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I enjoy MLP, and Spike is my favorite character


After every phenomenon that has happened in Canterlot High School it's a wonder why no one has checked it out, things change when a shady organization that operates without anyone knowing about them known as CHYMERA wants to know exactly what goes on at that school especially when they find something they've been looking for, and it's all linked to Spike for some reason the magic that gave him the ability to talk did more than just that, it also affected him in a way that makes him question everything he thought he knew about himself.

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Interesting opening. I wonder what will happen next.

7421452 I put the link to the video. Look for Youtube in green.

quite the opening ill be tracking this.

7421452 What did you like best about it?

Pretty interesting :ajsmug: So far what I get from it is that Spike was a Dragon type creature then was turned into a dog :unsuresweetie:

7423135 cool aren't people just the nicest creatures :pinkiecrazy:

damn that got me really interested

Try and guess what might happen.

Interesting story, I bet Spike will tell Twilight that it'd be best if he didn't come with her to school because he doesn't want to get her and the others involved, but I'll bet Twilight and/or Sunset will do an experiment on him. Tracked it and hope this continues.

7447753 Hmm, not a bad guess, okay try to guess what the girls' reaction would be.

Rainbow will think it's just him probably getting chased by cats or something and it's not important but I bet the others will probably want to know and try to help because they care about him.

7450462 No I mean how would they react to the truth about him.

Probably say or have a look saying: "You're kidding right?"

7421452 How do you think the girls' reaction would be?

7450582 Not give away spoilers for but Spike will be given a scene you might see in an Incredible Hulk movie.

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Hope this story's continuing, not trying to rush you.

Why do I get the feeling that Spike's bucket list involves kissing girls?

Will this story ever be updated soon?

Guess this story isn’t continuing :applecry:

Wished this story would have continued.
Would have loved to see where this is going for Spike.

Doctor Wentworth - Head Scientist of an unknown agency. Was involved in a past experiment with Spike.
Captain Torchwood - Leader Of the agency’s security squad. Had a past battle with Spike.

Well, technically this is Dog Spike the story is about, so might as well.

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