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Twilight Sparkle is an efficient pony, but there's only so many hours in the day. The obvious solution is to perform unsafe experiments so she doesn't have to poop.

A series of random one-shots centered around the idea of Twilight trying to improve her efficiency... and suffering the consequences.

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Yep. It's not particularly comedic if I just rip the characters to shreds for the purposes of a joke, of course. In that case I might as well just skip all the build up and say, "Twilight craps fire because hurr, fart jokes are funny." A relatively in-character Twilight taking a reasonable problem and deciding on an unreasonable solution, whose end result is magic flames bursting out her hiney? Short, simple, believable, and manages to subvert expectations to a certain degree without changing characterization or world building purely for the purpose of a joke.

The technical term is probably transequinism.

The concept is amusing, but the narrator's heavy involvement in the story wrecks the comedic pacing. As a rule, you should never denigrate your writing ability in the middle of the story. That pretty much tells the reader "I don't think this is good and neither should you." Not the best message to convey.

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