• Published 25th May 2016
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The Prince Of Crystals - Cartoonlover13

After Princess Cadance dies in child birth, Shining Armor is forced into taking the Crystal Empire Throne. But with mares usually being leaders, how will Shining Armor go through sexism, grief, and loss?

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Two Months (re-edited)

The Prince Of Crystals: Two Months

By Cartoonlover13

Edited and pre-read by Angry Lass and ChudoJogurt

It was a bright Spring day, and the clock was almost striking six. Princess Luna's duties as ruler of the Crystal Empire were now almost now in order. Crystal pony, after crystal pony were going to come here to have an audience with the Night Alicorn. With the setting of the day most ponies would be playing and going about on their normal days. But there was hardly a pony out in the Crystal Empire, and all that were out, were still in mourning.

Princess Luna remembered on how she once wanted to be the sole ruler of Equestria in a darker time in her life. Now look at her, currently a sole ruler of a nation.

But it wasn't right. She was not meant to be the ruler of the Crystal Empire. It was only a temporary arrangement and she was only filling in for her grief-stricken nephew-in-law. While ponies were happy under her rule, there is only one pony who was meant to be their ruler.

The Regent of the Crystal Empire trotted through hallways of the gigantic crystal castle, passing by the tapestries of the fallen Princess were everywhere to remember her. The pony who saved Equestria from the Changelings and saved the Empire from King Sombra, was dead now. Servants bowed to her and guards saluted, but there wasn't a single smile in sight.

Then she came upon the room - a room nopony had been into for two months. The Princess Of The Night let out a heavy sigh and then knocked on the door. "Shining Armor?"

She heard the breaking of a glass, causing her to flinch.

"Yes! What do you want?!"

"Dost thou not know I am now the ruler of the Crystal Empire?" The alicorn said in a complete monotone. It wasn't the first time she has said that.

"Yeah...so?" Asked Shining Armor.

The Princess of the Night heard the husband of her adopted niece gulping down liquid.

"Yes, but tis is but temporary, and I am merely a regent. I am the diarch of Equestria, not meant to be the ruler of the Crystal Empire!"

"Leave me be...the Empire seems to do just fine without me."


"Don't call me captain! I resigned, remember?!" shouted Shining Armor cutting off the annoyed alicorn.

"Thou mayst have resigned as the Captain of the Royal Guard, but you cannot abdicat from thine throne. Thou art one of the two remaining members of the Crystal Empire's Royal Family. And the other one is but a baby. Even though acquired through marital bonds, and not by blood, thy royalty still binds thee with thy duty! Be warned, for I am coming in"

Shining Armor let out a cruel chuckle, "No you don’t, I put up a spell preventing anypony from entering my room."

"Dost thou not understand alicorn magic? I would have thought you should, since you were married to Cadance."

"Do not say that name!" cried out the Prince.

Princess Luna’s horn glew and in a quick flash she was in the bedchamber of her nehew-in-law. The curtains of the bedchamber were ripped and had hoof marks on them, the wallpaper was ripped off, and the room was filled with the stench of alcohol and vomit.

The Princess of the Night looked at the once proud father-to-be. His mane and tail were greasy and looked as if not washed for days, his coat was dirty and disheveled, his eyes puffy and red from excessive crying.

At least it was better than when he was intoxicated. The younger sister of Princess Celestia squinted at the unrecognizable picture in Shining Armor's hoof. Wait… she knew… it was a faded picture of him and his late wife Princess Mi Amore Cadenza on their wedding day. They both looked so happy, including Shining Armor.

"She was an alicorn. How could she die?" mumbled Shining Armor sullen. “How!?”

"Alicorns giving birth to foals who are alicorns is very rare and it can on occassion take their life."

"Why!? You and Princess Celestia and had children in the past!"

"That was different.” Luna looked aside, averting her gaze. “Celestia and I's foals were all not alicorns like us.”

The diarch gritted her death as Shining Armor turned away, not even looking at her.

“You must move on. Cadance's death was a tragic accident. Alicorns giving birth to ones of their own kind can result in a dangerous magic overcharge.”

Shining Armor scowled, "Do not talk of that baby! I'm sick of that baby... all she has caused for me is just pain and suffering!"


Shining Armor was taken aback by Luna’s Royal Canterlot voice. "You have no idea what I'm going through! "

Princess Luna looked as if she was going to hit her nephew. Teetering on the edge of her rage, she took a deep breath and tried to maintain her composure calm.

"That is so selfish..."

Shining Armor's ears perked up at the Princess’s remark.

"Do you not think I'm hurting?! Cadance was my niece and the closest thing to a daughter I had! What of Cadance's adoptive parents? Are they not hurting?!

“And then your sister, Princess Twilight, for whom Cadance was a foalsitter since she was but a foal, and who loved her like her own blood?! All of Equestria is in mourning, Shining Armor, for they have lost a Princess! Then Celestia she raised Cadance and they had a mother daughter bond. Celestia and I are immortal and had many loved ones come and go. What do you think of Celestia, who lost her husband, who tried to protect innocents from rebels of the crown! Celestia and I mourned when our foals died. She mourned when I was banished! We both mourned when our parents died and left us rulers of Equestria! Did we shut ourselves in, and abandon our duties! No! We stayed strong! And fulfilled our duties as leaders! Do you want to let down your wife who thought of you as her knight in shining armor!"

Shining Armor stayed silent, shocked, while Princess Luna regained her breath after the rant she has treated her nephew with.

"My nephew-in-law?" asked The Princess of the Night, finally calm.

"Y-yes?" replied Shining Armor, shakily.

"Thou might have lost a life you held so dear to your heart, but you got one precious life in return. Be the parent and the ruler Cadance would have wanted you to be."

Princess Luna saw an open but still full bottle of scotch whiskey on the floor - Shining Armor’s drink of choice to drown the pain of his loss.

Princess Luna grabbed the bottle with her magic and examined the bottle. "Hmmm, The Hooflivet. Very common amongst the wealthy."

Shining Armor wiped his reddish eyes, on the edge of bawling.

"Tell you what, my nephew-in-law. Thou must choose between this bottle or thy , daughter, family, and the memory of thy wife. ‘Tis your choice, Prince Shining Armor."

Saying that, Princess Luna left the room to leave her nephew-in-law to make his decision.