• Published 28th May 2016
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Pony Postscripts - MythrilMoth

Short postscript scenes intended to address loose plot threads, discuss endings, and so forth from various episodes of the show.

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Unmapped Destiny [S5: "The Cutie Map"]

Princess Celestia slowly circled the Cutie Map, examining it critically from every angle. "Hmm," she murmured thoughtfully. "And you say your Cutie Marks started glowing?"

Twilight nodded. "And, well...it was sort of a tingling...feeling, I don't really know how to describe it. Glowing, tingling, just...generally going crazy. And this map, well...our Cutie Marks appeared above it and pointed to this remote village."

"Curious," Celestia said. "I'll be honest; this is a magic I've never encountered before." She shrugged, ruffling her wings. "There is still a great deal about the Tree of Harmony that remains unknown. I was as surprised as everypony else when it created the chest, and even more surprised when the chest turned out to be a seed." She tilted her head. "Would you object to my sending a few scholars from Canterlot to study this map? I assure you they won't interfere with your daily routine."

Twilight bounced eagerly on her hooves. "I would love to host Canterlot scholars and lead a study of the Cutie Map! This could be the start of a lecture series on Cutie Mark Magic!"

Celestia smiled. "Very well. I'll make the arrangements tomorrow." She frowned as she peered at the small village on the outskirts of Equestria. "I'm also going to need to send the royal surveyors out to that village you spoke of. If Starlight Glimmer's former followers truly intend to remain there, the village will need to be properly documented and censused."

"Princess Celestia? What do you know about Starlight Glimmer?" Twilight asked.

Celestia shook her head. "I've never heard of her," she said. "Which is strange, because a unicorn so powerful as to be able to remove Cutie Marks...you'd think I'd have heard of such a pony." Celestia gave Twilight a grave stare. "You should be cautious, Twilight. In my experience, an adversary such as Starlight Glimmer rarely simply disappears, never to be seen again."

Twilight swallowed nervously. "You think...she'll be out for revenge?"

Celestia raised an eyebrow. "She would be foolish to attack an alicorn. No matter how powerful she is, surely she realizes her magic can never overcome yours." She sighed. "Still...this entire incident is disturbing. Most disturbing indeed." She gently brushed a wing over Twilight's back. "Be careful, my most faithful student."

"I will, Your Highness."

Celestia laughed softly. "You're never going to stop doing that, are you?" Twilight blushed. Celestia shook her head. "Still...don't obsess over this. For now, focus on this curious map and learning its secrets. If it has the power to..." She tilted her head and furrowed her brow. "Detect harmony problems, I suppose? Then its magic is on a level far beyond anything I have ever witnessed." She stroked her muzzle. "Perhaps we should even consult Discord on this..."

"I'm not sure that's the best idea," Twilight said.

"Well, we'll put a pin in that for now." She smiled. "For now, you should get some rest. You've had quite an adventure, after all."

As Celestia turned to leave, Twilight called out to her. "Princess Celestia?"

"Yes, Twilight?"

"Why is my Cutie Mark on the Tree of Harmony?"

Celestia turned and faced her curiously.

"I mean...I read in your old journal that Starswirl...knew whose Cutie Mark..."

Celestia smiled, her eyes twinkling.

Twilight's ears folded back. "Am I...I mean was I..." She swallowed nervously. "Is all this...destiny?" She dipped her head. "Was the Tree of Harmony...waiting for me?"

"Twilight Sparkle...that's a question even I can't answer. Your destiny, your connection to the Tree of Harmony, this castle, this map...this is your journey, and I don't know where it leads." She smiled. "But I promise I will be there for you every step of the way, my little pony."

With that, she left.

Twilight sighed, trotted to her throne, and sat down, looking over the Cutie Map in contemplative silence.

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