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Davids Archivist

Royally appointed archivist of David's history


“David’s Journal” is the official, archived version of David’s private journal about his adventures in Equestria. Entries are whole and unabridged. These entries were written by David Marshall and dictated for transcription by David’s Archivist. This archive may contain mixed media, including scraps of the original journal and sketches done by David.

These writings can be treated as companion entries to the major works in David’s Archives (DA), providing extra context and personal perspective into David’s life and the events around him.
Some are featured in the major works, as denoted below.

Please refer to the key below for more information.

Key: (DA#:#) - Title *
The numbers correspond to a specific archive and an act found within it. Journal entries are written either during or after the listed act number. For proper context, please read the journal entry AFTER reading the act. An asterisk (*) after the title indicates the journal entry is represented in part or whole in the text of the act.

Many thanks to The Proofreader Group and the following editor(s) and/or proofreader(s):
The First Night, Day 1 (v1) : OkemosBrony

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 8 )

It says there's more then one proofreader and editor, but only one is listed. I'm confused.

Apparently, nopony proofread the description!

Hah. Good to see you back!
Actually, I did change it! Right after your comment, I changed it from "editors and/or proofreaders:" to "editor(s) and/or proofreader(s):" to be more accurate. But I just found another mistake, so I'll correct it again.

I'm wondering if Cadance had picked up on the true nature of their bond: that it's actually a linking of their souls as they've found their "special somepony". It's likely this conclusion hasn't been thought of since David's form is that of a non-magical creature stuck in a world full of magic. Whether the manifestation of the psychic thread is a result of his unique "non-magical physiology" or is in part due to the power that brought him to Equus remains to be seen.

One question though: would David be aware of the portal to Canterlot High that Sunset Shimmer escaped through when she left Celestia? I know that many folks here don't think of the Equestria Girls' movies to be canon, but they clearly are since Sunset is mentioned several times in episodes of Seasons 5 & 6, so how does one explain that gap in the storyline in this world?

Or is it that David is clearly not the same type of creature as the "humans" from Canterlot High?

To quote David in Day 4 - The Last Night Alone:
"...the comics and movies might be completely unrelated to the real Equestria. There is no knowledge of humans or a portal to another world..." (EQG and Comics are not canon in DA)

Also, to my knowledge, Sunset Shimmer is never referenced in the TV show in either season 5 or 6. If I'm misremembering, please point out where.

Comment posted by Kevin Lee deleted Dec 19th, 2016
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