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New brony and fairly new to the brony fandom but enjoy very much. Let's see where I go from there.


Does a self-aware A.I. count as a real pony? What if the A.I. does not know its a robot, and is sentient? Test-1a is an A.I. in a robotic body, affectionately named Tesla by his "father," Tesla is sent to Ponyville by Princess Celestia and Luna to be cared for by Princess Twilight Sparkle. They hope that he can learn. Learn about all that his programming doesn't tell him. He believes that he is a real pony. Meanwhile, Celestia and Luna ask themselves, "What truly counts as a pony?"

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Interesting, very interesting

This is pretty good! I hope it is continued!

A bit of writing advice though, find someone willing to proofread. There are occasional typos that are glaringly obvious, and different scenes need some kind of divider between them to indicate a scene change.

Thanks for the advice. I actually do have a proofreader but he's mostly, for lack of a better term, for 'quality control'. Neither of us are all too concerned with typos in the grand scheme of things. But if you know anyone that might be willing to work as a proofreader on typos and such send them my way, I'll take all the help I can get. But my proofreaders usually are majorly spoiled on what occurs in the story. As in, knowing major reveals for later.

Edit: Okay. There are supposed to be indentations at scene changes, and in the editor they are, but in the published sheet, nothing. Okay.... I'll have to work on this.

Edit: I found what happened. And its not something I can fix, at least the indentation thing. I'll try to figure out what to use as a divider to signify a scene change.

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