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The Princesses’ Diaries” is a collection of various diary excerpts written by the princesses of Equestria and centered around the human, David Marshall.
This archive may contain mixed media, including scraps of the original diaries.

These writings can be treated as companion entries to the major works in David’s Archives (DA), providing extra context and personal perspectives to the events in David and the princesses’ lives.
Some are featured in the major works, as denoted below.

Please refer to the key below for more information.

Key: (DA#:#) - Title (Author) *
The numbers correspond to a specific archive and an act found within it. Diary entries are written either during or after the listed act number. For proper context, please read the diary entry AFTER reading the act. An asterisk (*) after the title indicates the journal entry is represented in part or whole in the text of the act.

Many thanks to The Proofreader Group and the following editor(s) and/or proofreader(s):
Day 1-3: OkemosBrony

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 9 )

Unlike a lot of story's iv'e read this one has a lot of attention to detail, i do hope to see more and maybe even a full chapter later on. from your's truly a anguish reader hoping for more.

i do hope the human wasn't trying to take her magic this story doesn't need a sad ending.

7326982 If you want to read the actual story. First There Were None. Then He Arrived. The ones you just read are the diary entries.

Excerpt from the Journal of Lieutenant Rough Cox:

A disturbance in the weather and mana fields of Equestria necessitated the intervention of both Princesses Celestia and Luna. After easily dealing with the phenomena, the princesses discovered a creature of immense power and danger: a "human" that calls itself "David Marshal", appears to be Equestria's first Love-drug pusher. After a single exposure, Princess Luna has been found addicted to this monster.
It is time that this menace is thoroughly and finally dealt with....


7570823 It's very old computer code for "End Of File"

Excerpt from the Journal of Lieutenant Rough Cox:

Rumor has it that the creature, known as "David Marshal" has somehow also magically addicted Princess Celestia to his Love-drug. Moreover, his hold on Princess Luna has increased to alarming bounds. I greatly fear for the security of Equestria--that such a monster has usurped our beloved diarchs....it is only a matter of time before he has addicted the other two princesses.
First it was a Love-sucking bugpony to threaten the realm, now a Love-addicting ape! What is to become of us in our hour of need?


Comment posted by Kevin Lee deleted Dec 19th, 2016

Excerpt from the Journal of Lieutenant Rough Cox:

My fears were quite justified when it became clear the other two princesses somehow had also become addicted to the monster's Love-drug. Not only that, but many of the rest of the Hero Bearers were showing signs of being under his unEquinely influence. However, it appeared that the creature had bitten off more than it could chew...seemingly to be ill to having succeeded in capturing the love of four alicorns. In an effort to stabilize him, the Princesses and the creature Discord came up with idea of using the Bearers to use their power of Harmony to heal it.
Fortunately, I was able to intervene at the last second, and hit the monster with a transformation spell, intending to turn him into a giant corn-on-the-cob. At first, my desperate attempt seemed to fail--it looked like the Weaponized Friendship Laser transformed him back.
But as Princess Luna approached, the first kernel popped. Which was then followed by the entire creature exploding into popped popcorn in an instant!
Equestria is now safe! We certainly dodged a bullet with this one!


Not bad for what it is, though as things stand there's not much here.

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