• Published 21st May 2016
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Gems - Moheart7

Created from gems by an evil being, six chaotic creatures suddenly find themselves under the watchful eyes of the Mane Six as they discover that they may very well have a choice between following their evil purpose, or becoming something better.

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Chapter 8: Night-time Mischief

Needless to say, ever since Twilight and Rainbow Dash broke into the castle of Canterlot, the events that followed were both traumatising and agonising for almost everyone involved, especially those who have managed to actually escape. Of course it was no picnic for their pursuers either, considering the fact that not only were many of them injured, eat by Tak in his fit of rage, or otherwise humiliated beyond belief, but in the end pretty much all of them were on the wrong side of the crystal wall when it came closing in on them. Obviously none of those trapped inside were happy in the least about their new predicament, especially those who have only just escaped from prison within the past month.

“Is it true, Pa?” May Bell pleaded, trying desperately to absorb what her father just told her and Cornpoke after they finally managed to regroup with him back at the castle’s throne room. “Are we really trapped here?”

Moonshine couldn’t help but sigh at that.

“I’m afraid so youngins,” he said, gritting his teeth in anger as he took a swig of booze from the flask he kept in his hat. “Turns out them namby-pamby princesses managed to slip away too.”

Upon hearing that confirmation, both of Moonshine’s children couldn’t help but groan despairingly, it was bad enough that Cornpoke was still injured from falling of May Bell’s glider, as evident from the series of bruises and bandages all over his body, but now everyone was trapped in a city that they were unfamiliar with. However while every other criminal with in a state of anger and panic, Tak on the other hand seemed to be breathing in tranquillity as he sat in Celestia’s throne, much to Zeb’s clear annoyance. Even the Gemnites were feeling on edge after the whole ordeal given the circumstances, but for some reason Tak didn’t seem to be angry or frantic in the slightest, granted he lost his temper and took out his rage on a few nearby Gemnites by eating them after the first few minutes of being trapped, but now it was as if the whole thing didn’t even happen to him. In any circumstance, no creature should be this composed after such a short period of time.

“Pardon me for speaking out of term, Tak,” Zeb said, grabbing Tak’s attention, making sure he didn’t say anything to rile him up enough to make the blue demon consider eating HIM. “But how can you be so calm about this!?!”

For just a brief moment, Tak DID have the right mind to snatch Zeb up and consume him where he stood, but luckily for the shadow-wielding zebra, he was a little smarter than that, besides he still needed Zeb’s talents I he was to accomplish what he need to do. Finally having enough of the paltry arguing amongst his subordinates, Tak then finally stood up and spoke, the volume of his voice towering over them like a general.

“Calm yourselves!” he demanded, causing every one of them to become silent out of fear. “Regardless of this development, our task hasn’t changed! Our little predicament may be unfortunate but we shall continue regardless.”

At those words, Zeb’s irritation almost reached breaking point and for a brief moment he forgot just who he was talking to.

“What? Trapped like rats!?!” he snapped angrily. “I didn’t escape from prison just to be landed in another!”

That of course, was a mistake of Zeb’s part, for at that moment, Tak’s green eyes glowed violently and with another snap of his stretchy had, he grabbed Zeb by the throat and brought him to his face.

“Watch your tongue, boy!!!” he snarled furiously. “Let’s not forget who broke you out in the first place, shall we?”

With that scary comeback, Zeb’s moment of bravery quickly faded away and he began to whimper like a new-born foal, there was no way in Tartarus that he was going to risk being another one of Tak’s meals. Even the Brittles were all huddling together in a pathetic mass of fear after seeing Tak’s angry face, Cornpoke feeling like he was about to have an accident in his overalls.

“Y… you’re right, I apologise,” Zeb snivelled fearfully. “Please don’t eat me!”

Tak could only scoff at such a pathetic display, had this zebra’s talents not been useful then he probably wouldn’t even have bothered with him in the first place.

“You’re forgiven,” he sighed impassively, carelessly releasing Zeb’s neck and letting him drop to his feet.

“Ow… ugh, thank you,” Zeb replied, rubbing his sore back as he got to his hooves. “But still what more can we do now? We’ve tried all manner of things to break through the crystal but nothing’s seems to be working, we’ve tried bombs, pickaxes, and for some reason not even my shadows can get through it.”

Zeb couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that statement, of course his subordinates would be clueless to the sheer magnitude of how strong a wall made of Crystallised Witchweed was, in fact, he highly doubted they even knew WHAT it truly was, obviously it was something that he would have to bring them up to speed on in the not-too-distant future.

“The zebra’s got a point there, Mister Tak,” May Bell added, collecting her courage enough to speak on Zeb’s behalf. “With the princesses gone, the city emptied, and all of us trapped inside this here gem, we’ve pretty much screwed ourselves.”

As much as Tak hated to admit it, what the Brittles and Zeb felt was completely understandable given their lack of knowledge in what was actually happening, however he still felt that whatever they should know was for him to decide alone. Of course, given the circumstances, perhaps it WAS time he provided his lackey’s some much needed insight, albeit restricted to a certain extent.

“Not necessarily, little one,” he said, instantly confusing his underlings, even some of the Gemnites in the room were a little confused upon overhearing it. “Granted I would have preferred to keep all four Alicorns here where I could keep an eye on them, but as long as most of them are without power, then my plans are still in motion. Plus, keep in mind that we still have allies outside of these crystal walls, and what’s more, there are still some tasks that needed to be done, regardless of our situation.”

But despite Tak’s explanation, many still remain confused, just what kind of tasks was he talking about?

“But what can we do while stuck in this here prison?” Moonshine asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Much,” Tak replied bluntly, feeling the need to actually explain this somewhat beneath him. “Those ponies may believe that that have foiled my endeavours but I was always intending on setting up shop in this castle anyway… especially given what we’ve finally managed to uncover here.”

At first everyone reacted with the same confusion they shared at Tak’s first explanation, however that was soon rectified when a certain memory re-entered their minds, after all, what Tak was referring to was the very reason they were all here in the first place.


Had anypony had any knowledge of what resided INSIDE the mountain upon which Canterlot was constructed, then chances are they would have set hoof there at all, for deep, deep below the surface, even further lower than the caves where the Queen of the Changelings once kept Twilight and Cadence prisoner for a time, accessible only by a passageway that only Princesses Celestia herself knew the entrance to, was something that no pony should have had the misfortune of encountering. And yet here they were, a gelatinous monster, three Earth Ponies, a zebra, and a few Gemnites, all them walking down the mould-covered, stone staircase that they found after opening up the secret passage in the royal treasury, their only source of light being from the glowing jewels that encrusted the Gemnites’ skin, a little talent that just came as a second nature to the canines, all the while leading towards something terrible… and huge.

“Behold, my friends!” Tak declared as they finally reached the bottom of the stairs. “Behold the very thing we came here for!”

Needless to say, upon seeing the horrible sight before them, all four of Tak’s underling’s couldn’t help but shiver with fear.

“Ah don’t like that there thing, sis,” Cornpoke muttered into May Bell’s ear nervously. “It’s giving me the Goosey-pimples.

“What manner of obscurity is this?” Zeb asked, not be able to take his eyes of the object in front of him for one second.

At those words, Tak’s grin widened.

“THAT, my friend is a prison unlike any other,” he said, gesturing towards the object with a small glimmer of pride. “Hidden for centuries, right under Celestia’s very hooves, it is a prison that holds she whom I am honoured to call Mistress.”

Prison? By any standards, it looked more like a safe or a vault… an EVIL looking vault! Standing in the centre of a large circular cavern, surrounded by walls encrusted with veins of black crystal, was a gigantic cube. Standing at least 10 feet in height and volume, made of what appeared to be spiky iron, almost as though it were shaped, and later warped straight after coming out of the forge, the cube gave of an eerie feeling of despair upon those who looked upon it. However the scariest feature of all what was protruding out of the front face of the cube, namely a face, a fierce face, a face that looked like it belonged to some kind demonic animal, from first glace it looked feline, however the fangs were larger, the fur looked as spikey as wire-wool and the eyes… made of something that looked like emeralds, but gave of a glow that was so dark, they looked as though they could pierce into one’s very soul. As each of Tak’s subordinates looked upon the scary vessel, each of them all shared the exact same concern, if this was a prison just who or WHAT was inside it?

“B… but how could she possibly even be alive after all that time?” Zeb asked, voicing another one of the many questions filling everyone’s minds.

“And even if she is, how do we get her out?” Moonshine added, voicing yet another. “It’s not like Celestia dropped a key or something?”

WAS there a key to this thing? By the looks of it, there didn’t even seem to be a door or even a latch anywhere on the cube, if anything, it appeared seamless. However Tak didn’t seemed to disheartened by that fact.

“That, Moonshine,” he said, pointing a finger at the aging Earth Pony. “Is where you and your children come in.”

Needless to say, both Moonshine AND his two children were even more confused than ever.

“Excuse me?” May Bell exclaimed in response.

“Tell me,” Tak continued, his eye glowing even more brightly than the Gemnites’ gems as his excitements grew. “What do you know about… Witchweed?”


Meanwhile, only a train ride away, night had finally fallen upon the town of Ponyville, however this time it wasn’t Princess Luna who brought it upon them. Of course since no pony aside from those involved in the incident knew the details of what happened in Canterlot, so most ponies simply assumed that everything must have been okay if the day and night were cycling like they were supposed to be. And yet, there was something different about this particular night sky, unlike most of Luna’s nights, who always put so much effort in her creations, even down to the glimmer of a single star, this night seemed a little… dull, almost as though it had lost that certain lustre that made it special. Had any pony bothered to express any thought into the matter, they would have known that something must have been wrong, however given the circumstance it was only fair that they seemed a little ignorant, especially given the fact that most of the houses here now completely packed with ponies up to the brim. As part of the evacuation, the palace guards and Mayor Mare worked together to establish temporary homes for all the refugees, some were easy, especially if some evacuees had family members in town, then again there were others who were more… unenthusiastic about the arrangements. In the end though, every pony was able to get abed or sofa for the night, especially since Twilight’s castle was part of the arrangement, and speaking of the castle, little did anypony know that as soon as the clock began to strike 11, six certain individuals had their eyes on it, namely a certain group of Gemnites.

“There it is, guys,” Crystal Dust pointed out excitedly, leading the group as always. “Ooh, I can practically taste the mayhem!”

Of course Crystal would be getting excited about this assignment, after all, this was the first time she or her group had the opportunity to receive “special orders” from Tak WITH specific instructions, for a Gemnite that was a big opportunity. Unfortunately, not all member of her group were as enthusiastic about the specifics of this task.

“Well, we better get moving soon,” Misty Blue said impatiently. “Ruby’s starting to get the jitters again.”

It was then then Crystal took a moment to look behind her, letting out a heavy sigh upon seeing their current state. Obviously patience isn’t one of a Gemnite’s best qualities, and Crystal’s group was no different, after Crystal told them all that they would have to stay hidden and wait until hours after nightfall before they got to do anything, none of them were happy to hear it, especially after that long, boring train ride here. However neither of them were any more distressed about the situation any more than Ruby Rock, being considered the “youngest” of the group, she was always treated as such by her fellow Gemnites, what’s more she even acted the part, especially when it came to her own fears. As ironic as it may sound, despite being created in a gloomy cave from a gem that had been there for centuries, Ruby was actually completely terrified of the dark.

“It… it’s so dark out,” she whimpered, her whole body shaking like a leaf as she hid behind Roughcut’s giant back. “P… please, can we turn on our lights now?”

Needless to say, Ruby had been constantly asking the same question every so often ever since the sun set over the horizon and Crystal had gathered the whole group in the alley between two buildings closest to Twilight’s castle, however as much as she really wanted to indulge Ruby’s plea, Crystal knew that making their gems glow now would be too much of a risk.

“Not yet, sweetie,” she replied with a gentle sigh. “We’re too out in the open right now.”

However that answer didn’t sit well with the poor Gemnite.

“Th… that makes it worse!!!” she squealed, once again ducking behind Roughcut’s back like a whimpering puppy.

Once again Crystal sighed, it truly pained her to see Ruby like this, as much as she enjoyed causing mayhem for the ponies, there was only one thing that would put her out of the mood for it and that was seeing one of her own group members in such distress. Luckily, she wasn’t the only one who felt that way whenever it came to Ruby’s fears.

“Now, Rubes, remember what we told you about being scared?” Sheen asked calmly, casually pulling Ruby out from behind Roughcut with a gentle smile on his face.

“If… if something is scary… then, chase the fears away with a growl and a crowbar?” Ruby guessed, trying desperately to remember the clearly drunken words Sheen told her a few days ago. “Grr?”

That may not have been the best advice to give to ANYBODY, but even so it was nice to know that the Emerald encrusted Gemnite was at least trying to help, thus allowing Ruby to smile a little. Seeing that he at least made Ruby feel a little better, Sheen couldn’t help but smile himself.

“Atta girl,” he said, giving her a playing pat on the head as he pulled something out from behind his back. “Okay, you gave us the growl, now here’s your crowbar.”

“Eeep!” Ruby squealed, easily crashing into the ground as the heavy lump of metal was placed into her paws.

Every member of the group couldn’t help but roll their eyes at that, Sheen may have been trying to help but despite his best efforts, he was always clueless when it came to this sort of thing. While Roughcut helped Ruby back up to her feet, Misty’s attention once again went back to their leader.

“We better hurry up, Crystal,” she said bluntly. “Otherwise we’ll be trying to restrain Topaz next.”

“I heard that!” Topaz snapped in response.

Once again Crystal rolled her eyes, but as blunt as Misty tended to be she did have a point, if she or her group waited any longer then they would eventually become too impatient and just run wild without a second thought, even Crystal herself was starting to feel a little anxious at this point. Thus, it was at that moment that Crystal felt it was time to make their move, she and the group have waited long enough as far she was concerned. However before she could order her troops to move out, she had to make sure the coast was still clear.

“Ugh… why did it have to be so crowded here!?!” she groaned as she spotted yet another pony walk by the group’s hiding place without noticing them. “Honestly, it’s like we’re back in Manehattan again.”

Admittedly her cohorts had to agree with that, before they arrived in Ponyville they were under the impression that it was simply just a small town that just so happens to have a Castle in it, and of course Tak didn’t even bother to tell them otherwise when he sent Crystal and her group on this particular mission, which in turn meant that they had absolutely no idea that it was being used for evacuations right up until the last minute, thus making their job harder than it needed to be because of all the extra ponies walking around. Thankfully, and mercifully, the group was patient enough to wait until a good deal of time had passed, allowing them to slip through the streets unnoticed while most of the ponies were sound asleep. Finally, after about anther half hour, the Gemnites were able to circle their way around towards the back of Twilight’s castle, stopping right in front of a single wooden door that served as the back entrance.

“Alright, here we are,” Crystal declared quietly, barely able to contain her excitement as she jumped on the spot. “Okay, do your thing, Roughy!”

Upon hearing his name, Roughcut put on a goofy smile and quickly made his way in front of the group. With a quick burst of his enormous strength, he then gripped the doorknob and ribbed the entire door right off its hinges locks and all, that task may not have been as loud as simply punching a hole through the door itself but regardless some noise was made, a fact that quickly put the Gemnites on edge.

“Hurry, someone might have heard that!” Crystal barked, quickly ushering them into the castle.

Once inside, all six Gemnites instantly began running through the hallways, their padded feet barely making a sound over the crystal floor as they all navigated through the castle with as much speed as they could muster. Soon enough they all came to a stop as they reached a T shape corridor, once there, Crystal then began to relay her next set of instructions.

“Alright, now remember the plan,” she said. “Team A is on Havoc, Team B is on Redecorating, everyone got it?”

Seeing that each and every one of her cohorts were giving a nod with understanding, Crystal’s diamond toothed smile widened.

“Good, and break!” she declared.

With that the Gemnites split into two groups of three and each took a different direction down the corridor, with Sheen, Misty Blue and Roughcut going left, and Crystal Dust, Ruby and Topaz going right.


With Sheen’s group, they spent the first several minutes simply navigating through the series of hallways before, searching for a particular room. Soon enough they managed to find their way into the Castle’s kitchen, of course this wasn’t the room they were looking for but feeling the need to catch their breath, all three Gemnites felt no guilt whatsoever in stopping here for the moment. At this point in time, the Gemnites felt it was safe enough to allow themselves a little light, thus turning on the glow in their gem-encrusted skin, with Sheen giving of a soft green glow from his emeralds, thus adding to a gentle blue from Misty’s sapphires, and of course a calm purple from Roughcut’s amethysts. With a little extra light, Sheen and his team were able to catch a good glimpse of the room they were in, from appearance alone it looked much like any other standard Kitchen but with a definite amount of size to it, had the room been fully staffed then it would have taken at least 50 ponies to fill it. It was a rectangular shaped room with work benches along the walls, ones with multiple sinks on one side and a series of stove ovens on the other, and in the centre was one large island bench that took up most of the floor space, above that were of course the hanging rails where a series of pans were hung up by their handles. Even under the dim light of their gems, the Gemnites couldn’t help but feel impressed, none more so than Sheen.

“Man, these royals really know how to live, don’t they?” he commented, Roughcut nodding in agreement.

Misty on the other hand, merely scoffed at the notion.

“Pft, please,” she retorted. “They’re just a bunch of saps like the rest of those stupid ponies.”

Sheen couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that, out of all of the members of their group Misty was the most pessimistic, always trying to be the “cool” one and making the ponies out to be beneath her. Sheen on the other hand was quite the opposite.

“Oh I don’t know, I’d say they definitely have good taste in wine,” he commented, instantly snatching up one of the wine bottles from its rack and uncorking it with his teeth, taking a deep inhale to let to delectable aroma seep in. “Ooh, a Rainbow Rose’, an excellent vintage.”

Now it was Misty’s turn to roll her eyes.

“Hey, are we here to drink, or are we here to trash the place!?!” she snapped, pointing an accusing finger at the green Gemnite.

“I don’t see why we can’t do both,” Sheen chuckled in response, taking in a huge gulp as he downed the entire bottle in seconds.

It was then that Misty felt the need to let out a heavy sigh as she smacked her forehead in irritation.

“You know, I don’t think I’ll ever understand why Crystal made YOU her second in command,” she commented, causing Sheen to raise an eyebrow.

“Probably because of my charm,” he joked, causing Misty to sigh again.

Knowing that they couldn’t waste any more time than they already have with this little detour to the Kitchen, Sheen and Misty decided to get going with the mission again and continue looking for the room they needed to be in. Of course some were a little more enthusiastic that others.

“Roughcut!” Misty snapped, realising that the larger Gemnite was paying more attention to a vase on the bench than he was on her and Sheen. “Put those flowers back!”

Needless to say, Roughcut jumped with surprise once his attention was drawn away from the vase of flowers he was holding, finally snapping back into reality, he reluctantly put the vase down and instead took only one of the flowers, only to place it inside a small black book from a pouch in his belt.

“Aww,” he sighed, closing the book and returning it to its pouch.

After that, the three Gemnites then left the kitchen and continued to sneak through the hallway, each of them taking a small peak behind every other door one by one, finally arrive at a pair of double doors, Sheen couldn’t help but smirk when he saw just what was inside.

“My friends,” he declared, still keeping his voice down as to not draw any unwanted attention. “I believe we have just hit the jackpot!”

Giving the doors a good kick, Sheen then revealed to Misty and Roughcut just what was in the room. With the light of their gems giving them just enough illumination, the three Gemnites found themselves to be inside a large circular room with crystal walls filled to the ceiling with shelves upon shelves of books, all based on different subjects, though that particular detail didn’t really interest the Gemnites. What’s more, aside from a few small tables here and there, most of the floor space seemed to be taken up a large assortment of trunks and suitcases, making the room appear more like a storage warehouse rather than the library it truly was. With one shared look between the Gemnites, one thing was for certain, things were about to get fun, really fast.


Meanwhile, with Crystal Dust’s group, they had finally managed to make their way to the upper levels of the castle, while Sheen and his comrades were to focus on causing mayhem downstairs, Crystal and her partners needed to do something a little more… personal.

“Okay, so what are we doing again?” Topaz asked, scratching his head in confusion.

Upon hearing that question for a THIRD time, Crystal couldn’t help but groan, in fact that she was so annoyed that the lights emanating form her diamonds began to flicker in response.

“Ugh, for the last time, Topaz,” she growled. “Our job is to go into that Princess’s room, rough her up a little bit, and then cause enough chaos, that she has no choice but to follow our trail all the way back to Canterlot, seriously, how could you forget a plan so simple?”

For anyone else’s perspective the plan did sound simple enough, in fact once Tak told Crystal Dust and her five cohorts about it, it did sound pretty straightforward. Of course actually following through with said instructions proved to be more difficult than it needed be, especially with the fact that more ponies than usual just happened to have moved into the town. Granted the Gemnites knew of the evacuation, after all one would have to be stupid to not notice that the entirety of Canterlot had been emptied out, but still Crystal never would have imagined that most of the populous would end up coming down to this back-water town, especially some of the aristocrats. What’s more, Tak failed to mention just how the Gemnites were meant to escape after they caused enough mayhem, which meant that he either trusted them to make their own decision, or he just couldn’t care less. Either way, neither Crystal Dust nor her cohorts could refuse their creator’s command, it just wasn’t their nature.

“Well to be honest I usually just zone out as soon as you say the word, ‘mayhem’,” Topaz chuckled, answering Crystal’s question and giving off a sheepish shrug of the shoulder.

At that moment, Crystal couldn’t help but pinch the bridge of her nose with irritation, she had hoped to not get saddled with the crazy member of her group, but alas she lost the coin toss. However as much as Topaz annoyed her, Crystal attention was soon drawn away from him and towards a certain young Gemnite bringing up the rear, shivering like a leaf and barely able to keep her rubies lit up any brighter than a dimmed candle. With her caring attitude once again taking over her chaotic one for the moment, Crystal then turned to the young Gemnite and placed a paw on her shoulder.

“Hey, you okay there, Ruby?” she asked, not really needing to hear the answer to know just what was bothering her.

“It’s j… just so dark,” Ruby whimpered, once again causing Crystal to sigh.

“I know, sweetie,” Crystal replied, lifting Ruby’s chin up so that they’re eyes were meeting. “Look, as soon as this job is done, I promise to steal you some ice-cream.”

At those words, Ruby couldn’t help but force a smile, Crystal always seemed to know just what to say whiner she felt a little off, granted Sheen tried his best but Crystal always seemed to be better at it.

“R… really?” Ruby uttered in response.

Crystal smiled at that.

“Of course,” she replied reassuringly. “Think you can be brave for me until then?”

With Crystal’s sound voice still echoing in her ear, Ruby forced out another smile of her own and gave the Diamond-encrusted Gemnite a small nod in response.

“Atta girl,” Crystal said, giving Ruby a small part of the head. “Now all we gotta do is…”

“Hey, ain’t that her!?!” Topaz blurted out, cutting Crystal off Mid-sentence.

Instantly reacting, Crystal instantly turned out the lights from her gems, quickly ushering the other two Gemnites to do the same, albeit Ruby being a little more reluctant. Shrouding themselves in darkness once more, the Gemnites then peered over the corner where they standing in the corridor to indeed see someone else there, it was only by a miracle of luck that Topaz’s little outburst didn’t alert them to the Gemnite’s presence. In any case it was lucky the Topaz DID spot the new individual walking through the hall, otherwise he or she might have noticed the light from their gems.

“Well it’s hard to tell,” Crystal admitted in a light whisper. “But whoever this is, she does seem to match the physical description Tak gave us.”

Of course, Crystal couldn’t really be certain of her on answer to Topaz’s statement, unlike Diamond Dogs, or any other kind of canine in all honesty, Gemnites were unable to see in the dark as they could, that being one of the primary factors in the fact that Ruby was scared of it. Obviously Crystal wondered why such a thing could be true, but eventually she came to the conclusion that it was because she and her kind her created by magic and not born like regular dogs, thus having no physical adaption to such a thing. And because of this little flaw in their biology, it did in fact make it difficult to see the pony walking into her room, however while it may have been dark, Crystal and Topaz could definitely make out SOME features, clearly the pony they were looking at was a mare judging from the body shape, plus the mane and tail looked almost exactly like the straight style Princess Twilight Sparkle had, even down to the bangs, in other words, this HAD to have been their target, granted they couldn’t see the wings in the dark but obviously it must have been because she had them folded up.

“Alright, let’s get this over with, shall we?” Topaz said, with a sly grin. “I wanna rip this place apart!”

For once, Crystal had to agree with the orange Gemnite, the sooner they got this job done, the sooner the real fun can begin. After watching the mare walk into her room and close the door behind her, she then began leading the other two towards it.

“Come on,” she whispered.

Sharing a confident nod, between them, the Gemnites wasted no time in rushing towards the bedroom door, not even bothering to turn their lights back on, they quickly made a complete stop in front of it with evil smirks etched upon their faces.

“After you,” Topaz chuckled, playfully opening the door to let the other two in.

Feeling the need to play along, one thing seemed to be an appropriate answer for such a statement.

“Thank you Jeeves,” Crystal replied teasingly.

And with that, all three Gemnites entered the bedroom, quickly springing into action as the mare inside was all too late to do anything about her new uninvited guests.

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