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I had no idea


Discord creates a machine said to be able to give out second chances. Things get a little complicated when a new slew of visitors start randomly appearing in Equestria.

Note: rated Teen for inappropriate jokes at times.

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Before anyone points out: Chapter two is full of 'bat pony,' and it is deliberate. Trust me. My lipwig is moist. (Ten points, if you got that reference).

Great story.

Are you accepting suggestions?

I might be.

However, I'll only accept lorewise dead characters, and there's no guarantee that I can write about a suggestion, in which case I won't.

7214761 Okay I've got some let me know what you think.

Demidevimon from Digimon 01.

Amon and Tarrlok from Legend of Korra.

Jet from Avatar last Airbender.

Valtor from Winx Club.

Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls.

Finally Bunny from the Powerpuff Girls.

Anyway those are my suggestion. Hope you like at least one of them enough to use.

I had a Ribes Rubrum once, before a horrible fungus devoured its life branch by branch, forever tainting the soil with eternal spores so that we can never plant another one. Really tasty fruits. You can only get currants dried around here. (guess why)

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