• Published 28th May 2016
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Pony Postscripts - MythrilMoth

Short postscript scenes intended to address loose plot threads, discuss endings, and so forth from various episodes of the show.

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A Few Closing Re-Marks [S5: "The Cutie Re-Mark"]

Princess Twilight Sparkle had just announced her decision concerning the fate of the unicorn criminal Starlight Glimmer.

"Umm, Twilight?" Fluttershy spoke up timidly. "I'm...I'm sorry to disagree with you, but...I would just like to point out that, well...Starlight Glimmer has hurt a lot of ponies with her mean magic."

"She's got a point," Rainbow Dash said with a frown. "I mean, she went back in time and nearly destroyed Equestria!"

"And she did steal the Cutie Marks of an entire village of ponies," Rarity added.

"And brainwashed them into wearing creepy smiles and being all 'ONE OF US, ONE OF US!'" Pinkie Pie put in.

Twilight looked around at her friends, ears folding back.

"Ah guess whut we're all sayin'," Applejack summed up, "is that, well...it's fine an' all that you wanna give 'er a chance t' learn friendship, but...she's kinda got a lot t' answer for."

The others nodded and murmured in agreement.

Twilight sighed. "I know she does," she said. "And I'm not forgetting that. We're going to have some very long talks about all the bad things she's done, and I'm going to let her think about how best she can make amends for all the harm she's caused. The thing is, though..." She took a deep breath. "Think about all the big threats we've faced. Nightmare Moon. Discord. Chrysalis. Sombra. Sunset Shimmer. Tirek. The Sirens." She looked around at her friends. "There's one thing that's true about every villain we've fought together."

"Uhh...we didn't fight Sunset Shimmer or the Sirens with you," Rainbow Dash pointed out.

"Not important," Twilight said impatiently. "Look...some of the enemies we've dealt with, well...they just couldn't be reasoned with. We didn't have any choice but to deal with them in the harshest way possible. But...then there are the ones we could reason with. We have Princess Luna back because we showed her the light of friendship. Discord is reformed now because Princess Celestia was willing to take a chance on him. Sunset Shimmer is in a better place now because she made friends and changed her ways." She glanced at the door, beyond which Starlight Glimmer was awaiting her fate. "I want to take a chance on Starlight Glimmer. I want to believe she can change. I want to prove I'm a princess who doesn't just lock her problems away in Tartarus or banish them to the moon."

Her friends regarded her for a long moment as she fell silent.

"Well shucks, sugarcube," Applejack said, "why didn't ya just say so?"

"Yeah, now that we understand where you're comin' from with this, we can totally get behind trying to reform Miss Crazypants!"

"I can make friends with almost anypony!" Pinkie Pie added cheerfully.

"W-well...I guess she deserves a chance..." Fluttershy added.

Rarity sighed. "Very well, darling," she said. "Your logic is sound, I must admit. Besides, I have a feeling Princess Celestia would approve of your plan to reform Starlight Glimmer even if we disagreed."

Twilight smiled. "I'll be counting on all of you to make sure I don't screw this up or...or regret it." She took a deep breath. "Well...time to go face my new student."

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