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Everypony Loves - Kaii-Leiko

A story based around the canon stuff of the series, what`s off screen. RainbowPie and Twishy

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Chapter 2: The Feelings Begin

Chapter 2

The Feelings Begin

Books flew around the library, returning to their proper positions on their respective shelves. The brilliant midnight mane of the powerful unicorn shone brilliantly at the center of the room. Her face strained with focus and her horn was glowing faintly from the magic used on the books. She always did this. She would leave the books wherever she pleased and would only come on the off chance that somepony was going over. Normally Spike would be here to help, but he’d been working hard for Twilight so she’d given him the day to do whatever he wanted. Luckily she had somepony else coming to help and encourage her while she practiced a spell she was trying to perfect: her teleportation spell.

As the books flew back to their rightful place Twilight began thinking of the last couple weeks. She and her newfound friends had stopped Nightmare Moon. Twilight had found herself feeling a little smug that she had been correct. Though denying her irritation was a difficult task. If the princess had listened to her to begin with everything that had happened could have been avoided. Everything had turned out for the better, Twilight just wished somepony had taken her seriously.

Twilight only realized she'd lost track of time when she saw what time it was. Fluttershy would be arriving any moment, and she was not yet done! Twilight closed her eyes and focused, and the few books that remained zoomed back to where they belonged. She summoned as much magic as she could and focused on performing a variety of complex spells at once. All at once the floor was mopped, the shelves and surfaces were dusted and not a single object was left out of place. A tired sigh escaped Twilight's lips and she slumped to the ground, it seemed she'd overdone herself a little.

She closed her eyes and took deep breaths, trying to relax. With her two forehooves she began patting her mane down, it had gotten messy while she cleaned. She knew she hadn't needed to clean so vigorously. Fluttershy would have been fine had she walked into an absolute pigsty. Twilight was honestly just trying to work off her nerves, the entire prospect of an extended period of time alone with the butter mare caused her stomach to squirm in a way that was both unpleasant and incredibly enticing. All her new friends were important to her, of that there was no doubt. Fluttershy however seemed to occupy a special place in her heart. There was a special something about Fluttershy that Twilight simply couldn't put her hoof on. Being around Fluttershy meant it was impossible to frown. Whether it be from her kind words or her adorable demeanor Twilight always found herself grinning ear-to-ear in her company. Sometimes she could barely bring herself to look the pegasus in the eye and she wondered if that was how Fluttershy felt all the time.

Twilight was entirely new to friendship, and she'd tried to understand it on parchment but everyday seemed to contradict her previous findings. Fluttershy too had trouble with social situations and was always the most understanding when Twilight did something odd or unacceptable. Her other friends cared for her just as much, she was sure but Fluttershy was by far the most understanding.

A knocking at the door brought Twilight from her daydreams and she jumped as though the knocking at the door were much louder than it actually was. It was such a gentle tapping but it sounded to her as though Applejack was slamming her hind hooves into the door with all her strength. Time passed and still Twilight did not answer the door, she paced in front of it, contemplating how to greet her friend. She didn’t realize it had already been a minute until the knock came again, just as quiet as before. Twilight took a deep breath and swallowed trying to calm the fluttering in her stomach before finally opening the door to greet the pony behind it.


Knock, knock, knock.

“Dashie please open up. I’m really sorry” cried Pinkie Pie.

This was not the first time Rainbow Dash had heard the pink mare say this over the last couple weeks. Rainbow Dash had certainly not been happy with her, but it had not been that big of a deal. She had gotten over it rather quickly but Pinkie Pie insisted on apologizing time and time again. It was as though the pink mare felt as though apologizing was not enough even though Rainbow Dash had assured her that it was all over and done with. Rainbow Dash exhaled sharply and took a peek out of her window as it dawned on her that her cloud home was high above the ground and Pinkie Pie did not have any wings.

Outside of her door was Pinkie Pie, she had dozens of balloons on strung around her abdomen. Another series of knocks and Pinkie Pie finally noticed the rainbow-maned mare in the window. Her sky-colored irises looking pleadingly into Dash’s magenta ones, a look of such sadness it made it impossible for Rainbow Dash to deny her anything. She strode to her door and opened it, sighing.

Pinkie Pie flailed in an attempt to bring herself forward, but wasn’t doing a good job. She wiggled back and forth in place and Dash shook her head and released another exasperated sigh. She extended her cyan hoof forward and pulled Pinkie Pie in, leading her towards a sofa. She untied the balloons from around the pink mare. Although she could not walk on the clouds, as long as she remained on the sofa she should be fine. Pinkie Pie opened her mouth and Dash reacted instantly, putting a hoof onto Pinkie Pie’s mouth.

“No more! If you apologize one more time I’m going to explode!” Dash’s words came out quickly.

Pinkie Pie giggled positioning herself comfortably on the couch. “I was just going to ask how your day was.”

“Oh...” Rainbow Dash felt kind of silly for jumping to conclusions. She quickly regained her confidence. “Well, you could have been apologizing. Again”

“Could have, but wasn’t” Pinkie replied cheerfully.

Dash shook her head from side to side and did her best to hide the smile that was slowly forming on her lips. It was hard to bring Pinkie Pie down, and she began to realize that maybe instead of acting the way she had been for the last couple of weeks, perhaps she should have made Pinkie Pie understand that she really was okay, that they really were okay. Rainbow Dash opened her mouth but began to speak but she was cut off by Pinkie Pie, this wasn’t exactly rare though.

“I’m really sorry for what happened at the party Dashie. It was really inconsiderate of me to not take your feelings into account and that’s not what I wanted to do, actually it’s something I never want to. The last thing I want to do is make you feel uncomfortable or jealous because there’s no other pony I’m interested in. There are lots of other things I’m interested in like candy, parties, making people happy but not a single other pony.”

Dash’s heart skipped a beat. Her cheeks began to warm and she averted her eyes. She was happy she hadn’t averted Pinkie Pie. This is what she wished Pinkie Pie would have told her when this whole thing had started. Any concerns she may have still had evaporated and she could see Pinkie Pie was tilting her head, wondering about Dash’s reaction. Dash turned back to pinked and wrapped both of her front hooves around the pink mare, speaking softly into her ear.

“Thank you, Pinkie Pie”

“Oh Dashie, you don’t have to thank me!” Pinkie Pie’s cheerful voice came as Rainbow Dash pulled away with a sheepish expression on her face; her wings were tucked in tightly against her back. Pinkie Pie bounced on the spot making the couch wiggle, speaking as she did causing her voice to come out shaky.

“Now that everything is good we should go out and celebrate!”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Oh! Oh! We should go out for a picnic! It’ll be soooo much fun!” As Pinkie Pie spoke her voice seemed to speed up, each word coming out faster than the next. Rainbow Dash paced back and forth as she responded, her magenta eyes showing her concern.

“Someone might see us Pinkie Pie...” As Dash finished her phrase Pinkie Pie stopped bouncing.

“So what?”

“You know what the problem is Pinkie Pie!” Dash felt like this was another argument they’d had loads of times.

Before they had gotten together Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash had no problems hanging out together or being seen together in public, but ever since they had shared their feelings for each other Rainbow Dash was always concerned with what people would think if they found out, Pinkie Pie was concerned too but not in the same way. In Pinkie’s opinion they could overcome it, and in the end their true friends would accept them, but Rainbow Dash was more concerned with her reputation. She didn’t want people making fun of her, or thinking of her as a freak. She had always been considered cool, and it wasn’t something she wanted to lose. Pinkie sighed and shook her head from side to side, her poofy mane waving wildly as she did.

“Before you and I ever got together Rainbow Dash you would have said yes, and everyone would assume we were just eating lunch together, and that’s the same thing they’ll think now.” Her voice wasn’t its usual speedy self, and that’s how it was apparent Pinkie Pie was upset. “I’d like to be able to spend some time with you outside every once in a while.” Pinkie Finished.

“I-I know Pinkie Pie, but...” Rainbow Dash looked down but only for a brief instant, she was finding the words to express herself. “I know it’s hard on you Pinkie Pie and we...We’ll get there someday. Just please be patient with me.” It wasn’t enough for Rainbow Dash; she hated to see Pinkie Pie sad. “ How about we go out for that picnic at night? Tomorrow?”

It wasn’t exactly what Pinkie Pie had hoped for, but it was at least an improvement. Pinkie Pie’s seemed to cheer up and she started bouncing again. “It’ll be sooo much fun. We’ll bring lots of food and drink and we’ll sit there and talk and spend time togeth-“ Rainbow Dash cut her off before she could really get into her rant.

It seemed as though things would be okay after all.


“Fluttershy!” Twilight’s voice was loud, and overly-enthusiastic. She realized this and swallowed hard, realizing it was Fluttershy she was greeting, the shy pony not somepony like Pinkie Pie. She lowered her tone and continued with her greeting. “How’s it going?” Twilight finally noticed Fluttershy was holding a basket in her muzzle. She dropped it and gently nuzzled it forward with her muzzle and gave Twilight a shy smile.

“Oh, hello. I’m doing well.” Her voice was quiet and there was a pause before she continued talking. “I brought this for you.” As Fluttershy finished her sentence the unicorn looked down at the basket. It was a plain woven basket and inside it contained various fruits: Apples, oranges, peaches, and various other tasty looking fruits.

Twilight smiled and replied gratefully. “Thank you Fluttershy but you didn’t have to bring me anything.”As they spoke Twilight had made her way into the library, prompting Fluttershy to follow her. She brought the basket into the back of the library into the kitchen area.

“Oh I know, I just thought it would be nice” As they spoke Fluttershy had followed Twilight into the kitchen and she stood there awkwardly, looking at the ground and shuffling timidly.

Although Twilight had been in Ponyville for a couple of weeks already the truth was she had not seen her friends much since they had stopped Nightmare Moon and gotten the royal sisters talking again, and Fluttershy was the one she had seen the least of. From what she had gathered Fluttershy had been busy caring for her animals and her bunny Angel had gotten sick. Twilight was glad they were going to be able to spend this time together.

Even though she was glad to be with Fluttershy this afternoon she was also a little nervous too. This was the first time any of her five friends had come to spend time with her alone and the fact that it was Fluttershy did not alleviate any of Twilight’s nervousness. She’d already decided before she had even invited Fluttershy over that she wouldn’t mention anything about it to her (or anyone else) and try to hide the butterflies in her stomach as best she could, at least until she could figure out what it meant.

“What do you need my help with today Twilight?” Fluttershy spoke in a low tone.

“I was hoping you could help me with a new spell I’m learning.”

“Oh, okay...But I’m not a unicorn.”

Twilight giggled a little before responding. ``You can still help. Moral support, you`ll be here in case something goes wrong.” Fluttershy just nodded her head, and with a wave of her head Twilight signaled the yellow mare to follow her. They left the kitchen and made their way into the main area of the library where all the books were located. Fluttershy, still unsure of what was going to happen, trotted slowly behind Twilight and took a moment before finally asking.

“What spell are you trying to learn?”

As she trotted into the center of the library and took a look at the book she responded without even looking over. “I’m trying to learn the teleportation spell. I think it would have plenty of uses.”

“Oh yes.”

“The principal is easy, you focus really hard on another spot and using magic you move yourself from one spot to the other in the blink of an eye, ponies who are adept with the spell can even move other ponies along with themselves.” She exhaled before finishing. “The problem is if you lose your focus you could end up somewhere completely different and risk injuring yourself.”

“Oh my, I’m sure you’ll be able to get it.”

“I hope so.”

Both ponies retreated into silence; Twilight was scanning the contents of the book on the teleportation spell. She hoped it wasn’t beyond what she was capable of, but learning that she was the element of magic had made her think it was time to start learning a few more difficult spells. She’d been slacking off on her studies, and this spell was a great way to catch up.
Twilight had carefully read the passage several times at this point and the entire time Fluttershy had kept quiet. Even though Fluttershy was silent Twilight was still extremely aware of the mare’s presence. Every small breath Fluttershy took, Twilight was aware of it. It was making it hard to focus on what the book had to say, and as the time came closer to her performing the actual spell she was becoming more and more nervous of embarrassing herself in front of Fluttershy. Being scared of humiliating herself with a failed spell wasn’t something uncommon, but the level it was at now was unnatural. Her legs felt weak, and her brain kept imagining the worst outcome such as Fluttershy thinking poorly of her, or finding her to have no real skill in magic. She knew this was ridiculous because Fluttershy was the kindest pony, but she couldn’t seem to get a hold of her emotions.

Fluttershy herself wasn’t sure what to do. Her eyes would occasionally wander, looking around the library but there wasn’t all that much to look at so her eyes always returned to the purple mare before her. She tried her best not to stare but she continued to regardless of what she wanted. She was fascinated with Twilight’s beautiful and unique mane. The pink stripe that ran through the center of her mane made her mane stand out even more than it already did. Fluttershy found herself intimidated and wasn’t sure what she would do or how she would explain herself if Twilight were to catch her eyeing her.
She was intimidated by Twilight. She was arguably the strongest of the elements of harmony and it was thanks to her they had defeated Nightmare Moon and in comparison Fluttershy felt weak and pitiful. After all kindness could only take you so far. That wasn’t to say she wasn’t thrilled but it was how she was to be down on herself. When she compared herself to Twilight she felt envious. Twilight was beautiful, smart, strong-willed, and a great role-model for anypony. As Fluttershy’s mind processed her thoughts she couldn’t help but wish that she were more like Twilight and her cheeks turned red at her thoughts. She hoped Twilight didn’t have a mind reading spell. Twilight’s voice brought Fluttershy back to attention.

“Okay, I think I’m ready to try it.” Twilight sounded confident outloud, but inside she was nervous as could be. She forced her legs to move her to the center of the room and Fluttershy smiled warmly at her, her smile containing only the best of wishes for Twilgiht’s attempt and she felt her knees weaken even more than they already had.

Twilight closed her eyes and cleared her mind. She focused on a spot only a few feet in front of her. She let the magic gather and her lavender horn glowed. An aura of the same color gathered around it and in her thoughts she willed herself forward. There was a loud noise, as though several ponies were stomping at the exact same time and a large cloud of purple dust but when it cleared Twilight was still where she was except she was now on her belly, legs spread in all directions and her mane a little wild.

She heard Fluttershy gasp and rush over to her. Twilight hid her face in front of both of her front hooves her cheeks burning. Everything she had been worried would happen did, and she was almost wishing she’d done this alone as to not embarrass herself. Everything had to be perfect, and she had to have control of the situation, and she’d already lost it. She clamped her teeth on her bottom lip and sighed, unsure of what to expect.

Fluttershy didn’t see this as a failure; she saw it as an attempt. She rushed over to the lavender mare and nuzzled her head under Twilight’s left side, helping her get onto her hooves. Fluttershy helped Twilight sit in a more dignified position. She flipped a pink strand of her mane out of her eyes before talking.

“Twilight, are you okay? Does anything hurt?” Concern seemed to ooze out of every word that escaped Fluttershy’s mouth.
Twilight’s cheeks still burned, but not as intensely, she replied groggily. “ ‘Mokay.” To which Fluttershy only giggled at how silly Twilight sounded. Twilight turned her head away, a little wounded at the laughing. “That was horrible. “

“That wasn’t horrible at all. You did your very best and if you keep trying you’ll get it for sure.”

Twilight turned back to Fluttershy, realizing Fluttershy hadn’t been laughing at her, in fact nothing about this was funny to her at all. It crashed over her, why she’d wanted Fluttershy here in the first place. It was because out of all her other friends Fluttershy was the most supportive, the pony who when she got it wrong would encourage her to step back up and try again. Twilight nodded.

“Thanks Fluttershy.” Twilight’s words held more meaning than a simply sign of thanks, and even thought Fluttershy wasn’t sure exactly what was behind them, she could tell. After making sure Twilight was okay Fluttershy retreated to where she had been previously, lifting a hoof into the air and speaking in an encouraging, yet somehow quiet tone.

“You can do it Twilight!”

Twilight smiled and despite the butterflies in her stomach shook her head to get her mane placed correctly again and prepared herself to try again. Once again she focused, closing her eyes and let the magic come to her. She felt good about this attempt, but Fluttershy cleared her throat and at that moment Twilight’s mind thought of Fluttershy instead of the general area before her but it was too late. She unleashed the magic, and screamed.

She’d popped above Fluttershy and crashed onto her, and even though Fluttershy was surprised her scream was somehow quiet, if that was even possible. After Twilight re-oriented herself she realized Fluttershy was on her stomach in the manner Twilight had been just moments before and Twilight was horizontally along her back, her head stuck in Fluttershy’s mane.
Fluttershy shook her head, getting her own bearings. The first thing that came to her mind wasn’t that Twilight had fallen on her, or misjudged where she would appear it was the fact that Twilight had managed to teleport at all. “Oh Twilight, you did it!” It was the most excited Twilight had ever heard the yellow mare.

Twilight smiled. She couldn’t help but feel pleased with herself. Teleporting was a rather advanced spell and she’d managed to accomplish it, and it was thanks to something that she’d dismissed as pointless for years: friendship. She honestly didn’t know if she’d have been able to do it without Fluttershy’s encouragement, and her cheeks flushed at the thought of what she was about to say, but Fluttershy deserved to know how much she had helped.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, Fluttershy. Thank you.” Twilight’s voice was sincere, she was extremely grateful for the help. Fluttershy turned her head, looking behind her so she was looking directly at Twilgiht.

“Oh thank you, but I didn’t do anything really.”

“You helped a lot, with your encouragement.” Twilight noticed Fluttershy’s eyes, they were a bright cyan color, the same color as the sky on a bright summer day. “Your eyes are really pretty.”

Twilight couldn’t believe she’d just said that, and she couldn’t understand why. Sure, it was the truth, but it wasn’t something you just randomly told somepony. Twilight quickly bounced onto her hooves and trotted to where her book was, clearing her throat and magicking the book shut. “I guess I’ve practiced enough for today.”

At the comment on her eyes Fluttershy didn’t know what to say. Nopony ever commented on her appearance and she never went out of her way to make herself noticed like Rarity did. She kept her mane nice and that was about it. She pushed herself back up so she was standing, and felt as though maybe she’d done something, since Twilight was suddenly ending her practice session.

“Oh okay...”

Fluttershy trotted to the door, Twilight magicking it open to be polite. “Thanks for your help Fluttershy. I really appreciate it.” She was having trouble forming words. It wasn’t that Fluttershy wasn’t beautiful, all of her friends were attractive, but it she only really ever paid attention to Fluttershy in terms of attractiveness.

Fluttershy smiled. “Thank you for inviting me. I’m glad I could help.”

Both ponies smiled awkwardly at each other, and after their goodbyes Fluttershy trotted off but after a few minutes spread her wings and took off slowly back towards her cottage at the edge of the Everfree Forest.

Thinking about it she was happy that Twilight had said that, she’d been self-conscious since she was a filly and it was rare that she believed other ponies compliments but there was something about the way Twilight said it, and the way she’d looked at her. Fluttershy could tell that she had really meant it. Her thoughts eventually led her to thinking about Twilight herself.
Twilight was attractive too. Her lavender coat was shiny and soft to the touch as she had found out today. The waves of midnight blue that fell along her neck with the bright streak through the strands were a nice contrast to her lavender fur. Her eyes were wise, and they seemed to hold all the answers. Yes, Twilight was very pretty...

“Oh my, Fluttershy. You shouldn’t be thinking about another one of your friends like this, especially not another mare”
She pushed her thoughts of Twilight out of her mind and headed home to take care of the wonderful creatures that awaited her upon her return.

Meanwhile back at the library Twilight was pacing again. It was time she figured this out. She would figure this out the same way she figured everything out. She focused and using her magic brought a book down from the shelves. Big bold letters on the cover read “Friendship 101.” She opened it and immersed herself within the words.