• Published 28th May 2016
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Pony Postscripts - MythrilMoth

Short postscript scenes intended to address loose plot threads, discuss endings, and so forth from various episodes of the show.

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Saddled With Nepotism [S6: "The Saddle Row Review"]

Mr. Stripes was busy dusting and rearranging his tiny miniature doll furniture collection when there was a knock on his door.

"Coming," he called gruffly, stomping over to the front door and throwing it open. "Da?"

His jaw dropped and his eyes widened as he beheld the towering white alicorn standing on his stoop.

"Mr. Stripes, I presume?"

Mr. Stripes took a step back, lowering his head in reverence. "P-Princess Celestia," he stammered. "What can I do for you, Your Majesty?"

Princess Celestia brandished a newspaper at him. "Mr. Stripes, I've just read a most interesting review of a certain boutique on Saddle Row. Specifically, Rarity's new boutique."

"Ah, yes, yes, Miss Rarity, most valued tenant," Mr. Stripes said thickly. "Give my precious daughter job, graciously and generously—"

"Mr. Stripes," Princess Celestia interrupted firmly, "before you say anything else, there is one thing you must know."


"Are you aware, Mr. Stripes, that Rarity is a personal friend of the Crown?"

"Ah, was not aware, no," Mr. Stripes said. "Is good to know! Good for business, yes?"

"Mr. Stripes." Princess Celestia's tone was more forbidding now. "She is a friend of all four Princesses. She is one of Equestria's most celebrated heroes. Rarity, Mr. Stripes, is a very important pony."

"Da?" Mr. Stripes began to feel nervous about the direction this conversation was taking.

"Naturally, I am relieved that the opening of her new boutique in Manehattan went off successfully in spite of the many difficulties mentioned in the newspaper," Princess Celestia said. "But one thing the article mentioned bothered me, and I asked Princess Twilight about it personally. You do remember Princess Twilight Sparkle, do you not? I believe you met on the day in question."

"Ah...nyet. Do not recall meeting Princess Twilight."

Princess Celestia narrowed her eyes. "You stood in the presence of an alicorn and failed to notice her?"

Mr. Stripes tugged at his collar nervously. "Was not wearing crown," he protested feebly. "Hard to say if was princess."

"I see," Princess Celestia said. "In any case, Mr. Stripes, the thing that bothers me about the entire incident—well, one of many things, and there are certain other ponies I will be having words with, including Rarity herself—is that you extorted Rarity into hiring your daughter for a job she is not qualified for by threatening to raise her rent if she did not comply."

"Ahh...was joke!" Mr. Stripes insisted, laughing heartily. "Was only joke! Would never—"

"Because that is quite an unethical and illegal business practice in Equestria, Mr. Stripes," Princess Celestia said with a stern frown.

Mr. Stripes quailed. "What you have me do?" he whined. "Daughter wanted job. Saw building I own had store needed workers. Was good opportunity, no?"

"No," Princess Celestia said. "A good father, a good landlord, would not stronghoof a pony into hiring any member of his family under duress. Or anypony else, for that matter."

Mr. Stripes took a step back. "But...but she was so happy, have opportunity to work in clothing shop..."

"But is she qualified to work in an upscale boutique?" Princess Celestia asked. "The way I understand it, Rarity was forced to contend with an onslaught of ill-conceived ideas that could very well have sabotaged her business. It's a minor miracle that the fashion elite of Manehattan bought it as part of the boutique's charm."

"See? Was good for business! In the end, everypony happy!"

Princess Celestia slammed a hoof on the floor. "Do I look happy, Mr. Stripes?"

Mr. Stripes made a strangled squeaking sound. "N-nyet," he said. "Look like ready to fight dragon, actually."

Princess Celestia arched her neck to look down her muzzle at Mr. Stripes. "You will tell Rarity that she is free to choose whether or not to retain Plaid Stripes as an employee, and that she is free to reject any of Plaid's ideas she deems unsuitable for her business, without fear of reprisal from you. Is that understood?"

Mr. Stripes' head drooped and he tucked his tail between his legs. "Da."

"Good." Princess Celestia turned to leave. "I think you will find, Mr. Stripes, that all of Equestria benefits when every citizen practices honesty and integrity when dealing with their fellow pony."

Once the princess was gone and the door closed, Mr. Stripes trotted weakly over to his sofa and flopped down. "Should never have left Stalliongrad..."

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