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Hi! My name is Ben, or Jul 'Mdama.
My name is Ricky, or Oryx.
My name is Aaron, or Skolas.
My name is Michael, or Gek.
My name is David, or Crota.
And my name is Jack, or Draksis.

To be honest, us six and some of our friends didn't think something like what had happened to us would happen. There we were at a video game convention then the next thing we know we are in a different dimension as our characters we dressed up for the convention as real live beings! And to top that off, the dimension we are in has taking ponies! Okay Jul, let's just calm down and tell our story to them. CALM DOWN??!!?? I'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO CALM DOWN!!!*Activates energy sword*
Our story is basically where we defend Equestria from beings that came from other worlds or dimensions, while also helping others, who had the same thing happen to us, live their new lives in Equestria and help out any other displaced. Oh and now if you excuse me I have a fight to stop.

Need cover art and editor.

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Comments ( 6 )

This seems a bit rushed to me. And jul accepted his role way too fast
(I'm sorry for being a critic like this but I will track this story, it seems interesting to me)

7238228 Indeed it was due to me posting another chapter for my other story, but time is a precise thing to have. And you'll find out why Jul accepted his role to quickly.

7514116 Update will be posted soon since I just got back from camp.

i want this to continue

Pls make more chapters.

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