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Everypony Loves - Kaii-Leiko

A story based around the canon stuff of the series, what`s off screen. RainbowPie and Twishy

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A Perfect and Confusing Evening

A/N Alright chapter 3! I'm not going to lie...I'm not too fond of this one. I'm not happy with how some of the parts turned out but I've finally figured out where I want to go with this story so no more super long time between updates! I hope that makes some people happy at least, haha! Starting in the next chapter the chapters should be longer again and I'm going to get back to Fluttershy and Twilight. I know it probably wasn't worth the wait but here it is, chapter 3. I hope you enjoy everypony.

Chapter 3: A perfect and confusing evening

The day was rapidly coming to an end, the majority of ponies hurriedly returning to their homes, anxious to return to their families. Shops were closing, the sun setting, casting a beautiful orange glow across Equestria. Soon, the moon would rise into the air, followed by darkness coating the sky until Princess Celestia raised the sun once again on the dawn of the next day.

Although most ponies were returning home, there was one earth pony far from home.

Somewhere on the outskirts of Ponyville, Pinkie Pie had found a nice secluded spot elevated on a hill. It had a wonderful view of the sky, the pink mare deeming it to be the perfect spot for her picnic with Rainbow Dash. No one should find them out here.

Pinkie Pie set the blanket down and she hopped around, setting everything up. She carefully set out the plates before the food, the food being questionable choice for a meal, but no less tasty.

Fidgeting, the pink mare rearranged the picnics contents, a deep look of concentration settling across her face. This has to be perfect, she silently reasoned.

Minutes passed as the mare settled back down, a content and proud smile dancing across her face.

"Perfect!" She announced to no pony in particular.
There was nothing left to do but relax and wait for Rainbow Dash to arrive.


Rainbow Dash flapped her powerful cyan wings with all her might. She was flying as fast as she could, leaving a short rainbow trail behind her. She was already late for her meeting with Pinkie Pie and that was bad. Pinkie was already upset with her and she didn’t want to make matters worse. This was just another thing she would have to make up for and as she thought about it the perfect thing came to mind.
Being sweet and romantic usually wasn’t in her nature but she did her best when it came to Pinkie Pie. She truly did care for the pink mare a lot she just wished she had an easier time expressing it. Ever since she was a filly she’d had a difficult time showing her emotions due to the deep-rooted issues of her past but with a shake of her head she sent those thoughts out of her mind and returned them to the beautiful pink mare she would be arriving to any second. She would have to speed up for her surprise to work as soon it would be completely dark out.
She doubled her efforts. She knew it wouldn’t last very long but she was sure that the gesture would be sufficient. She flew far faster than she had on her way here leaving behind a beautiful rainbow behind her. She spotted Pinkie Pie below her and tucked her wings in diving down towards the ground only to open them at the last moment to fly over where the picnic was set. She landed and looked above her and was more than satisfied with the result. It was like their own personal rainbow above where they would be eating.

She grinned proudly and turned to Pinkie Pie.


It had been a long and confusing day for Twilight and she felt as though she was bubbling with jumbled emotions she couldn’t understand. She’d always found emotional attachment silly, but since she’d come to Ponyville she realized how mistaken she was. After she finally started to understand friendship she thought understanding other emotional feelings like love would just come naturally but it was the complete opposite.
She needed to talk to someone, someone who could help her figure all of this out. That was why she was making her way to Sweet Apple Acres to talk to Applejack. With Applejack being the element of honesty she couldn’t think of anypony better to talk to.
Twilight slowly trotted up to the front door of Applejack’s home and tapped at the door gently. She could hear some commotion inside and a few moments later the door was pulled open to reveal Applejack on the other side, surprised to see her violet maned friend on the other side of the door. Not displeased, just surprised. She smiled at Twilight before speaking.
“Why howdy Twilight. What can ‘ah do for ‘ya this evenin’?”
Twilight wished she actually had an answer. “I was hoping maybe I could talk to you. In private.”
“Sure thing, Sugarcube.” Applejack made her way outside and led Twilight to a more secluded part of the farm, underneath one of the many large apple trees that graced her land. Both of them took a seat underneath the tree.
For a while no words were exchanged between the two. Applejack had considered saying something but whatever was on Twilight’s mind was clearly bothering her quite a bit so she figured when Twilight gathered enough courage she would tell the yellow mare herself. Twilight didn’t seem overly nervous or anything, just pensive. She was trying to find the best words to express how she was feeling without necessarily revealing everything.
“Do you think Friendship and love are the same thing Applejack?” Twilight asked bluntly facing the yellow mare directly.
Applejack was stunned for a few moments and unsure how to reply. She collected her thoughts before speaking. “Nah, ah don’t think so.” She didn’t elaborate, unsure of what answer Twilight was truly after.
“What’s the difference then? Because I’m certain I love you and Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash and all our other friends too.”
“’Course ‘ya do sugarcube, but it’s a different kinda love. Ah know ‘ya aren’t really used to these kinda things so how can ah put this…” She placed a hoof under her chin. “Lovin’ a friend is different than the way ‘ya’d love a significant other.” A quill and pad floated by Twilight, scribbling notes and Applejack rolled her eyes.
“How can you tell the difference though?”
“ ‘S complicated…When ‘ya love someone as more than a friend ‘ye’ll know Twilight. When ‘yer ‘’round ‘em you’ll feel funny. You’ll think about that person all the time.” TwilIght nodded as Applejack spoke as her quill continued to take notes. “But why are ‘ya askin’ all this for?”
It was now Applejack’s turn to be curious.
“Oh you know me.” Twilight’s lips curved upwards into a smile. “Just curious, research. Since I’ve never experienced romantic feelings or a romantic interest in anypony I was wondering if I’d be able to recognize it if I did.”
Although it seemed logical from a twisted Twilight point of view Applejack felt as though something didn’t add up. Her mind was running in overdrive and it was as though her brain was screaming at her what was going on from a long distance away, just far enough so she couldn’t hear properly and then suddenly it made sense. Twilight wasn’t asking for any of the reasons she said she was. The truth was she was experiencing it already but being insecure and having been mostly secluded from others she just wanted to make sure. Applejack smiled broadly.
“You wanna know what ah think Twilight?”
“Of course.”
“Ah think that you already found someone that makes you feel funny and you should be more confident Twilight. Whoever this stallion is he’d be lucky to have a mare like you liking him.”
Twilight wasn’t very good at subtlety and she understood it would be pointless trying to deny her interest in somepony, but she still wouldn’t reveal who. She already felt bad hiding things from her friends as is. “Yeah…The stallion…”
Applejack narrowed her eyes, as any of Twilight’s friends would have had they been there. Something about the way she said that. Applejack readied herself to question the purple unicorn further but Twilight stood up abruptly.
“I’m sorry Applejack it sure is getting awfully late and I have to get home now, Spike may have burned down the library by now.” A nervous laugh escaped her. “Thanks for your help though, it’s really appreciated.”
Applejack was just in the middle of saying goodbye when Twilight spun around and ran off back towards her library. But this wasn’t over.

Just wait, I’ll figure out what’s going on Twilight Sparkle.


“I’m so sorry darling, I’ll be done soon I promise.” Rarity said as she looked over Fluttershy, making sure everything was proper. Rarity was making a dress for a mare with a similar build to Fluttershy so she’d asked Fluttershy over to help and being the perfectionist that she was it was taking longer than she expected. Fluttershy had already been there for over two hours. Rarity was happy for the company though, and for the help. She enjoyed being around Fluttershy as she was so easy to be around. A lot of people had difficulties with her but Rarity and the yellow mare had been friends for a long time and they made sure they at least had every Thursday for themselves.
“Oh, it’s okay Rarity really.” Fluttershy was just happy to be able to help. She had nothing planned for the evening anyway and since she knew how Rarity could get she’d made sure all her animal friends would be okay. This also gave her a lot of time to think while Rarity changed the size of the dress, or took notes or other various things.
She hadn’t seen or spoken to Twilight since she’d helped with the teleportation spell but she kept thinking about the compliment Twilight had given her. Compliments were scarce, or didn’t happen at all and even when she got one Fluttershy was usually to embarrassed or didn’t think she deserved it so she didn’t truly accept them. When Twilight said it though her stomach did a back flip. It had felt as though she was going to be sick but was oddly happy at the same time.
Then on the way home thinking about how pretty Twilight was as well. Fluttershy had a feeling she knew what was going on but she’d always been taught that it was…Wrong. There must be a reason people hid it, or were scared to admit it. They hid because they were embarrassed, they were freaks but was that really the case? Twilight wasn’t a freak, at least not in Fluttershy’s eyes…And what she was feeling didn’t feel wrong or like something to be embarrassed about. It had been what she was taught, but it didn’t mean she had to believe or agree with that point of view, did it?
“Oh I’m sorry Rarity, what was that?” Fluttershy snapped back to reality. She smiled sheepishly towards her friend as the white mare shot her a concerned look.
“Is everything alright Fluttershy?”
“Oh, yes. Why do you ask?”
“I finished quite a few minutes ago and you seemed to be staring off into space. I must say I was getting quite worried.”
“Um…It’s nothing Rarity.”
It wasn’t uncommon for Fluttershy to be timid but this was over the top even for her. Rarity’s eyes narrowed. There was nothing to be shy of or embarrassed of here. It was only the two of them but Fluttershy’s cheeks were still splashed a faint shade of pink.
“My my Fluttershy, you are blushing almost as though you’re thinking of some beautiful stallion.” Rarity chuckled, impressed at her own humor.
Fluttershy hid behind her mane, mumbling behind it. “Who? Me? I’d never….Can’t even….Never even…”
Rarity was known for keeping track of gossip around Ponyville. She loved hearing what was going on with everypony in Ponyville. Which ponies were getting together. Who had a crush on who but never once had a rumor of Fluttershy having a crush on someone reached her ears which made this all the more surprising. Sure, she was jumping to conclusions but she was fairly certain in her assumption.
“Fluttershy! How could you not tell ME your best friend about this!?”
Before Fluttershy could be interrogated anymore she got herself out of Rarity’s dress in record time and mumbled something about being tired and that she had to go before storming out of Crousel Boutique.
Rarity grinned.

This sure got interesting.


The night had been downright magical. Perfect. Everything that Pinkie Pie had wanted from the evening. Now her and Rainbow Dash lay on their backs looking up at the stars holding each other’s hoofs. Rainbow Dash listened as Pinkie Pie pretended she knew what the constellations were, giggling because she thought Rainbow Dash actually believe her when in reality she just didn’t want to ruin Pinkie Pie’s moment.
It was getting late though, and it was time to pack things up. Rainbow dash turned her head to look towards the hyperactive mare. “I think it’s about time we headed home Pinkie.”
“Aww, already? I was having such a good time.”
“Me too.” Rainbow Dash smiled as Pinkie Pie nuzzled herself into Dash’s rainbow colored mane.
Both of them flipped themselves over and began packing everything up. They did it in silence occasionally glancing at each other with a grin. This went on until Pinkie Pie finally broke the silence. “Maybe we can do something like this again soon, Rainbow Dash.” Her voice was full of hope and excitement, it was obvious she already couldn’t wait for the next time they’d have a chance to be together like this.
“Yeah me too Pinkie. Soon I hope.” Dash didn’t exactly sound like she thought she believed they would be doing this again soon and Pinkie Pie knew exactly what the problem was. She huffed sending the tip of her mane that covered her face up and glared at Rainbow Dash for a moment before talking.
“We’re going to have to tell people on day Rainbow Dash.”
Dash shuffled uncomfortably. “I know Pinkie Pie… I-“
“I mean if we don’t tell people one day people are going to figure it out and-“
“I know Pin-“ She hadn’t even heard Dash.
“Then it’s just going to look worse. Besides I’m not worried about people knowing and I don’t know why you are. I love you and I’m pretty sure you love me and that’s all that matters. And if you don’t love me you should tell me now because I don’t want to waste my time here. Like when you spend a long time baking a perfect soufflé and then you open the oven too son and it pops. Talk about a waste of time.”
“Um Pinki-“
“But I don’t think you’re a waste of time. I mean if you’re so nervous than we could start out by just telling our friends. Twilight and Fluttershy. Rarity and Applejack. They’d understand I’m sure. None of them seem like judgmental judgementy pants! They’re out best friends and they’ll love us no mat-“
Rainbow Dash took a step forward and pressed her lips against Pinkie Pie’s. For once Pinkie Pie just shutup and closed her eyes. She melted into the kiss and her heart sped up whereas time seemed to slow down. She wasn’t sure how long they stood there with their lips pressed together but when they came apart Pinkie Pie exhaled sharply. “Wow.”
“Yeah…” Dash coughed. “I..I’ll work on it okay Pinkie? We’ll tell our friends soon. Since it’s so important to you okay?”
Pinkie smiled and not a single word was spoken again. Instead both of them finished cleaning up and headed home walking together a little bit of the way both of them with a huge smile on their faces.