's voice cracked as she spoke.

"Of course. I'd do anything for you." She nuzzled her lover.

"But I've been avoiding you, been pretty rude. I've been making you feel bad by keeping us a secret. Ignoring you and you still do something like this? Why?"

"Because I love you. I know I can be a little...Invading at times, and I guess you just needed space. I totally understand. You're silly if you think I'd think so poorly of you."

"Pinkie...How did I get stuck with somepony as amazing as you?"

Pinkie Pie giggled softly. "I guess you just got lucky."

They shared a kiss and for once Rainbow Dash wouldn't have cared if somepony walked in.


Twilight found Fluttershy after Gilda had left. She'd only just heard of what had happened between the two of them. In a way she was kind of grateful to the griffon. If it wasn't for that she may never have confessed to Fluttershy. That did not mean she was happy about what Gilda had done.

"I'm sorry Fluttershy, I completely forgot to ask what had happened earlier. I only just found out it was Gilda that had you crying earlier."

"Oh, don't worry Twilight. I'm really happy with how things turned out." She gave Twilight a knowing smile.

"Me too. I just don't like the thought of someone bullying you." It infuriated the unicorn.

"Oh, well...I'm used to it." Fluttershy looked back down, obviously recalling all the times it had happened. "I'm just not very good at standing up for myself."

Twilight raised the peagsus' chin up so that she was looking at her. "Then next time, if you need it, I'll stand up for you." She wouldn't let anyone bully Fluttershy again.

Fluttershy's eyes moistened for the second time that day, this time it was out of joy. If she were ever going to open her heart up to somepony she was glad it was going to be Twilight. She couldn't think of a pony more trust worthy than the mare she was now calling her marefriend. "That means a lot to me." Fluttershy wrapped her front hooves around Twilight's neck for a hug.

"I said the right thing?"

"You said the perfect thing."

"Well, I am a super smart smarty-smart pants." She giggled softly, reciting what Pinkie Pie had said earlier.

"Yeah but you're my super smart smarty-smart pants now."

Twilight wouldn't have it any other way.

Author's Note:

I pumped this one out rather fast compared to how I've been updating since I started writing this. I'm quite pleased with how this one turned out, especially the Twishy stuff. I'm focusing mainly on this fic now, so I'm hoping to keep updating at this pace. I also wanted to thank everyone for all their lovely comments and support. It means a lot to me!