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Pinky is not Pinkie. Nope, that's a completely different mare. The two have absolutely nothing in common, and Pinky certainly isn't a magically-made clone of Pinkie, no Sir. Pinky is just your average, non-Pinkie mare, trying to get on with life.

Which makes things a little difficult when a certain other mare, one who totally isn't the original flesh-and-blood pony of a cloning magic that never even happened to begin with, comes waltzing in out of nowhere.

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:rainbowlaugh: That ending... Great story Jay!

My guess is that it was a changeling, but who's to say they didn't miss a Pinkie or three that day?

7235751 After all, Pinkie already has reality-bending powers. So some of them could've hid in insane places to elude the watching-the-painting-dry scene.:applejackunsure:

This was funny.

Thank you man, i figured someone would get to a fan fic after seeing that scene. I lost it when i saw that. i had to pause and couldn't stop laughing at all. i just got done recording my reaction for the episode. i can send you a link after i post it if you want.

Between changelings, Pinkie clones, and that dang mirror, we may never know the truth. But it's fun to speculate...

This was inevitable, great job. Now I want a sequel showing what "Pinky" gets up to after her encounter with "Pinkie".

On par with your usual fare.

Shieeet... they're back.

(Totally saw this coming, thanks to the live stream chat during the episode.)

Comment posted by MJP deleted May 23rd, 2016


I agree wholeheartedly.

7235751 I think it may be the EQG Pinkie visiting.

I can't be the only one thinking we're going to get a large amount of these kinds of fics. Plus, I'm calling it now, storyline for second Pinkie, from anyone. One shots or multi chapter fics.


There's no reason for a changeling to wear a hat.


A changeling wouldn't be wearing a hat to avoid being noticed.

Not as good as it could be but, when you think about it, since when is a Pinkie story not ultimately silly-funny in some way?

It would be interesting to learn how the clone (aka 'Pink Mina', in my head) is surviving. They didn't seem to have sufficient mental focus to work in 'Too Many Pinkie Pies', so maybe she's a street performer or something. Hardly a lucrative life but I couldn't see her being able to do anything else.

If it was EqG!Pinkie, I don't think that she'd be so reluctant to be seen.

Yep. Saw this idea coming. Great episode and great one- shot:twilightsmile:.

7236459 Maybe she likes hats?

7236581 Eh, maybe.

Nice way to play that scene out. And that ending....classic and all so Pinkie!


It just doesn't FIT with the changelings style we've seen so far.

Very funny indeed! EQG? Changeling? Clone? Ah, well, you can never have too much Pinkie :pinkiehappy:

7237362 Sure, go ahead.

7237263 Let's just hope they never plan anything together :moustache:

7237592 God help us all if they do :rainbowlaugh:

7237352 The thing wrong with this, is, this was Pinkie's original idea.

And, as you could plainly see, it bombed. So, Twilight, seeing the destruction it might cause, slaughtered them. And, maybe, Pinkie too. And maybe that's why she has the "party cave", because original Pinkie could remember, but new Pinkie can't. And, maybe that's why Pinkie has gotten less happy-go-lucky and more overbearing. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RX46NVv0CI )

The last bit is headcanon, so :twilightsheepish:

I'd love to see a series of this. Put in the favorite bookshelf.

"Pinky: Not On-The-Run"


7236459 There's no reason not to wear hats either. Especially not ones that nice.

"And I didn't recognise my voice for some reason!" :pinkiehappy:

I was thinking about doing a story about the whole second pinkie thing, glad to see someone else thought the same! Haha :derpytongue2:

Made sure not to read any clone fics until I published my own first. Now that I have I'm glad I got to read this afterwards. Was a grate read and funny.

This was fun, but I think Pinkie would have been smart enough to recognize her clone. Now that I think of it, it would have made the story even funnier if at the end, Pinkie had said, "Thank you, Mirror Pool clone!" Like she knew who it was the whole time, but just didn't care.

Is it possible to change the stories title, people may confuse it with this story.

Nice. It entertained. Like a free food sample when you enter one of those big food courts at the mall. Not filling, but tasty.



If changeling didn't want to be noticed, it wouldn't disguise itself as Pinkie Pie, then wear a hat.

If it was a changeling instead of Pinkie Pie's first clone (who had an emotional break down compared to the others) it would feel like a big fat middle finger to the audience.

7236318 That already happened after Two Many Pinkies.


7238325 No, it's the perfect disguise! People would think it strange for there to be two Pinkies...but not two Pinkies, one of which is wearing a hat!

Hehehehehe! I frigging knew it! I called it the second I got this episode!
Someone's gonna make a fanfiction about this moment

And lo and behold... here it is! Glorious work, haha

7238191 Unlikely. This story will cease to be relevant by Wednesday, and that other story is the first result when you search for this title.


Wouldn't it be much simpler to take the appearance of pony who ISN'T there in the diner, or the mane six are likely to recognize?


7238590 That is assuming Changelings are bright.


It's better than assuming ponies are stupider.


7238609 Which...a lot are.

7238400 Oh yeah. Even more then. It's the second coming of escaped pinkie clone fics!

Not like it matters much in the long run anyway. The ability to search for a story base on it's name on this website has never worked well for me.

Yup, my expectations were met. Good story, mate. :ajsmug:

I was just telling some friends I would love a story about the pinkie clone. And looky what I found!!! :pinkiehappy: awesomeness :)

Not the best clone story I've read, but decent. Have a like.:twilightsmile:


the episode was shit, everyone was a moron, the plot was as predicrtable as it gets, the mane 6 have their worst moment in the entire show when they lock rarity in the closet for no good reason, the journalist should be fired, i'm pretty sure the friends were lying, just a horrible episode, that proves that hasbro has no originality, don't hate me, but im not the only one who hates this shit


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