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Sometimes They Call Me Super - KorenCZ11

My name is Jaquline Apple, but most ponies call me Applejack. However, that isn't my only name. Every now and again, ponies know me as Marevelous Red. Sometimes they call me Super, other times they call me a Hero.

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Harmony Days II: A simple Request


“Jaquline!” A soothin' voice called out from inside the farm house. Ah stopped whatever it was Ah was doin' and Ah ran inside. Mom was wearin' an apron and makin' pancakes. The air was filled with cinnamon and nutmeg and apples with the soft sound of light fryin' comin' from the pan.

“Yes mama?” Ah asked. Mom had her orange and blonde mane all tied up in braids like she usually did, and she was wearin' an apron over her neck as so not ta get batter all over her coat. Her belly was real big and she wasn't movin' like she used ta, but it never bothered her. She chopped up a few pieces of apple and sprinkled them over the batter she'd just poured inta the hot skillet. Ah got my little self up against the stove so Ah could watch as the pancakes cooked.

“Sugar cube, go get yer brother and yer father, breakfast is almost ready.” She leaned down and kissed my head, and just like that Ah ran back outside. But, somethin' was wrong. The trees were all dead now. All the mornin' sunlight was gone, and the sky was gray and barren. A sense of fear started ta creep up my spine. Ah called out fer em,

“Papa? Macintosh?” but nopony answered. Ah started ta check further back in the trees, but then everythin' got dark. Ah couldn't see anymore, and Ah was afraid of it. Ah kept runnin' through the endless dead trees in the dark gray sky, somethin' wasn't right, but Ah didn't know what. Ah heard mom call again,

“Jaquline, where did ya go? Yer father and yer brother are already back?” Ah looked around, but everywhere Ah looked there were only trees. Ah made my way through a crevice in between everythin' and was somehow in the hospital now. Dad was cryin’ with a baby in his hooves, Macintosh was huddled in a corner.

“Papa? W-what happened?” He brought the baby in closer and shook his head. Through teary eyes and a shaky voice he said,

“Rosie... Yer momma's gone, Applejack.” The words came crashin' down like hail made of bullets. Ah could feel everythin' beginnin' ta break inside.

“W-what? W-where did momma go?” Ah asked, a glimmer of hope that she might just be lost. He sniffed hard and started ta rock the baby.

“Up ta the sky, Applejack. She cain't come back home either.” Ah could feel the breaks gettin' bigger. Ah was about ta fall apart. Ah turned back and ran inta the trees. Momma couldn't be gone, she just couldn't be! Anythin' but that, anythin' but that, please! The trees became thick again, and the hospital room Ah was just in disappeared. Ah searched fer a new exit, wanderin' around again. Ah finally found a new one, and Ah was in the city. The sky was filled with smoke, and half the buildin's around central Manehattan were destroyed or on their way there.

Two figures shot across the sky, beatin' each other with enough force ta send shock waves through the air. Ah ran toward them, one of 'em had ta be Red Hoof, he could help me find my way back home. The black figure with the weird mirror on his chest shot inta a buildin' and Red hoof skipped through another and landed right in front of me. Ah went ta check on him, but then he got up and stared at me.

“Applejack, run!” he said. But... how did he know my name? Why did he sound so familiar? Ah took a step back, but it was like my hooves were stuck in molasses.

“Applejack, run!” he yelled this time. Ah couldn't move. He sounded just like papa... but that wasn't right. There was nopony in the city that sounded like him, and if Red Hoof sounded like him, then wouldn't that mean...

“Jaquline Apple, RUN!” Suddenly, my body started ta work and Ah bolted away as fast as Ah could, back ta the trees. Ah didn't wanna watch what came next. Ah knew what came next. When Ah made it back ta the trees, Ah decided not ta move. There wasn't any reason ta move anymore. Anytime Ah left the clearin', there was only sadness ahead. Ah curled up and cried. Ah couldn't take it anymore. Ah couldn't handle it, Ah'd already seen it all too many times.

“Hush, child. Everythin' will be alright. Momma's here,” A familiar voice said. Ah looked up, and there she was, standin' tall in all her red glory. As quick as Ah could, Ah curled up around her leg and cried inta her coat. She picked me up and carried me home in her hooves.

“Come now, there ain't nothin' ta be afraid of out here.” Mom took me inside, grabbed a blanket and laid down on the couch. Ah could feel how warm she was, how soft she was. She put a feathery wing around me and pulled me close.

“Everything will be fine, rest easy my dear.” Her voice was almost hypnotic and suddenly Ah started ta feel heavy. The world started ta fade, and then, there was nothin' but calm darkness.

When Ah woke up, Ah was real warm. Ah felt fantastic, like it was some of the best sleep Ah'd gotten in years now. But somethin' was off. Ah don't remember the spare bed Twilight showed me bein' this soft either. Then Ah felt movement. There was somethin' breathin' and Ah was just about layin’ on it. My eyes shot open and Ah just about jumped off the bed. Ah looked around the room, and everythin' seemed normal, until Ah looked at the bed. There was somepony else in it.

A bright white coat that almost had a tinge of pink ta it and big white wings. The mane was some kinda four color set of green, blue, violet, and pink with a strange, almost ethereal quality ta it the made the colors fade inta somethin' like a misty sunset. The body started ta move, and then the neck turned ta face me. She had dark violet irises that looked just about the same as Twilight's and gold flecks all along em.

“Ah... Good morning. Or, evening, I should say,” She said, her tone drippin' in regal inflections, similar ta Princess Luna, but soft and warm instead of cold and metallic.

“W-who are ya, and what are ya doin' in my bed?” Ah was pretty freaked out, but at the same time, she didn't have that feelin' of malice that Ah usually get from power ponies. Just... soft and warm, like a cool sunny day.

“Oh, right. We haven't met yet.” She stood up and she was even taller than Luna was. “I am Princess Celestia,” she said, takin' what was likely the most proper bow one could atop a mattress. Ah was slow ta do it, but Ah eventually bowed back. Shocked. That's what Ah was, shocked.

“Uh... well, okay, but uh... why-”

“A nightmare. You were calling out for your parents in your sleep. I must apologize for invading your dreams, and personal space it would seem, but I figured that you wouldn't mind if I ended the nightmare for you.” The nightmare she was talkin' about started ta come back up inta my mind, and suddenly mom havin' wings started ta make sense.

“Oh... ya saw all that... well... thanks, Ah guess.” Ah don't even know this lady and now she knows some of my deepest insecurities. Perfect.

“You're very welcome. Call me petty, but I honestly wish my own daughter would call for me like that sometimes...” She looked down like she was starin' inta some kind of memory, but then shook it off and stepped off of the bed. While Luna was wearin' a whole bunch of armor-like jewelery, Celestia didn't really have anythin' on. If she were Twilight's size, you probably wouldn't be able to tell she was any kind of Princess like this.

“I... also wish to thank you for befriending my daughter, miss Jaquline. She has a disposition not to dissimilar to my sister which tends to... cause friction between her and other ponies. I know how difficult she can be sometimes.” Ah shook my head.

“Nah, don't do that. Ah don't really deserve thanks fer that. And don't you worry about her 'disposition.' Ah take it and throw it right back at her. But uh, call me Applejack. Ah figure ya saw quite a bit, but that... only my mom called me that, and Ah think it should stay that way.” Fer a second, Ah swear she looked disappointed, but it vanished as soon as it appeared.

“Very well then, miss Applejack. I suppose I should go wake her up. Today is my day off, so I had intended to spend the day with her, but you were all asleep when I arrived this morning.” This mornin'!? What time is it now? Ah looked around, but this part of the castle is underground, there aren't any windows anywhere. Or really, at all as far as Ah know. Ah cannot wait ta get paid fer this. Ah'm gonna buy a phone and a license and Ah'm gonna start savin up fer a bike. Ah'm tired of not havin' thin's that separate me from middle class. Ah grabbed the phone Twilight let me borrow off the nightstand and checked it.

“Five forty!? Ah went ta bed at four! How in the hell did Ah sleep that long!? Wait a minute. Ya said ya arrived this mornin' didn't ya? How long have y'all been in my bed?” Ah asked all frantic. Ah have a project due on Monday! Ah was supposed ta work on that today, and Ah have class in twenty minutes! Oh no, where did all the time go? Ah'm not gonna make it there in time! Well... maybe if Ah take the rooftop route, but do Ah have the time ta change? My thoughts were interrupted by the Princess.

“Well... I suppose I um... arrived at ten? I must've... nodded off myself, ha ha...” The Princess laughed nervously. Ah shook my head.

“Whatever, Ah suppose It doesn't really matter all that much. Look, Ah gotta get outta here or Ah'm gonna be late ta class, so iffin' you'll excuse me...” Ah was about ta turn, but then she stopped me.

“Well, how soon do you need to be there?” She asked.

“Uh, bout twenty minutes or so. It's on the north side of town, So I'm gonna have ta run...” Ah replied.

“Would you like me to send you there now? I'd hate to inconvenience you.” She took a step closer. Ah wasn't sure how Ah was supposed ta react ta that.

“Well Ah... aw, whatever. Manehattan Community College, north side on 35th and 24th. Can ya do it?” Ah asked. Ah wasn't about ta turn down a free ride. Man am Ah glad Ah brought my saddlebags with me. The princess nodded and her horn started ta light up with a gold colored magic. Ah grabbed my bags and my hat and waited.

“Okay, stand still. It was nice to meet you, and I'm sure I'll see you again in the near future.” The same lightnin' style orb Luna used started ta form around me and shoot all around the room.

“Same here. Thanks fer doin' this Princess.” The light flashed and suddenly Ah was standin' in front of the school. Ah let out a breath and made my way inta the doors. Damn it. Ah'm gonna be hungry all class.

Twilight Sparkle

“Twilight, sweetie?” I started to hear faintly. The darkness began to subside, and I was awoken to mother's snout in my face. I was still groggy enough to not care, so I rolled over and ignored her.

“Now that I know you're awake, you can't hide from me,” She said. I groaned out loud at the suddenly brightening room and covered my face with a pillow.

“Very well then, you leave me no choice.” Wait. What does that mea- Suddenly, there was a great pressure on my hips.

“Gah! Mother get off!” She laughed.

“Will you get out of bed if I do?” I took a shallow breath under her weight.

“Yes, just move!” Finally relieved of the pressure, I sat up and started to rub the sand out of my eyes. As soon as I opened them, she took the opportunity to blind side me with a hug. Why does she have to be so strong?

“Good evening sweetie. How are you?” Her grip is likely to rival Applejack's, so I struggled to get out of the hug. That failing, I was finally tired of her, so I charged up my horn and teleported five feet away. Suddenly losing her support, mother collapsed into my bed.

“Awake. That's how I am. What are you doing here so early?” She sat back up and frowned at me.

“I wouldn't hug so hard if you would just return it. I had the day off, so I decided to come visit.” I frowned.

“I see. Well, you're here, visiting. What do you need?” She rolled her eyes and stood next to me.

“I don't particularly need anything. I just wanted to see you. Is that so wrong?” I rolled my eyes in return.

“Well, that's great. If you want something to do, then feed me or something. I need to go check on my patients.” She said evening, didn't she? I hope everypony is still okay...

“I suppose. What would you like to eat my dear? I recently learned a good recipe for apple pancakes~” She just about sang. I bit my lip. I have an unhealthy love for pancakes. If Mother loves cakes too much, I love pancakes too much. They are my weakness.

“Would you really!?” I turned around and almost shouted. She smiled that smile of hers and patted my head with her wing.

“Of course my dear.” Mother made her way toward the kitchen, and I stood there just about wagging my tail like a dog. Damn it. Played again. I can never beat her in chess, and she always knows how make me act like a child whenever she feels like it. I hate it when she does that. Now angered at my own inability to contain myself, I marched across the hall to check on my friends. I quietly entered Pinkie's room first. I always found it odd that half the things she decorates with are black, but I suppose she just had a goth phase that never quite ended. I still don't know about all the jobs she's had over the years. Maybe she was in a metal band at one point. Though, I suppose she could just like the tribal tattoo look. I moved to the bed to check and see how she was doing.

Pinkie was still sleeping, her injuries were pretty serious, so she deserves that much at least. Luckily I made it to her before any of her internal bleeding got out of hoof. I hate to use regular healing magic, but she'd have died if I didn't. Maybe I should have Mother order me some medical textbooks. And a cadaver to practice on. Er... she might think weird things about me if I ask for a dead body though. On second thought, medical text books will be fine. If I don't use magic to cure them, then I can't hurt their natural regeneration... I checked her pulse and her forehead to see if there was any sign of infection, and when I didn't find anything, I decided she was okay and left just as quietly as I entered.

Next up was Fluttershy, who had the same problem with that nerve damage, only less severe. There must be more to the Crow's power than what I know for them both to have the same wounds. Applejack said that they were both slashed by her, so this has to be something to do with that sword of hers... or maybe even her blood. Since Fluttershy also lives here in the castle, everything she ever earns either goes into the things she wants or to some kind of charity when she decides to not just save it. They all work for me, so I don't make them pay rent or anything. The least I can do is give them a place to stay in my big, empty castle.

I opened the door to her room across the hall from Pinkie's and made sure not to step on the wires that ran all over the place. Fluttershy is a video game addict and she has every console and every game she's ever taken interest in. However, she's moved more toward the computer as of late. Any time I ask it's always, 'something something PC master race' and so on. If ponies called me a nerd for being a bookworm, Fluttershy is the other kind. Luckily, the damage to her nerves was dulled and half healed by her transformation, but the skin on her left foreleg had to be replaced so that she might be able to feel with it again. As per usual, she was sleeping gently, quietly, and... sprawled all over her bed in a mess of blankets. The time spell was holding stable and that should wear off in about a week thanks to her hyper regeneration. I figure that must be part of her power, part of the sacrifice of her hearing. Poor thing, can't hardly hear anything unless you're yelling at her.

I turned to exit and nearly tripped over one of her cables, but managed to keep myself from falling. If I step too hard, she can feel it, and I'd rather not have her wake up on my account. Leaving from there, I moved back into the living room where all the chairs and the big table is and I started to smell them. The cinnamon in the air, the sizzling sound of the batter crisping on the hot skillet, the sweet smell of apples caramelizing. My mouth was watering now. I don't know where she found that recipe, but it smells fantastic!

I passed the kitchen on my way to the clinic, only barely able to resist the temptation of looking inside. The moment I do, I've lost to her. She will not beat me twice in the same day, this I swear! Finally, I enter the clinic and see that Rarity was reading something on her cot.

“Oh you're awake. How do you feel?” I asked. I must've been quiet because she almost dropped her book.

“Dah! Goodness Twilight, you could at least announce your presence a little more. I swear you move like a ghost sometimes. Um... I'm not sure. Is there a specific word for lack of feeling? It's almost like my front left is half numb. There, but not completely,” She said as she levitated her book aside and sat up.

“Hmm... well, that's to be expected. Most of the nerves in your left shoulder were destroyed. I repaired the stab wound with my time spell and some basic care, but I'm not quite good enough to repair nerves like this. Do you know what caused it?” Rarity tried to put her left hoof to her chin, failed, then did so with her right.

“I can't say I do, but there was a particularly strange feeling that went through me when I was stabbed. It wasn't... well, it didn't feel like being stabbed.” How does being stabbed not feel like being stabbed?

“How so?” Rarity scrunched up her face until she thought of something.

“Do you remember our fifth mission? The first one from Luna?” I rolled my eyes.

“How could I forget? I ended pulling you off a ship a mile out from the harbor with magic. I was so drained that week that I couldn't barely levitate anything and I had to get Mother to heal you in my place.” That week wasn't my proudest moment. And Mother only did basic treatment so Rarity didn't die, I still had to wait on her for two weeks afterward just so she could walk again.

“Well, on the ship, I did get stabbed with a bayonet. Being stabbed feels like a burning sensation mixed with being bit by something. But this was... different. When the blade hit me it was very warm, not unlike warm water, but almost thick like butter or something. After it made it into my shoulder, it was like ice started to spread from it. I couldn't feel much of anything after the initial stab, but after the icy feeling spread I was hit with waves and waves of pain all at once. So much so that I fainted. More than anything else though, I felt cold.” I felt kind of guilty for this, even though I couldn't have known she was going to run into anypony like the Crow. I bit into my lip again.

“I see... Well, I'll see what I can find out, but I think you're going to have to see a real doctor for this...” From outside I heard Mother call,

“Oh Twilight, the pancakes are done! Wake your friends, I made enough for everypony!” A shiver went down my spine. Oh right, she's still here.

“Is Celestia here right now? I thought she wasn't supposed to arrive until seven.” Rarity asked. I sighed.

She wasn't,” I said through gritted teeth. “Oh well. I'll go get the rest of the crew. Can you walk?” Rarity nodded.

“It's just one leg down darling, I can at least get along without it for now.” She got up from the cot and we made our way to the dining table in the living room only to find Pinkie already there.

“Oh. Hello Pinkie. Did you just wake up?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. It was the smell of food. Is Applejack cooking?” She gave a shallow smile and scratched the back of her head with her hoof. I shook my head and frowned.

“No, Mother is here. Oh crap. I never even checked on Applejack!” I quickly raced to the bedroom hallway and checked the first spare room only to find it empty. I picked my phone off of the night stand and checked it. It looked like it was used to make a call at three fifty AM, but nothing since. I didn't see a note and the only sign of life at all was that the bed had been slept in and remade, because I know that I don't fold sheets like that. Actually, that's the way mother folds sheets. Why would mother have folded sheets in here? I decided I would go wake Fluttershy before questioning Mother about it. Besides... there are pancakes at stake here. Questions can wait. I stamped my hoof on the floor twice outside of Fluttershy's room, and when I heard a gasp I walked in.

“Fluttershy, Mother made breakfast.” She lazily sat up in her mess of pink hair that just about hid her face and she nodded.

“Oh... Okay...” she muttered. The zombie-like pegasus started stir in her nest, and then I made my way to the dining table. Mother had brought out half the fruit in the castle and set up the table like her servants would. I sighed and made my way to my seat. Shortly after zombie-shy joined us, we were allowed to eat. After consuming an unhealthy amount of pancakes, I finally asked Mother where Applejack was.

“So-” I swallowed a bite of apple filled syrup covered sweetness. “I see you folded the guest bed. Any particular reason?” I asked. Mother put her fork down, and wiped at her mouth.

“Your friend said she needed to leave in a hurry, so I offered her my help,” she said. Oh right, she has classes on Fridays. But that brings up another question...

“Oh... okay. So how long have you been here?”

“Only a few hours. I arrived at five forty,” she said without hesitation. I narrowed my eyes.

“That's rather specific. I thought you said you had the day off.” I returned.

“I do have the day off. That doesn't mean I didn't have things to attend to. I still happen to run the country from time to time.” Damn it. I know she's not telling the truth, but I don't have a way to poke holes in her story... I took another bite of pancake and realized something. I swallowed and then smiled.

“You know, these pancakes are great Mother. Where'd you learn this recipe?” She leaned in and smiled back.

“Oh, it was just something I picked up today.” A vague answer. One more push and she'll trip!

“You seemed to know what you were doing pretty well for somepony who rarely cooks. Who taught you?” One misstep here and I'll call her out on it. Mother paused for a moment, then responded.

“One of the new chefs. Her name is Red Gala. It's one of her family's recipes.” Caught!

“Liar! You haven't hired a new chef in ten years, and you don't hire new kitchen staff but once every fifteen years during the Steel Blade championship!” I yelled, standing up from my chair with the most smug face I could make. Mother rolled her eyes and giggled.

“Oh fine. Congratulations Twilight, you caught me. What do you really want?” I refuse to give her the satisfaction!

“When did you get here?” She tilted her head with a level of sheer smug that I wasn't sure I could match.

“Ten AM. I didn't have any plans today, so I decided to come see you, but you were fast asleep, so I didn't wake you up.” Damn it, she's still got that face on... bah, she was probably going to tell me anyways. I can never win. I sighed.

“Okay, and what did you spend the last seven hours doing?” This time she frowned.

“I would tell you, but I'm not going to. Sorry sweetie, but I let you have your game already.” I put my elbow on the table sighed again.

“I knew you were cheating from the beginning. Did you really learn this recipe today though? Because these are some of the best pancakes I've ever had and uh... I'd like to recreate it after I... inevitably run out,” I said, slowly letting my eyes fall on my lap. Nopony said I was proud of my addiction.

“Yes, and I'll show you how next time I'm here. But unfortunately, coming to see you was only my main objective today. I've brought the camera-microphone Luna asked me to, and I left that on your conference table, alongside something I need you to take care of.” She pointed to my chair on the main table, and sure enough, there was a bag with the device and a manila folder there.

“Oh? Luna was here? Did that happen when I was out?” Rarity asked. I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, she was. Speaking of, that recorder is actually for you.” She shied away.

“Oh. Don't tell me it's another one of her... devices, is it?” she said, a tinge of fear in her voice. Last time Luna wanted something 'tested,' Rarity almost electrocuted herself and ended up burning her hooves.

“No, that was forced on Applejack this time, it's just an ordinary lavalier mic and camera. The job she wants you to do however is... well, not something I'm super comfortable with.” Mother narrowed her eyes.

“And what exactly is it that Luna wants you to do?” She asked. Mother's tone deepened and there was even a hint of sour in it now.

“She wants Rarity to infiltrate Argent tower to see what they're up to. The foundry we investigated yesterday was filled with activated disruption crystals. Luna believes that he may have found a way to incorporate them into steel.” I couldn't help but let a hint of fear creep up in my voice. Telling Mother about what Luna asks of us usually puts me in hot water with her, but being in hot water with Mother is so much worse. Mother put her hoof to her mouth.

“Disruption crystals...? Hmm... I'm going to have to have a talk with Luna. Well, as for my request, I simply want you to take out a gang that has been plaguing the local police force. You don't have to do anything drastic, just make them disband or put them away. Prioritize the lives of yourselves and the citizens, but that should go without saying. Oh, and before I forget, do you have miss Applejack's paperwork? She seems... in need, so I thought I would make an advancement on her pay.” A gang? Really?

“Um... it should be in the file room. But, why do you say that? I wouldn't mind forwarding her a payment for last month's pay since she's the reason they're all sitting here today, I just don't see why you would think that.” Mother rolled a thought around on her tongue before speaking again.

“It might have been quick, but I've come to know her very well in the few hours we spent together. Let's leave it at... I intend to fill a role that she's been trying to fill herself.” Fill a role? What are you talking about? I got up from the dining table and took my plate with me.

“I suppose I'll go get the paperwork. If you want to talk to Luna, you should probably get going before she leaves Canterlot.” I put the dishes in the sink and checked to make sure it wasn't my turn to do them, then made my way to the filing room to make a copy of Applejack's contract. When I returned, Mother was saying her goodbyes.

“Well, it was a pleasure to see you all again,” she said.

“Yeah it was! Come make pancakes any time you feel like it Princess, those were great!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“I agree, I've never had anything quite like them. Of course, it's always a pleasure to see you Princess,” Rarity continued.

“U-um... also that. A-and um... thank you,” Fluttershy finished. I made my way to the group and floated over the copy of the contract.

“Thank you sweetie. I'll contact you soon about next time I can come over. Oh, and do take care of that request as soon as you can. At the very least, I'd like it to be done by this time next week,” Mother said. I nodded.

“Yes ma'am. Harmony will carry out your request as soon as we're able.” I saluted and Mother laughed.

“That's what I like to hear. Now give me a hug and I'll get out of your mane.” I could feel my eyes trying to roll back into my head. She always does this. Saying muted curses under my breath, I hugged my mother in front of my friends. She kissed my head and said, “See you soon sweetie.” and warped away in the typical flash of light.

“Y-you know, Twilight, you could be n-nicer to her...” Fluttershy said. I whipped my head toward her.

“I cannot and will not surrender! She beat me twice today! Gah, I forgot to ask for those text books! Now I have to call her later... I swear she plans this kind of stuff every time,” I lamented.

“Oh darling, what's so wrong with loving on your own mother every now and again?” Rarity asked, sipping on some hot tea that Mother likely prepared earlier.

“She treats me like a baby and I don't like it! I'm twenty years old damn it!” Suddenly, Pinkie was leaning on me in her trademark fashion.

“Eh, you should let her do it. From the camp who haven't had mothers in the last ten years or so, I'd say I miss that kind of thing. I bet Applejack would be with me on this if she were here too.” I sighed.

“I can never win.”

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