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Im in love with musicals,acting/drama and ponies! This is going to get intresting!


Set in modern-day Canterlot, the story focuses on teenage Twilight Sparkle and her classmate and crush Rainbow Dash. When evil arises, Twilight transforms into her secret superhero persona Dragonfly, while Rainbow transforms into her superhero persona Draconequus, using powerful objects known as the Miraculous. Oblivious to each other's true identities, the two work together to protect Cantorlot from the mysterious villain King Umbrum, who covets and attempts to steal their powers by using his akuma, Breezy's infused with dark magic, to influence and transform everyday citizens into supervillains.

Based on Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir. This is going to be the story of the two part episode of the origin story. I've always wanted to do this!

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This is an amazing story! XD You know, when I saw the the title I instantly thought about miraculous ladybug and chat noir, its amazing and now you've ponyfied it! AWESOME!!!:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

I saw this was a crossover so I checked it out and as I'm starting to read the prologue im seeing that you're basically recreating the entire show but with ponies word for word. That's ok I guess but I think if you really want to make it more interesting you should mix the worlds, their rules and tropes and then come up with your own adventures and plots. That's just my opinion though

I was just thinking about writing one of these in my spare spare time. I really liked your version of it, I'm excited to see where it'll go! Nice work. :pinkiehappy:

No offence, but it doesn't really seem like you thought too hard about witch characters to put in witch rolls here, the way your portraying Twilight isn't quite right, but it's not bad, Rarity may have been a better fit seeing you seem to be saying that Twi is a bit of a designer here. Rainbow would never make it as a model, she just wouldn't, and she wouldn't be taking being forced into the position she's in like you're portraying it either, Also she would never, ever call her father, "father" this is Rainbow she'd use "Dad" or something similar. Then there's Shining Armour and Cadance... no, they are not Twilight's parent's, that was a completely idiotic decision, forgive me for being blunt, but twilight already has parents in Cannon, and it's much easier to see them as bakers then Shining, Cadance, Maybe, but not Shining Armour, I highly doubt he could work a stove, so why not Twilight Velvet and Night Light?

Again, sorry for being so Blunt, but quite a few of these Character choices don't make much sense, I'll continue watching this story for now, hopefully it get's better as we learn more about these characters.

7238262 Appreciate the honesty!:twilightsmile:

Based on Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Where can I read those stories?

7255822 It's not a story, but a really good tv show! You should watch it, it's very addictive!:raritywink:

Faved, and tracking...

I think these will be the only superheroes I'll ever like. Thank you for this. I haven't even read a single word of the story, but I know I will love it.

Enjoying this so far, keep up the awesome work^^ >w< :pinkiesmile:

Ok wow good chapter so how is zecora going to play in this is she going to be like an overseer or a mentor. R the sisters in this later on?

Aww is it really over :fluttercry: dam. Will there be a sequel to this fix I really enjoyed this.

MOAR! :flutterrage: ya know, ironically, I haven't read it yet I'll read it in the morning!:pinkiesmile:

You got me all excitedly, then made Rainbow's alter ego based off of Discord.:ajbemused: Homestly though, shouldn't Rainbow be the dragon. And shouldn't Twilight just be a dragonfly? It would make it a lot simpler.:coolphoto:

7549520 Well both Discord and Rainbow have a mischievous nature, like Chat Noir, so I figured they would be perfect together. Also, I was trying to go for a bug, but also stay with known character, so Spike seemed like the right fit.

I am so obsessed with Miraculous! I haven't been this obsessed since I became obsessed with My Little Pony! This is a dream come true!

Is that the end of the story?:fluttercry: I really enjoyed it!

You have a nice setting here.

I know this is based on another cartoon but maybe this is something you could build on and continue with.

I for one would love to see it continue.

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